African style in the interior of the apartment (50 photos)

African style in the interior of the apartment (50 photos)

My home is my castle! After all, this is a place where it is safe, comfortable and always welcome. Therefore, the home environment is very important, and most importantly, that you were surrounded by those interior items that would be not only beautiful, but also functional. African style in the interior of the apartment African style in the interior of the apartment Nowadays there are a large numbervarious types of interiors, from the classic version, ending with the styles of different countries (Indian, Greek, African, etc.). Depending on preferences, a person chooses one or another option that is closer to him in spirit. You can combine styles, use and interlace the present elements of one kind with another. The main thing to remember is that extreme fantasies, of course, are not. But a sense of common sense and measure should still be present. Africa is very closeAfrica is very close And now we will plunge into the culture of wild sultry Africa, and imagine how the home environment would look in the colorful rays of the sun, wild animals and maybe even a few palm trees. Content

    African style and its features

    To begin with, this interior optionnot for everyone. For those who love calm tones and a peaceful atmosphere, it may not be comfortable here, and even slightly “wild”. When decorating the premises, the main criteria will be the goals to create not only the picture of Africa itself, but also to display some of its climatic and natural features. Using special elements, we reflect the culture and life of the ethnic people. There are mainly two African styles - Egyptian and Moroccan. African style cuisineAfrican style cuisine To get started and implement suchdirections, you need to clearly define the main idea and goals. It is worth understanding what you want to achieve, because you can simply use several bright things to contrast the room, and stop there. And there is an option to completely immerse yourself in the world of Aboriginal people, and to repeat as much as possible every particle of their housing and culture. Well, the course is set! Now you can move on. We begin the redevelopment of the interior. African bedroom interiorAfrican bedroom interior

    Subtleties and features of the African style

    The characteristics of Africa and its people are undoubtedlythere will be color, expression, contrast, energy, dynamism, and everything connected with it. Basically there will be minimalism and simple forms, there may be a certain rudeness in the texture and decor. Natural shades and materials are often used to display this piece of the world. Of course, you can not do without the characteristic attributes, which will emphasize the style of the house. Now imagine a scorching sun, a desertwith its immense sand, wild jungle and the animals that live there. From this we conclude that the main shades we have will be brown, yellow, green, orange, terracotta, brick, and possibly even marsh green. The main thing is to convey the spirit of the scorching sun of Africa through the use of hot colors of the palette.

    What will our walls look like?

    There are a lot of options. The first of these is the use of illustrated wallpapers, which can be depicted as reptiles, or for example, sunset, jungle. In general, everything that is associated with those parts of us. You can combine ordinary plaster with local attributes (for example, with the skin of animals, or a characteristic statue). In order to add brightness to our walls, it is possible to make a certain curb with African ornaments. One of the options for wallpaper in the African style.One of the options for wallpaper in the African style. As an option, small cracks are used onwalls that convey the idea of ​​land and drought. You can make them using two shades, one of which is dominant, and the other accent. To fulfill this idea, you need knowledge of crackle technology. Decorative plaster is another option in the situation with the walls. It will look more impressive when the plaster is artificially “aged”. Additionally, the walls are finished with mosaic, fabric with a characteristic ornament, even a tile option is possible.

    Floor finish

    The most optimal solution is a stone floor. The tile should be bulky, with a characteristic shade and finish. It is absolutely necessary to install a heating system under the tile, because we still do not live in Africa, and we can really freeze. Warm stone flooringWarm stone flooring If desired, use a parquet board, orCarpet, which will especially vividly resemble life in African huts. In addition to these options, there are also bamboo flooring. A feature of the floor in the form of a highlight will be a rug of bright threads, preferably handmade.


    From practical solutions will be painted in white orwarm color (which one will depend on the general ideas of the interior). Additions from fabric drapery, elements of bamboo stems perfectly fit under the ceiling. You can even use special tiles to decorate the ceilings. There are already a lot of options for drawings and stories on African themes. Ceiling and arch decoration Ceiling and arch decoration

    African-style furniture

    It is worth remembering that the main feature of the Africanstyle in terms of furniture will be the material from which it is made. It must be natural types of wood, well, or a very high-quality imitation. Speaking about the subtleties of execution - the presence of geometric forms, a certain heaviness and rudeness, at the same time, a simple and extraordinary kind of things. It is good if the elements of furniture will be complemented by painting and carving. African closetWardrobe “in African style” You can use wrought-iron and wicker furniture, decorating it with mattresses and bright pillows with a braid that hangs carelessly. Animal skin as an element of African styleAnimal skins as an element of African style. Additional decor can be animal skins, palm bark, bamboo, clay jugs, massive chests, hanging racks, etc.

    Accessories and textiles for African style

    The main idea is brightness and motley. Accordingly, things should attract with their richness, but at the same time be associated with a certain mysticism of another culture and civilization. Drawings on objects are made in the form of an abstraction of rhombuses or zigzags. It is advisable to think so that such ornaments intersect with each other with a set of dishes, carpets, lamps, etc. It will be appropriate to purchase a panel of colorful textiles. It will betray a curiosity to your interior. Read also. In fact, there are many accessories, and here are just a few of those that can be used in the home:

  • Bamboo curtains.
  • Pottery, figurines.
  • Figures made of ivory.
  • Various amulets.
  • Wooden shutters.
  • Trophies from the hunt.
  • African masks.
  • Living plants (palm, laurel, fern).
  • 5 highlights to achieve an African-style interior

  • Color scheme. Remember that this is the basis of everything that we want to convey in the interior. Basically, this is a vibrant color gamut that can convey the spirit and soul of the area.
  • Natural materials. Clay, leather, wood, and other elements that are present in the interior, simply must be made of natural materials! Otherwise, it may give the impression of an artificial fake that does not convey the essence of the things that they carry in themselves.
  • Spirit of africaSpirit of africa

  • Focus on the walls. It is advisable to choose one of the walls where there are no windows or doors, and make it a highlight and accent of the room. A picture can hang there (preferably in dark colors), African masks will help to complement the space. You can display a fragment from the life of the African people, or convey the emotions of the savannah. Of course there are a lot of ideas, it is already worthwhile to think carefully over each of them. You can even consult with designers on this subject.
  • The use of paraphernalia in the African interiorThe use of paraphernalia in the African interior

  • Chip Africa - its local inhabitants. Therefore, do not forget about the wildlife and the animals that are there. It is best if it will be one or two reminders of them in the form of a statue, or skins. The main thing to remember is that an excessive number of prints of different animals together will not only spoil the interior, but also lead to a rage.
  • African style wall decorAfrican style wall decor

  • And the most important tip: fantasize immensely, but have the measure! Remember that minimalism and simplicity are the main features of the African style. Do not litter the atmosphere and overload the atmosphere of the house with superfluous elements. Everything should be reasonably thought out to the smallest detail - only then can the maximum effect be achieved.
  • African home furnishingsAfrican home furnishings Try, experiment, feel yourselfone of the ancient inhabitants of African tribes, who is in harmony with himself and the world around him. Merge with nature and the wild jungle ... and only then you will feel a real surge of strength and energy, and your own home, with its walls and African style in the interior, will become its source. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!