Alphabet from felt by one's own hands, patterns, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Alphabet from felt by one's own hands, patterns, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in popularitydeveloping toys for children. With their help, it is not difficult to teach a child to read. Interactive books, puzzles cubes with letters, toy phones - all this is sold in large children's stores. But these goods are expensive, but they do not last long. It is much more interesting to make a developing alphabet of felt by one's own hands. letter letters

What can not we do without?

In order to make an alphabet for a small child, the following materials are needed:

  • Felt of different colors (the wider the palette, the better);
  • colored thread floss;
  • satin ribbon;
  • templates of letters and drawings.

Please note: it's more interesting to draw the templates yourself - then the alphabet will turn out to be unique, author's. On the Internet you can pick up the alphabet under the floor of your child:

  • for the boy - with images of the airplane, ship, ball;
  • for the girl - with images of a doll, a dress, a cake, bows.

We offer our selection of patterns of letters: Also you will need tools and accessories:

  • needles;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine (optional);
  • line;
  • eyelets;
  • metal rings for binder;
  • hole puncher.

Collecting the whole set, you can start to work and make one of three variations of the alphabet.

ABC book

The first version of the alphabet from felt is an album, on each page of which there are:

  • the letter itself;
  • image of any item whose name begins with this letter.

Recommendations for those who draw templates with their own hands:

  • The letter should occupy approximately 1/9 of the page area (i.e., the character parameters are 3 times smaller than the page parameters).
  • All letters should be placed on the canvas equally (best - in the right upper or lower left corners). So the child will be easier to navigate.
  • Illustrations should be large and understandable. Avoid complex words, choose words that are simpler for children's understanding.
  • Note: drawings can be made a little abstract - so they will be easier to perform. Avoid an abundance of variegated details. The child should see the whole picture. book-alphabet English alphabet book soft bookTo create a book alphabet, use the following statement:

  • Cut the felt sheets into squares of the same size. For a child, it is optimal to make pages 15 * 15 or 20 * 20 cm. It will take 31 squares (for the Russian alphabet).
  • In this case, alternate the colors so that each new page differs from the previous one.
  • Cut out the fabric of the letter and the details of the illustrations according to the patterns.
  • Sew thread the letters and images on the pages. Use the "dotted" seam, it looks more decorative.
  • Note: for each letter a separate square. Russian "ь", "ы", "ъ" are placed on one square without any illustrations.

  • Make a title page. You can put on it with a lettering inscription "alphabet" or zadekorirovat drawings - use your imagination!
  • Start to consist of pages between each other (title - "a", "b" - "in", etc.). Place the squares face-to-face and fasten around the perimeter with a sewing suture manually or on a typewriter.
  • If necessary, trim the edges with scissors.
  • If desired, make similar way to two felt sheets for the cover. Fix between the felt squares one piece of satin ribbon. Then the book can be tied to a bow.
  • The alphabet from Fetraparchi is ready, it remains only to collect all the details in a single composition:

  • Use a hole punch to make 2 holes in each page.
  • Decorate the holes with eyelets.
  • String all pages (along with the cover) on the rings or satin ribbon.
  • Such an alphabet will become a useful tool in the study of letters.

    Volumetric letters

    It is very popular to learn the alphabet of felt with animals. It allows you to learn not only letters, but also new kinds of animals. Alphabet with animalsIt is done as follows:

  • Cut out the pattern for 2 parts for characters and animals.
  • Sew each pair of parts. Leave a hole for the filler. Turn the workpiece outward.
  • Firmly fill with sintepon and sew.
  • Figures of animals supplement with felt details, such as eyes, inner sides of ears and paws, eyebrows, strips on the body.
  • A loop is sewn on the back part of the base (cloth from cloth), and on the front - pockets of the same size (one for each character of the alphabet). Each pocket is a semicircle.
  • Alternately sew the letters on the pockets.
  • Plant inwardly the animals according to their names ("a" - stork, "b" - hippo, "k" - crocodile, etc.).
  • Hang the alphabet in the room and study together with it new animals. Other ideas with images not only of animals, but also of objects: alphabet with pockets The alphabet with pockets The alphabet of felt is a useful thing, allowing in the form of a game to teach the child the basics of the native language.