Air storage: Shelves in the interior (42 photos)

Air storage: Shelves in the interior (42 photos)

Often in the house there are many things that we do not always know where to put. Therefore, such a miracle thing as a bookcase comes to our aid. Bookcase in the interiorBookcase in the interior Quite a lot of people use it, and are satisfied, because it is functional, and does not take up much space. But how to choose a whatnot? What are they all like? Now we find out about it. Content

What is a whatnot?

If in a simple way - then this is a rack, whichconsists of several horizontal shelves, interconnected. It has no doors and a back wall. As a rule, it is made of metal or wood. Historically, a whatnot appeared long ago, back in the days of the Renaissance. It was used quite often in everyday life, and has reached our times. One of the designs of the whatnotOne of the designs of the whatnot Of course, during this period it slightly changed in terms of design, but the characteristics remained the same.

Types of whatnots

We figured out what a whatnot is, now let's try to find out what they are and how they differ. Modern shelf designModern design of the whatnot By type of placement there are such options:

  • Floor standing.
  • On wheels.
  • Corner
  • Wall mounted.
  • But which shelves are better to use and where are theyfit? Floor shelves in the interior In principle, the name says it all. It is logical that this type of whatnot are on the floor, and usually they are stationary. There you can put any little things that are so often scattered around the apartment. It looks narrow and tall, but in principle it can be wide. It will depend on how much you are willing to allocate space, and the factor of what it is made is also important. Floor shelfFloor-mounted shelf On wheels of a shelf inThe interior is perfect when you need mobility and ease of movement. For example, it can be a small shelf for a bath, which can be rearranged from one corner to another at any time. It is very convenient, especially in the case when you like to often change the situation. Wheeled shelving unitWall-mounted shelf on wheelsin the interior Often installed when space is limited. It is important to take into account the fact that on the wall shelves it is best to store those things that you use throughout the day. Wall shelvesWall shelves Corner shelves in the interior Also installed if there is little space. This option will fit perfectly where you assumed that there was no place at all. Corner shelvesCorner shelves

    Types of materials for whatnots

    There are such types:

    • Plastic
    • Metal.
    • Wooden.

    The plastic option will be the most economicalprofitable and practical. It is cheap and has many options in terms of color. Such whatnots do not grow moldy and do not soak, weigh a little. The nuance may be the fact that, in comparison with other options, it is less durable and durable. But again, depending on the purpose for which it is acquired. PlasticPlastic whatnot in the interiorwhatnots are quite resistant to high humidity. On the list of the most popular options are chromed metal structures that are stable and last a long time. Operation of a product made of such a material is a possible corrosion that is inherent in any metal. MetalMetal whatnot in the interior.wood is a kind of classic that is always in demand. Wooden products will serve you for a long time, only they need proper care. From time to time it is worth processing the material from insects or cracks. Alternatively, you can varnish, then it will be less troublesome. WoodenWooden bookcase in the interior

    Where is best to install whatnots?

    Installation of whatnot in one place or another dependson exactly how you plan to use it. It is usually useful for storing newspapers, magazines, books, and other small things. But can be used to store shoes, boxes and anything else. Accordingly, when you plan to store booksand other items of this type, you can install whatnot in the living room. If it will be used to store shoes - the corridor will be the most suitable place. It is also used to store linen, towels and bathrobes - these are rooms of the bathroom or pantry.

    What do designers advise when choosing a whatnot?

    • Undoubtedly, every person wants to feelcomfortable and relaxed in his apartment. Therefore, each of the items must be comfortable and functional, and whatnot also belongs to this category. Designers advise choosing it in light, preferably pastel colors and light materials. Thus, she will not clutter up the apartment and throw herself in the eye.
    • To have more light and space in the house, it is best to choose whatnots without a back wall, that is, through.
    • If the room you want to put inwhatnot, a little non-standard and has little space - it is best then to contact the master and make the item to order. Then it will be possible to accurately calculate the sizes and choose the right color.
    • Another point is the zoning of the space in the room. For this, a bookcase is also perfect, because it will become a conditional border between two already separate zones.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Agree that it is important to know all the nuances of the subject,which you buy. In many catalogs, the bookcase is presented as a fairly stylish and cumbersome household item. He will be able to fit into any part of the house, including the bathroom or toilet. The disadvantage may be the size or shape of a standard item, but it is possible to make a bookcase on order.

    Important points

    There are several interesting points that can help you when choosing one or another variant of whatnot.

    • If we are talking about a kitchen that is made inethnic style or retro - the wooden option is best. At the same time, it is not necessary that the tree has strict motives, you can decorate it with a certain finish in the form of carvings or an extravagant shape of the product.
    • The forged version fits perfectly into the country style or Provence. This will especially emphasize your taste in choice.
    • Budget types such as MDF or chipboard are more suitable in modernity. Then the whatnot harmoniously fits into the general interior of the room, and will not stand out from the rest of the items.
    • The techno-style variant will combine metal chrome inserts and glass perfectly. Such a bookcase would be a great complement in hi-tech style.
    • Plastic models are suitable for bathrooms andpantries. The simplicity of their care and use will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, light weight and a variety of color schemes will help you just use them without feeling inconvenience.

    Indoor shelves

    In the living room you can attach a bookcase anywhere,up to the point of using it as a TV stand. Around him to arrange beautifully vases or houseplants, possibly family photographs, etc. The privilege of this design will be the absence of additional holes for fastening. Just put it under the wall. You can also use. Shelf in the living roomThe whatnot in the living room In the bedroom, the whatnot can always be used instead of the table, holding there a night lamp, books and magazines. You can also put cosmetics and other women's little things. Whatnot in the bedroomWhatnot in the bedroom In the kitchen whatnot doesspecial design replacing old-fashioned cabinets and bedside tables. You can put pans, dishes on it, even make room for seasonings, etc. It will help to organize all the little things and dimensional objects in their places. Shelf in the kitchenShelf in the kitchen. On the balcony it is used as a storage of unnecessary empty cans, and other things that are usually put on the balcony as unnecessary. Whatnot on the balconyShelf on the balcony can also be usedfor decorating the garden and home with flowers. As you can see, there are a lot of operating options and each of them is unique in its own way. Therefore, a whatnot is a universal indispensable item in home life. Summing up, we can distinguish several typeswhatnots in their own placement (floor, corner, wall, with wheels), according to the materials of which it is made (wooden, metal, plastic). You can install them in any room, including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath and balcony. The main thing is to choose a convenient shape and size, as well as the material of the product, which will need to be looked after. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!