African style in the interior do it yourself: photo

African style in the interior do it yourself: photo

One and style are currently gainingPopularity, including the boom against the eco-style, is the African style in the interior. Distinguished by originality and dissimilarity to others, he will bring a touch of exotic to the house. The peculiarity of this style is that a lot of objects and decor can be made by hand from wood, feathers and textiles. African style is like any, a set of components. Therefore, in this article we will analyze what subjects of African culture can be used to convey this ethnic trend. In what colors and shapes to design the interior of the living room, bedroom and kitchen for the African style. In addition to the technical points in the material, carefully review the photos - and you will find your African style. The content of the article:

    Colors: warm shades

    Africa is a continent of sand and clay, blue sky and bright sun, dry grass and green trees. The color scheme of the African style repeats warm natural shades:

    • beige, yellow,
    • red brown
    • green and bluish - and as it fills the room with heat and sun.

    The walls should also have a warm light color,resembling clay from which African huts are built. For decoration, you can use embossed wallpaper or mixtures, plaster or panels with imitation of clay or rocky surface of light shades.


    Furniture in the African or safari style you need to choose the most simple angular form. Again, going back to the African house:

    • You need to choose a simple massive furniture with a natural wooden pattern or from natural wood.
    • For the upholstery of upholstered furniture are used plain textile materials of muted warm shades, leather of natural shades, or bright ethnic or animal prints.
    • The wicker furniture from a rod or a rattan will ideally fit into an interior.

    Natural materials in the decoration

    African style can not do without naturalmaterials - clay, straw, rods, wood. In the interior it can be wooden ceiling beams, panels, wooden frames for paintings and mirrors, clay figurines, wicker figurines, roller blinds made of bamboo or wooden blinds. It is better to refuse to wallpaper at all, and use plaster or painting

    Ethnic print

    African ethnics is a great variety of prints, ornaments, patterns and patterns. In the interior in the African style such diversity can be used in textile decoration:

    • covers, capes,
    • tablecloths, pillows,
    • bed linen, curtains.

    Do not forget about the carpets, which are famous African weavers. Usually they have bright geometric motifs and stripes, so finding the "African" carpet is not difficult.

    Interior items

    The interior is in the details. Therefore, traditional tribal attributes will help to recreate the appropriate atmosphere. It can be:

    • ritual masks, decorated with beads and feathers,
    • drums and tambourines, wooden statues, "the shaman's staff"
    • simple clay figures of people or animals with distorted proportions - long arms, huge head, short legs, very thin or very thick.

    Not superfluous will be pottery without a pattern orwith him. Add exotic skins or imitations of the skins of wild animals, artificial trophies in the form of horns or animal heads on the walls or panels under the crocodile skin.


    Even the perfect African interior can be killed.wrong light. Cold light will not work in such an interior, so choose warm light bulbs. To hide the cold light will help yellowish lampshades, ceiling chandeliers and lamps of warm hue.


    Properly selected plants will be the final note in the African interior. It can be:

    • palm trees
    • any holly plants,
    • exotic flowers.

    Flowering plants like begonias or geraniums do not fit the African style. It is also important not to overdo the landscaping, turning the room into a green tropics. Despite its origin, the African style is suitable for countries with a cold climate. On cold evenings, he will give you a bit of summer heat, which is so lacking in the autumn / winter.

    Afro style living room

    African style in the interior of the living room is warmthe light, the abundance of wooden finishes, plenty of space and necessarily large, low sofas or corners. A low carved table and a rug with an ethnic print are suitable for such a sofa. Hang 1-2 African masks or feather decorations on the walls. Put a palm tree or a liana - and all your living room in ethical style is ready.


    In the kitchen improvisations are much less, sincefirst of all, it should be functional and easy to maintain. So that the interior of the kitchen does not conflict with the overall African design of the house - it is enough to decorate the kitchen with wood in red-brown or wenge color. Place the decor of wooden cuts or branches,

    Bedroom in afro style

    To make the interior of the bedroom in the Africanstyle, you must first choose a characteristic bed. Be sure to wooden and the rougher the better. Ideal if it is a bed of podium type or on very low legs. A light canopy over the bed is appropriate. Wall decoration - plaster or painting imitating the color of clay. Floor - ideal option floorboard. In the decoration of the African bedroom is not appropriate masks, and pictures of animals and photo safari, they are not so annoying look. Since the mask in the bedroom can simply scare a person!