Anthurium from beads master class and weave scheme (photo)

Anthurium from beads master class and weave scheme (photo)


Anthurium is a beautiful and interesting flower. Its petal and leaves are similar to each other, so to weave their beads such a strict plant, you need to master a master class on weaving only one basic element.
Anthurium is very attractive and bright.Beads of red color. But beaded floristics knows no boundaries and you can create your own unusual combinations to create an original product with your own hands.

Weave anthurium flower from beads according to scheme

To make an anthurium of beads we will need:

  • Red beads (it is better that it was matte);
  • Golden seed beads;
  • Wire for beadwork 0.3 mm in diameter;
  • Thick wire rod (to form a stem);
  • Leaves (artificial);
  • Flower ribbon of green color;
  • Pot or other container (for planting a flower).

For weaving anthurium flower from beads, we use the following scheme:

First we create an inflorescence (cob). String on the wire a sufficient number of golden beads. Next, we take a small strong wire segment and begin to create a low wrap our wire in a circle (in the scheme, this process is marked with the numbers 1 and 2). We must form an inflorescence three centimeters long.
We pass directly to the manufacture of the mainDetails of the anthurium in the form of a so-called "veil". Our petal forms from the central row. Such a series includes twenty-one beads of red color. Referring to Figures 3 and 4 of the scheme, we begin the netting on the wire.

At the end of the formation of the main series,Prepare the next wire piece and pass it to the fifth bead, as shown in the figure under No. 5. On the ends of the wires formed on both sides of the central row, seven red biscuits must be strung. Next, you need to thread the ends of the wires through a bead at number six in the center row. Thus, we form one loop at each side. We continue the weaving in this way, stringing the number of red beads indicated in Figure No. 5, to create subsequent loops.
The remaining 6 brooms must be crossed,Guided by the drawing number 5. At the end of the weaving, we make the shape of the created petal with our own hands. We do this in this way: insert the wire into the third bead of the central row and pass it further through all the beads of the created loops along the edge of the petal. Among each of the loops, it is necessary to simultaneously thread a number of beads, which is indicated in Figure 6 of the diagram.
Such an interesting way of nosing with loops with the main row, you can create other color variations of anthurium from beads.
Let's start assembling the flower. To do this, take a thick wire line and attach to it the inflorescence and petal of anthurium. The formed stem of the flower should be wrapped in a floral ribbon of green color. Next, we take the prepared container and place in it a flower with artificial leaves, which need to be strengthened with the help of alabaster or gypsum solution. We decorate the base with a ribbon and admire the finished flower arrangement.
We hope such a master class of weaving anthurium according to the scheme will inspire you to create an original flower.

Step-by-step photo master-class of weaving anthurium

Let's consider a detailed lesson of weaving the basic details of anthurium from beads, using the French technique of weaving.
Weaving of anthurium flower

Weaving and assembling inflorescences

Weaving of leaves

Color Assembling

Video: Anthurium of beads by own hands