Almost perfect embroidery and reverse side (photo and video)

Almost perfect embroidery and reverse side (photo and video)


To achieve the ideal underside, it is necessary to study the features
, Which will help in this. The perfect wrong side is not at all necessary with embroidery, but it is very convenient: all errors are immediately visible and if it is necessary to cut something, then it is quite simple. The beautiful reverse side looks like this: all the stitches are directed in one direction, there are no nodules and broaches. Many people think that the face of the painting does not spoil the quality of the inside out - it really is. The experience in embroidering the perfect wrong side comes with time, if the embroiderer strives to make it so and tries.

Ways to properly fix the thread

  • Based on how many threads you wantUse in embroidery, put on a needle 2 times less. Enter the corner from the front of the fabric, in the place where the threads intersect, forming the upper left corner of the square. The thread must be stretched in such a way that it is pulled out of the needle. Both ends of the thread need to be threaded into the needle, thus increasing the number of threads twice. We fix it on the fabric and continue the work;
  • On the needle immediately put on as many threads as the embroidery will be. We match the threads of the base of the fabric and the tail that was formed, hide the crosses, which we will embroider;
  • The most common and convenient of the options for securing the thread. It is necessary to pass a small square with the needle from which the embroidery will begin, leave a small tail and sew it under the crosses.
  • To properly finish the embroidery, you just need to hit the needle with already prepared crosses, stretch the thread and cut it.

    Video: how to fix the thread at the beginning and at the end of the embroidery

    Correct back side with cross stitch

    Almost everyone who aspires to an ideal wrong side,Should learn the rules of cross stitching, look for detailed master classes and video lessons that will tell in detail about the intricacies of this work. Let's consider how to fill a rectangle with a cross so that the ideal underside turns out.
    To begin embroidery, you need to fasten the thread in any way that was considered above. Then we start with the bottom row of the rectangle. Row
    , Hold the needle with the sharp side up. Then there should be a transition to the upper row, which is embroidered with a semicircle, but the needle is point down. When we perform the entire rectangle in this way, we need to go back, closing the semi-arcs. The rectangle is almost ready, it remains - to stretch the needle with the thread under the crosses and cut it.

    Embroidery lessons include the ability to make not only drawings of rectangular shapes, but also work diagonally. To learn this is almost as easy as embroidering a rectangle.
    To obtain a diagonal with an ideal purlThe lower and upper stitch of the cross must be alternated. When the diagonal reaches the desired length - go back, closing the semicircles. It is important to remember that under the upper stitches you need to start the thread from the bottom. Having finished closing the half-crosses correctly - you will get the perfect underside.

    Lovers of embroidery and those who are striving for the ideal side-seam expect some difficulties:

  • When you only learn this, the speed of workWill not be as high as if you do not look at the wrong side. If you are visited by the thought that this is an extra waste of time, you can not see the wrong side all the same, but the front side looks perfect - throw it and do not torture yourself. Embroider as you please. You need to do this in pleasure;
  • There is something to embroider with a perfect purlSide is almost unreal. Often, the ideal side is present in the paintings, which are embroidered exclusively with a cross. If you use thick acrylic threads, semicircles or other stitches in the embroidery on the subject, to which various materials are added.

  • When you embroider a picture, do not do it.Rows, but by regions. Before you get down to business, imagine how you will embroider. Think about it - only then proceed. The main thing that is worth remembering - initially the area is filled in one direction with a semi-cross, then you need to go back.
    If you want to return in the direction of the upperStitch, then be sure to pass the thread from below, so as not to block it and not to spoil the front side of the picture. If you are new to embroidery - be sure to watch the video tutorials, which are very easy to understand the technique of embroidery of the perfect wrong side. Remember several rules:

  • Embroidery can be started both from the center and from the corner- As convenient. If the fabric on which you work is marked - you can start from anywhere. And if a piece of cloth is limited and it's not known where the embroidery will end - then that it does not move better to start work from the center;
  • Be sure to fix the thread without knots. Hide your tails only on the front side. How to do it - we have already considered in this lesson;
  • All stitches from the inside should be in oneDirection, as well as on the front side. How this direction (horizontal or vertical) will be absolutely irrelevant. Do as you please;
  • Do not twist the hoop at all. If it is necessary - then the turn must be at least one hundred and eighty degrees - otherwise the stitches will change their direction. Very convenient for work that's why table pylls or rectangular frames are considered;
  • Take care. That the thread was not strongly stretched, otherwise the crosses will begin to form wrinkles on the wrong side. And if the thread is too loose - the stitch will not look good.
  • Ideal reverse side for embroidery

    Parallel stitches smooth After the cross stitch the most popular
    . The stitch can be of several types, but in any case the ideal side will be when it is almost identical to the front side of the embroidery.
    The main thing is to control that all the stitchesParallel. Their size and direction can be different. In order for embroidery to be ideal with embroidery, the following options are used:

    Fixing the thread at the end of the embroidery with a smooth methodLoops - take a single thread slightly larger than necessary. Insert the needle in the fabric and pull it out until there is a small loop on the wrong side. The needle must return to the fabric so that it, along with the thread, passes through this patch;
    Using the method of perpendicular stitches, a small stitch is made, and the next - perpendicular to the first. Remove the needle with the thread so that it tightens the stitch.
    When the work site is completed, then to finishIt needs to go out on the wrong side of the job and hide the thread under the stitches or make a pair of small stitches on the front side, which then will be closed with a further pattern.

    Wriggery in Machine Embroidery

    The origin of machine embroidery with smoothness The principle of work, rules and calculations are completely different from those considered above. When
    The bottom is almost perfect, but often the problemCreate protruding tails and fasteners, which you have to manually hide under the embroidery. If you just cut the shortcomings of work - the embroidery breaks up after the first wash.
    To ensure that the tips are not visible at all, you can try to adjust the embroidery process. Then the front side will look perfect.

    Video: lessons of the perfect wrong side in embroidery with a cross