Cross-stitch embroideries of an angel

Cross-stitch embroideries of an angel


Cross-stitch embroidery is one of the favorite activities of youngWomen who are pregnant or on parental leave. At this time, the young mother has enough time to decorate the children's room with charming and charming works. Perfect for decorating the walls in the nursery will fit embroidered pictures with baby metrics, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons or plump angels.
Today we will look at a few schemes of paintings that can rightly take a worthy place in your kid's room.

Sweet angel with a bird

For cross stitching you will need a white orAny light canvas, only if you choose not white color, make sure that the color of the thread contrasts with the color of the background. It is best to take the canvas Aida 11 or 14. Threads for embroidery fit a floss. To perform the complete cross, which embroidered this picture, it is enough to add two strands. For canvas 11 you can try
For such a simple scheme, not necessarily completeFilling the background with a cross, you can only embroider the outline of the pattern with a cross and contour embroidery. Moreover, the color of the contour threads should be a couple of shades darker than the main color.

But if time allows, you can embroider and background in the picture. So it becomes more expressive and more solid.

Such a cute baby picture can be hungOn the wall and without a frame, then around the angel embroider a neutral simple edging, and the fabric itself just pull on the cardboard and secure with threads or tape from the wrong side.

Angels with stars

Very many cross stitch patterns suggest the embroidering in one picture several angels at once: they can be two, three, four and even more.

For the first time, choose a simple scheme, whereThe picture is small, and the thread colors are within 10. So you will not get confused in the circuit and quickly learn the basics of embroidery. To embroider angel with the stars take the white canvas №14, draw it into large squares to make it easier to navigate the embroidery field. Now you can start work. From the edge of the embroidery on each side it is necessary to retreat 3-4 cm, only then cut a piece of canvas from the common cut. So it will be easier for you to embroider, long ends will not interfere, and the thread will not cling to them.
Counting the desired number of cells from the upper leftCorner, we start embroidering. This picture is embroidered with a full cross, we add the thread in two or three times. The usual cotton threads are perfect. So, embroidering crosses, gradually embroider all the figures in the picture. Unfilled canvas remains the background.
After the work is finished, the embroidered fabric is fixed on a cardboard and inserted into a frame. The frame can be either with glass or without it.

Three Angels Praying

Such a children's illustration will make everyone feel touched.Please. Three lovely angels bow their heads in prayer, which can be more beautiful. Many mothers embroider it for their children during pregnancy. Small angels protect and protect the baby from all adversity.
It is best for cross stitching of Aida 14. Use threads to sew a string, for cross stitching it is best to use a thread in two pieces.
The scheme of this picture is very light, it is usedA small number of thread colors. So such a picture is entirely within the power of a beginner embroiderer. The technique of embroidery is a complete cross. We start from the upper left corner, gradually descending. First we embroider the first angel on the left, then the second and third. It will be easier for you to work with the scheme if you divide it into three parts.

Subject Pictures

Very nice looking little angels onPicture with a small story. The complexity of such cross stitching increases insignificantly, only because of the greater number of colors. The picture looks more lively and interesting. A small child will be happy to look at her, lying in a crib.

In order to make the drawing not very large, choose the canvas №14. In this case, it can be not only white, but also other light colors.
Thread for embroidery use a floss in two orThree addition. As usual, embroidery starts from the top left edge. Such a picture can not be framed and do not make embroidered canvas. Just pull it on a tight cardboard, fix the fabric so that it does not warp or hang. Hang on the walls of the children's room or presented as a gift.

Embroidery "Angel" is designed for children, so use bright thread colors. Materials for work choose the best quality.

Contour angel

If you do not have any experience in embroidering with a crossOr want to teach how to embroider your child, then use outline schemes. In this case, you need the canvas and the threads in just one color. For beginner needlewomen, you can take a large canvas, for example number 11. Then use the thread of the mulina in three parts. If you embroider on canvas №14, then fold the thread twice.
The embroidery scheme should be the easiest. The color of threads and canvas choose in contrast, if you embroider on a dark canvas, then the thread use a light color. And vice versa. Start the embroidery from the upper left corner.
You can draw such a contour picture not only for illustration on the wall, but also to embroider a pillowcase, napkin or decorate the curtains in the nursery.
Embroider beautiful and delicate pictures for yourChildren, while waiting for a child, or as a gift to their loved ones. Touching and gentle angels will save peace and tranquility in the children's room and will protect your child.

Schemes of angels for embroidery