A delightful children's suit "Rosochka" with our hands. Simply and free-of-charge we make by own hands an original suit for any holiday

A delightful children's suit "Rosochka" with our hands. Simply and free-of-charge we make by own hands an original suit for any holiday

Childhood is a beautiful time. Endless sea of ​​holidays, celebrations of matinees on which the child turns into a wonderful fairy-tale character little by little realizing his cute and naive fantasies. But for parents often all these children's holidays turn into a real headache. After all, every mother wants her child to be the most original and unique, so that a beautiful morning party is filled for the child with a sea of ​​positive emotions. But this requires a unique and beautiful costume. It's so difficult to stand out from the endless succession of squirrels, chanterelles, princesses and snowflakes. But something really unusual will be remembered for a long time and there will not be an unexpected problem - "But Masha is from the desk in front in the same suit," and the associated disappointments. It is in order for your child to look as original as possible and at the same time beautifully and invented a children's suit "Rosochka". In it, your child will look great on children's matinees and performances. In addition, it is very simple to manufacture and you can make it completely free of charge with your own hands. Our detailed instructions and a huge amount of photos will help you in this. First, we'll make a hat for the rose.

You will need to do this.

  • Red cardboard format A2 (if you can not replace it with a regular paper-paper of the same size, but in this case you also need a roll of red crepe paper), select a shade of red for your taste
  • Centimeter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler, pencil
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick

photo process of creating a children's costume "Rosochki." Photo №1 To begin with, cut off the cardboard (Whatman) 4 strips. Their width should be 5 cm. The length of the first strip is 55 cm, the other three - 30 cm. Connect the long strip to the ring. Do this according to the volume of your child's head. Stitch the ends of the strip with a stapler. Make sure to mount on the inside (so that the ends of the staples are out) otherwise you can not avoid their entanglement in the hair. The next step is to form with the help of short strips, attaching them in turn to the ring, the top of the cap. Next, proceed to make the petals of our roses. Take the crepe paper. Arrange it so that the grain is directed vertically. Measure the width 12 cm and length 50 cm, then bend. Cut off the received site. You should leave a double strip with the parameters 50 by 12 cm. Similarly make strips in sizes 60 by 14, 70 by 16, 80 by 18 and 90 by 20 cm. If you want to save some paper, thenfold the stripes and in the horizontal direction. But then do not forget to double the length of the strip. Always remember that the grain should remain in the vertical direction! The next step is to glue the strips. Take the strip, unfold and spread one side with glue-pencil. and then glue with the second part of the strip. Repeat with the rest of the stripes. The next step is to cut out the petals. To do this, fold the narrowest strip into five equal parts and cut out the symmetrical petal. As a result, one of them should be 5 pieces. In the same way, make petals from the restby the size of the bands. Next, from the paper that is left cut the fringe and glue it with a little sticker on top of the cap. For this purpose, trim after cutting the petals is perfect. In order to give the petal a more natural look, pinch the petal between the index and thumbs and slightly stretch from the middle to the edges. This will give the petal a cuplike shape. Next - stretch the top part of the petal. Now he seems to have just been ripped offa real rose! We do this procedure with the other petals. If there is a disaster and you do not calculate the strength, tear one of the petals - do not be discouraged. Simply grease the torn off edges with glue, connect a little overlap and the petal is like new! The next step is to attach the first ball of petals. To do this, take those that you did before, glue the bottom edge of the glue and glue on the cap, having previously arranged the top of the petal just above the fringe. At the same height in a circle we place the remaining 4. Next, secure the petals of the second strip. They need to be placed between the first, but 2 - 2.5 cm below. Also glue all 5 in a circle. From the third strip, cut out 5 petals,round out only the upper corners. Give them a cup-shaped shape. Put the upper right part on the pencil. To the convex part of the petal, the angle of inclination should be 45 degrees. Slightly stretch the paper between the fingers to the edges of the pencil. Pull it out and curl the left edge of the petal. Obtain the obtained petals below the previous row in staggered order. At the level of the lower edge of the cap, glue the petals cut from the last strip. The cap of the rose is almost finished! The last step is to cut out the petals. For this, fold the green paper in half 2 times and cut out the symmetrical sheet. Make a small incision in the middle. Then glue it on the overlap. This is necessary in order to give the volume volume. And glue the resulting leaves back at the sides. Everything - the hat is ready! For the stem base of the costume, use the usual lush green dress. Optionally, it must be monophonic. You can take a dress in different shades of green, or with a pattern. In general, everything that you have in your closet. The main thing is that it should be green and resemble a stem. The last stroke of our children's costume "Rosochka" will be mittens-leaves. They are easy to sew from dublerin and cloak fabric green. To begin with, cover one layer of tissue with a dublerin. Put a child's palm on it and draw a piece of paper around it. In the middle of the sheet draw a vein, they are easy to make by stitching the sewing machine with a zigzag stitch. Next, podkladite another layer of tissue and fix it with needles on the side of doublerin. Use a similar seam to sew the serrated edge of the leaf. Leave the lower edge not sewn, it is necessary for the child to be able to put the mitten on his hand. The last step, "cut out" the sheet with the burner. To the bottom edge do not forget to sew a rubber, it is necessary for the mitten to sit better on the hand. Similarly, make a second mitten. Dress up the baby - that's all the children's costume "Rosochka" - ready! Thus, in just a few hours absolutely free of charge, you made an unusual outfit in 2014 for your child. Now you are not afraid of any matinees and performances in fact an excellent and at the same time universal costume is ready. Rejoice in the holiday of childhood with your child, create another interesting crafts with your own hands, share your impressions in the comments and let simple solutions to complex problems from our site help your family to go through the process of growing as simple as possible!