Angels from the fabric with their own hands master class, photo, ideas / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Angels from the fabric with their own hands master class, photo, ideas / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Christmas is approaching, and for sure, youthey thought how to decorate their house for the holiday so that it was beautiful, festive, stylish and not too expensive. Everyone likes Christmas angels made of cloth and paper, which hang out on the windows, under the ceiling and decorate the New Year tree.

Creative ideas how to sew an angel out of cloth

Crafts that you can sew yourself,look smart and creative, they can be used for the next year. In addition, if you have children, they will gladly take part in crafting their own hands for decorating the house for the holiday. Read the instructions on how to sew three angels from small pieces of felt or any other fabric and decorate the apartment for the Christmas holiday. angel of felt

We prepare materials

  • template-pattern (located at the beginning of the description);
  • scissors to cut out the details of the template;
  • sewing scissors (or scissors for embroidery);
  • needle for sewing and several pins;
  • a piece of white felt for the wings;
  • colored felt flaps for the dresses of angels;
  • contrast color for the base;
  • small pieces of felt for faces and hair of angels;
  • Sewing thread to sew details from felt;
  • black thread for embroidering to embroider the eyes and mouth of angels;
  • several pcs. black beads for the eyes and sequins for decorating the dresses of angels;
  • Gold or yellow thread for nimbuses;
  • A narrow white ribbon (or other shade, corresponding to the main colors) for the eyelets.

Operating procedure

(Click to enlarge the pattern.) 1. First, print out the template and cut out all the details from the paper: wings, legs, dresses, faces and hair (in front), and cut two small ovals for hands. Now transfer the parts to the fabric and cut the parts out of the fabric. Take a piece of felt intended for the base, and with the help of pins, fix on it the wings and the body of the angel. Place the legs of the angel under the dress, thread the thread of the appropriate color into the needle and sew with the neat stitches of the felt of the dress to the base. 44. Do the same with the wings using a white thread. Place the head pattern on the angel's body and, using a beige thread, sew it to the base. 76. From above, place a pattern of hair and sew them with a thread of the appropriate color. Acting according to the same scheme, sew to the basis of the felt body of the angel with the handles folded in front. 98. Apply a pattern of angel's face and handles, fastening them with pins, and sew the thread in the same small stitches. 109. Now go back to the first angel and, having threaded a needle in the needle, embroider the eyes and the mouth of the angel on the face. Embroider hair to the angel with the folded handles and wash black beads instead of eyes. 1111. With a golden thread embroider this angel with a halo. 1212. In the same way, make the third angel and you will cross his dress with asterisks, and the wings with sparkles or pawns. 1313. Using sharp scissors for embroidery, cut the felt around the body of the angel, retreating 3-4 mm. Place the angel on a piece of felt and cut out one more detail of the base. Cut a piece of thin white tape 12-14 cm long, fold it in half and sew the edges on the back of the angel to form a loop. 1615 Place the second base on the back of the angel and sew two stems together in a thread, sweeping along the edge. This is how the angels look on the reverse side. 17. Ready angel with blond hair and lowered eyes. angel made of felt18. Ready angel with folded handles. 1919. All three Christmas angels together. angels made of cloth with their own handsSo, our Christmas angels are from felt,which you can easily do yourself, ready! Decorate them with your holiday and remember that with careful attitude they will serve you and please for many years. Decorating rooms for Christmas with fabric artifacts, which are easy to make by oneself, is a very common tradition in Europe and the USA. angel of cloth with his own handsHere, for example, is a small pink angel, which you can make with your own hands. You can sew an angel out of cloth or pink felt, and decorate the work with buttons, sequins or pawns. angel of feltLooks great angel, which you can sew onthe same pattern, replacing the monophonic felt with any fabric with a pink print, and wings embroidered with stars of gold or silver thread. If you have narrow lace, you can make the dress of the angel dress with circles. And here's another pattern of a completely different angel made of fabric, click to enlarge: See similar master classes: