Angel of beads scheme of weaving in teaching master-classes (photo)

Angel of beads scheme of weaving in teaching master-classes (photo)


The Angel is a bright and holy symbol. Such an element that you made with your own hands, it is important to decorate the house on the eve of Christmas, on this wonderful and family holiday. So from what would not please loved ones modest, but very pleasant presentations of their own performance.
Angel beads will be wonderful gifts for Christmas.
There are a lot of schemes and options for making such dolls by yourself, in our master class we will present you two variants of weaving.
The first master class is suitable for beginnersNeedlewomen. This is a simplified version for children, and the second is more refined and complex. However, guided by turn-based schemes, you can easily implement any option. You choose the one that suits you best. So angels from beads can appear at your home.

Angel Bead for Beginners

Materials for weaving From materials for weaving angels, for the first option, you will need:

  • A large bead - for the body and wings (the colors you choose yourself at will);
  • Large bead of white color;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • For convenience, you can use a special stand, which is used to work with beads.

The process of weaving As mentioned earlier, angelsBead can be made from beads of any size and varied in color. Variants of color scales can be very non-standard, in general as your soul will be pleased. Also, depending on the size, you can increase or add the number of beads that will be used for weaving wings. So the interpretation of the scheme itself is permissible.
Schemes that are offered for weaving angels from beads are simple and easy to read:

So, when you have prepared all the necessary material and figured out the scheme (as a basis for our master class, we took the scheme number 1), you can directly go to work.
The first thing our master class offers to do is:This cut wire length 50 cm. It beads strings, the number of which is equal to 17. Color, choose on your own. The combination of golden and white will be beautiful. Then we take a large white bead and pass through it a wire, so that it is on both sides. We tighten the white bead to the blue and then twist the wire 2-3 times to fix the composition and mark the neck of the future angel. Next, we collect 1 bead and conduct through it the tips of the wire. The second row is formed in this way, only from two beads.

We now turn to the wicker wickerwork. We type 23 beads on the wire. At the tip of the wing add one golden bead. In this bead we pass the tip of the wire and pull it together. The second part of the wing, which is located below, will have 19 beads. Next, you need a wire through two beads of the second row of the torso of the angel. The same actions are done with the second wing of our figure.
So our angel had wings thatTo fix their shape, you need to tighten the beads and twist the wire near the head. After we take the middle beads, through the bead stretch the wire, which should be on both sides. The new bead is placed parallel to the large one. It also pulls to the wings. The weave must be as tight as possible so that the structure appears to be bulky.

So our angel from beads got his wings, stillYou need to make him a pen. For this purpose 6 white beads (if our angel from a bead of light color) and on three golden are typed on a wire. We leave the white beads in a free position, and through the blue beads stretch the wire, the beads are pulled upward. On the second wire we do the same work. The pens are ready.

Angel of beads will be much more elegant ifDress him in dresses. Dresses for the dolly also do by your own hands, using all the same beads. Plait the dress in the technique of parallel weaving. For this, we collect three beads and pull them up, as neatly as possible, upward. Then we type four and five more beads. They must lie flat, try not to rush to work.

According to our scheme, you must weave sixSeries of parallel weaving. In each successive series adding a number of beads. So in the sixth row get six beads. However, for a smart dress you need a hem. We shall execute it from pearl smaller beads. We dial on any of the wires 11 beads of golden color and the last row of the angel's dress will be eight light beads, pull them to the end of the costume for the angel and twist the wire. Superfluous cut off, and to hide the remaining tip, we hide it on the wrong side.

An angel of beads is ready. We already said, in our master class, that the bead angels can be of different colors, so is the case with the size. You yourself, at will, can increase or decrease the number of beads, thereby changing the size of your doll. In order for the finished composition to be fixed on the tree, you need to make a loop. For the tenderness of the image, it's best to have a loop made of silk ribbon.

Master class of weaving a three-dimensional angel from beads

For work you will need:

  • Wire of medium diameter, well if it is of silver color;
  • Similarly with the first option - one large white bead, which will play the role of the head of an angel;
  • Beanie cap;
  • Beads of small diameter of 5-6 mm, their shape should be round. Perhaps, replace them with elongated beads.
  • .

The process of weaving So, let's get down to work, onA wire with a length of 80 cm we collect beads and patches. The pattern of their alternation should be the following: a small round bead, "beads-rice" (beads of elongated shape), again a round bead, after a pack, a double alternation of larger beads and pies, again, only a larger "bead-rice" , An average pink bead, a patch and a large, rich pink color beads, after which the pattern repeats in the order of the first mirror set. Thus, in the row should be the same beads on both sides of the large pink.

I think you noticed that the dresses of angelsIs executed in the form of snowflakes. In order to begin the execution of such a dress, you need to make a loop through an extreme bead. We make 5-6 such loops. It turned out a skirt for an angel's dress. In its composition several small, rather small snowflakes are woven. We put the finished element aside and proceed to the execution of the wings.

For wings - in the middle of the wire, lengthWhich is 50 cm we collect beads of small diameter and "beads-rice". Remember that beads should have large enough holes, because you have to push the wire, for fixing, three times. For the upper part of the wings, we collect 6 beads and conduct the wire through the second one from the "bead-rice". We repeat this technique again, remembering to tighten the product. Got a smooth transition from the loop, we continue to work on the wings of the angel. We collect seven more beads and we deduce a wire already through four beads. We collect five more pieces, the upper bead and conduct the wire through the preceding ones. Perhaps, woven wings for an angel - this is the most difficult part of the master class.

To complete, we collect two beads and conduct themThrough the first loop, then another seven beads and make a loop of three beads. At the end of 12 beads we conduct through two, thus on all extent of work the wire should be tight. Then five beads, we conduct through "beads-rice". We also perform the second wing. Wings are ready, let's deal with the trunk.

For the body, an angel will be needed, wireLength of 30 cm. At its middle, we string a bead, and after the both ends we pass through the cap, which we took specially for the decoration of beads. After we take a large bead and "rice". The ends of the wire are pushed so that it was possible to weave the hands of an angel.

Hands of a plait from beads in diameter of 4-5 mm, alternating them with паетками, and on the ends we put a fine beads.

Now that all the elements for the angel are ready,We begin to assemble the product. From the beginning we tightly attach the wings to the back, we leave a bunch of the remaining wire through the bead, we get the so-called "waist" angel. We twist the wire and connect the torso, our pupa with a skirt from the dress.
Hem in the shape of snowflakes, which is the skirt of the dressAngel, we will arrange using a thin wire and a small bead. To do this: we dial beads on the wire, twist it and hide the ends in the inside.

To complete the image to the waist, attach a halo. The eagle is made in the form of a separate loop made of golden, medium-sized beads. Beads impose a circle of wire and fix it. After the loop fasten to the free end, which we connect with the back of the angel.

As a result, we have very nice angelsFrom beads, which we made with our own hands. Creating gifts, in this way, we not only enjoy the process of work, but also give a part of our soul. Gifts - made by own hands are unique and especially valuable.
This completes the master class. In order to better understand the manufacturing process, look in the Internet for detailed schemes and special video lessons. Enjoy your work!

Video: Angels from beads and beads by own hands