All ways of braiding trinkets from rubber bands in video lessons

All ways of braiding trinkets from rubber bands in video lessons


A popular type of needlework today isWeaving of colored little rubber bands, which are often called "Iris". In addition to bright and funny ornaments, you can make your own keychain with a rubber band that clings to a bunch of keys or snapping a snake of handbags and purses.
There are several different ways how to weave the key chains from the rubber bands. With simple figures, it's easy to master even novice craftsmen.

In order to make a souvenir from Raduzhek you will need:

  • A set of multi-colored elastics;
  • Plastic clasp-lock, helps to determine the rows;
  • Hook, always sold with kit;
  • A plastic slingshot is also in the set;
  • machine. It is bought separately or you can make it yourself.

Instead of the machine, many people use a homemade tool made of two ordinary table-top forks fastened with tape so that the denticles stick out to the sides.
Usually, the machine creates figures. So you can weave a toy - an animal, or some figure of a little man.


For beginners, the key ring made of rubber bands is easy to make only with the help of a hook (hereinafter the conditional reduction of CD). For example, it can be a simple snake, a figure, a ringlet.
We need a simple pigtail. When the two rubberies are first wound in the CD in three turns, they shoot the next two irises, placing the bundle in the middle, and then drag each next ring with a hook into the loops of the previous row.
So it turns out any simple keychain made of rubber bands.
There is an even easier way to make yourHands a chic fluffy keychain "Peacock's Tail". To do this, simply put on 20 CDs on the CD, then stretch them to another free Raduga and collect it in a circle, so another five rows are performed, clinging each new bundle of iris to the loop in the CD. As a result, a fluffy trinket made of rubber bands is ready.

Weaving on a slingshot or fork

Weave the simplest figurines with forksOr slingshot. Depending on what keychain we are doing, the rings are wound on the teeth of the plug or slingshot, and then with the help of the CD they are removed on the irises stretched between the teeth in a certain order. But here in order to weave a key chain, you need to know a clear scheme for creating each subject.
The simplest are the key chains of an asterisk orFlowers. They can be done on a slingshot, when two irises are wound on one of the teeth in three turns, then they are removed from their CD by the following three rubber bands stretched between the teeth, fixed with a single iris and a loop in the CD.
Repeat this easy step four more times, you can get the rays of the star. Then you just need to unite the loops, stretching them into a double-folded iris and fix it.

Weaving on the machine

It is easier to weave a key chain on a machine than onA slingshot or a fork, here the elastic bands are well attached, they do not need to be held with fingers or thread a few details on the hook. The machine immediately creates the basis of the future toy from the rows of rubber bands, then the irises of the lower row are simply removed from the denticles by rubber rings of the upper layer. So it turns out a kind of fabric from which the toy is formed. On the machine you can perform several parts of one product at once.
When the toy itself is ready, it remains only to pick up the CD top loops, stretch one ring to make a loop, for which it will be convenient to hang the key chain.

Amigurumi technique

This Japanese weaving made of rubber allowsCreate real masterpieces. So the keychain can be made in the form of a real toy. And the figures are created by the Amigurs only with the help of a hook and a plastic buckle, which is determined by the rows in a circular weave, so as not to get confused. Such a weaving is more like ordinary crochet crocheting without cords.
Such toys are stuffed inside with cotton or some other material to keep the form.
We can make a keychain out of rubber bands in any way,Only before you need to practice a little. Then this souvenir can become a wonderful gift for any holiday or simply remain a great sign of attention, because what is better than a gift made with your own hands ?!

Video: A variety of braided rubber bands