Animal print in the interior: wild passions of wildlife in a modern apartment

Animal print in the interior: wild passions of wildlife in a modern apartment


    How to correctly use the animal print in the interior?

    The use of animal prints in the interior changes it radically - the boring everyday room is transformed and becomes more lively and spectacular. Animal print in the interior photo and ideasAnimal print in the interior photo and ideas Ideas for animal prints in interiorsIdeas for animal prints in interiors

    General principles for the use of animal prints in the interior

    Animal patterns have one characteristicfeature - they are so exotic in our latitudes that they take a lot of attention to themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to use animal prints carefully, with a sense of proportion - creating with them only some accents that will already become the center of attention - textiles, accessories, furniture. Also, this decorative and somewhat wild touch blends perfectly with other prints while maintaining balance. How to use animal print in room decorHow to use animal print in room decor Options for animal patterns and printsOptions for animal patterns and prints

    Leopard print in the decor of the apartment

    Leopard print furnitureFurniture with a leopard print Leopard print inThe interior brings brightness, aggressive playfulness to any room, making it stylishly interesting. Many are afraid to use decorative elements with a leopard pattern in the interior, considering it too provocative. However, the competent use of this animal print allows you to make the apartment more elegant and spectacular. Leopard chair photoLeopard chair photo Leopard print in the interior - chairsLeopard print in the interior - chairs GoodLeopard notes are combined with brown shades of wooden furniture, a sunny palette and other natural shades that can be found in the habitat of these animals - sandy, golden, pale green. Monochrome black and white colors advantageously sets off the brilliance of the animal color. Leopard Print Pillows in the BedroomLeopard Print Pillows in the Bedroom Leopard print interior elementsInterior elements with leopard print. Competentlythe organized leopard interior suggests that the walls, floor and ceiling will be made in neutral shades - ocher, brick, beige, etc. The floor is well equipped with aged dark-colored materials. Furniture should be selected simple, but high-quality, exotic wood species are quite appropriate. Leopard print presupposes a certain luxury and sophistication, therefore it is necessary to use only high-quality materials, preferably of natural origin. Leopard print on furniture photoLeopard print on furniture photo Furniture in the kitchen with a leopard printFurniture in the kitchen with a leopard print Withoutleopard print can not be dispensed with for furnishing an apartment in the African or colonial style, which require the presence of appeals to the animal world, for example, bathtubs on the lion's legs or chest-turtles. If the room is subordinate to any other style, it is better to use only details in a leopard color - pillows, curtains, armchair, floor lamp, carpet, plaid, etc. But not all at once! Otherwise, the whole room will look tasteless and clumsy. Cowhide leopard rugCowhide leopard rug Animal print: Leopard wallpaper in the bathroomAnimal print: Leopard wallpaper in the bathroom

    Zebra print in the interior

    Zebra print: carpet and chairZebra print: carpet and chair Print zebra in the interior: hide and pillowsThe zebra print in the interior: the skin and pillows "Zebra", like all other animal prints, requires careful use:

    • in the presence of zebra accessories, you can not use a bright color scheme for decoration - this will cause an imbalance;
    • pronounced textures of finishing materials “compete” with the zebra, therefore their close location is contraindicated;
    • “Zebra” absolutely does not correspond to some stylistic trends in interior design - Japanese, eco, zen style.

    Wallpaper with a print of a zebra photoWallpaper with a print of a zebra photo Curtains and pillows with zebra print - animal patterns in the decorCurtains and pillows with zebra print - animal patterns in the decor Carpet "zebra" - animal printsCarpet "zebra" - animal printsthe color scheme for using the zebra print is the delicate shades of brown, yellow, blue, turquoise, sand, pink, red, gold. Since the "zebra" combines white and black, decoration of the room with this color scheme is welcome. At the same time, white tones are preferable, since the black tone makes the room super-dynamic and quickly bores. If you are afraid to make your apartment too colorful, you can use the faded shades of the dark strip. The “zebra” looks the most advantageous, surrounded by materials such as natural fabrics, wood, metal with a gold color. The skin of a zebra in the interior photoThe skin of a zebra in the interior photo furniture print zebra photofurniture print zebra photo Zebra Printed BathroomBathroom with Zebra Print Manyexotic lovers decorate their apartments in zebra skins (especially appreciated with natural scars and scuffs), but the pleasure is not cheap - from 800 to 3000 dollars. A more budget option is a cow skin painted under a zebra (from 400 to 800 dollars). Zebra print furniture in the living roomZebra print furniture in the living room Animal Printed Zebra ChairsAnimal Printed Zebra Chairs Print Zebra in the decor of the bedroomPrint Zebra in the decor of the bedroom

    Giraffe print in the interior

    Another animal print that is popular in interior decoration is a giraffe print. Here are some photos of how you can use a pattern in the skin of a giraffe in the design of your apartment. Giraffe and other animal prints in the interiorGiraffe and other animal prints in the interior Print giraffe in interior elementsPrint giraffe in interior elements Furniture with giraffe printFurniture with giraffe print Giraffe-skinned wallpaperGiraffe-skinned wallpaper

    Tiger print in the interior

    Fans of wildlife and predatory animalsthey will surely like not only the leopard print, which, although very popular, has already gotten bored and seems to be “poppy” and beaten, but the tiger print is more fresh and original, and also looks defiant and bold. Here are some ideas with animal prints in the interior: Tiger print in the dining room interiorTiger print in the dining room interior Tiger print on living room furnitureTiger print on living room furniture Tiger print - wallpaper patternTiger print - wallpaper pattern Tiger prints in the living roomTiger prints in the living room

    Print "cow" in the decor of the interior

    Cute, kind, home print “cow” - forlovers of warmth, homeliness and country-style interiors in a rustic style. The easiest way to add this “cow” print to your interior is to lay a cow skin on the floor, which, by the way, is much more affordable in Russia than a zebra skin. You can also use the “cow” print to decorate your interior, here are ideas for this: Cute print under cowhide in the bathroomCute print under cowhide in the bathroom Carpet in a cowhide bathtubCarpet in a cowhide bathtub Print "Cow" in the bedroom interiorPrint "Cow" in the bedroom interior Cute sofa "two cows"Lovely Two Cows Sofa Like this article? Share on social networks!