Accessories and decor items from wire in the interior (51 photos)

Accessories and decor items from wire in the interior (51 photos)


    Accessories and decor from wire in the interior

    For those who want to make the decor at home orapartments more diverse, originally decorate the child’s room, various decor items and all kinds of accessories made of wire are perfect. The wire is a universal material for the manufacture of various decorative elements, jewelry, souvenirs and toys. The main advantage of this material is that it can easily be given any desired shape. A huge number of products are made from ordinary wire. Attractive, exquisite jewelry made of wire looks very dignified and often not inferior in price, popular today, vintage jewelry. A variety of wall compositions, household items, and decor elements are suitable for almost any interior style. They will help to fill the interior and make it complete.

    Wire Wall Decor

    Everyone can make his own apartment or housecozy and beautiful. Even without special design skills, using ordinary wire, it is easy to make original wall decorations on your own. It is enough to have a strong wire, a pattern pattern and a little free time. As a result of the work, you can get an original stand for photographs, interesting figures of animals and birds, which will complement the interior and will surely attract the attention of guests. A very popular option for decorating walls made of wire are various letters that correspond to the initials of the owners of the house, words and, even, individual sentences. Such crafts can look very simple, but if you show imagination, you get a real work of art that will suit any particular style of interior. Wire wall decor elementWire wall decor element

    Wire luminaires in the interior

    For those who want to enliven the interior a bit,to make it innovative and unusual, an excellent solution can be various lamps, chandeliers and lampshades made of ordinary wire. Such original sconces, lamps and lamps will not only complement the interior of the apartment, but will also become its real decoration. Such products are quite expensive, but if you purchase all the tools necessary for the job and follow the simple rules, such a lamp or lampshade can be made with your own hands. For work you will need: • Wire; • Pliers; • Circular teeth; • PVA glue; • Nippers; • Lamp holder. In order to make the lamp look textured and interesting, at least five types of wire must be used during operation. First of all, you should make the lamp frame from the most durable wire. And fix all the resulting joints. To make the product stable, stiffeners must be strengthened. The holder for the cartridge is also made from the same wire. It remains only to make the lamp embossed and textured by wrapping the frame with different types of wire, and connect the finished product to electricity. Such a lamp, sconce or lamp will last a long time and will delight everyone with its appearance. However, such wire products have one significant minus. Since the thermal conductivity of the metal is quite high, the product can quickly heat up. Wire luminaires in the interiorWire luminaires in the interior

    Sculptures made of wire in the interior

    The sculpture made of wire is veryunusual relatively new form of art. Such sculptures can become a real stylish decoration of interior decor. Often, 3D wire sculptures are used in interior decor. And also voluminous products, which are gradually decorated with indoor plants, are thereby the object of vertical landscaping of the room. Sculptures made of wire with their appearance are more on the weightless outline of a drawing that is drawn in the air. Wire sculpture in the interiorWire sculpture in the interior

    Wire chairs in the interior

    A chair created from one piece of wire canconsidered a real pinnacle of excellence. Such chairs are very durable, can withstand weight up to 120 kg. Such furniture elements perfectly complement the interior of the room, decorated in a modern, technological style. Chairs made of wire in the interiorWire chairs in the interior

    Decorative elements from wire in the interior of a children's room

    You can decorate the walls of a children's room withvarious crafts from wire. It is in the nursery that such crafts will look entertaining and organic. By attaching a few hooks to hanging craft items made of wire, you can get additional space in the storage room. The children's room can also be decorated with various toys made of wire, photo frames and interesting wire paintings. Such crafts can also be done with your own hands, involving children in the process. A decor element from a wire for a nurseryA decor element from a wire for a nursery Decor items from wire in the interior of a children's room

    Accessories and decor from wire in the interior

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