Apartment tour: Three apartments in the neoclassical style (30 photos)

Apartment tour: Three apartments in the neoclassical style (30 photos)

Classic style is always in fashion, becauseIt's no secret that classic is relevant at all times. In modern days, the neoclassical style is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. It is all the same strict and traditional on the one hand, and on the other hand a luxurious and respectable classic style, but with a modern vision and a new interpretation. Examples from this article will help you get ideas for embodying this style in the process of repairing your apartment, demonstrating the essence of neoclassicism and options for implementing interior design in this style in three apartments that differ in size and number of rooms.

Design of a three-room apartment in the neoclassical style

Large apartments allow you to fully realizeideas of this or that style. In this situation, the apartment consists of the following rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, hallway. The spacious hall, which simultaneously acts as a dressing room, leads to the living room with kitchen, as well as to the bedrooms and bathroom with toilet. In the hall, elements of neoclassicism can be seen in massive dark brown wooden furniture, wall upholstery and wood flooring made of modern materials. Also present are wrought-iron furniture - a table with a wrought-iron base with a glass round table top. Classical lamps emitting burning candles and decorated with bronze are in harmony with the new-fangled spot lighting. Flowers and a rug are an accent in the interior and bring vibrance and bright colors. Spacious neoclassical style loungeSpacious lounge designed in styleneoclassicism The spacious kitchen acts as a dining room. White prevails here, also characteristic of neoclassicism. Chandeliers, lamps, furniture, a column, stucco molding, marble countertops are presented in a classic style. However, color contrasts, a play of shades, bright wall panels in a modern style, light transparent curtains allow you to perceive the traditional attributes of classicism in a new way, which are thus transformed into neoclassicism. The classic beige, white, brown shades of the living room contrast with the vibrant colors of the wall paintings and the metallic sheen. Living room with neoclassical elementsLiving room with neoclassical elementschildren's, bathroom with toilet made in white, contrasting with a dark brown tree. The shape of the furniture, lamps, wall moldings, niches, gold and bronze finishes reflect neoclassicism.

Design of a studio apartment in the neoclassical style

There is an opinion that for the embodiment of ideasNeoclassicism requires a large space and a spacious apartment. However, with the right approach, this style will look harmonious in a small one-room apartment. In this case, in the neoclassicism style, an ordinary one-room apartment in Khrushchev is framed. The design is made in traditional for neoclassic white, beige and brown shades. In the kitchen they are diluted with a bright lilac color. Details made of bronze, lamps, a chandelier, furniture, decoration elements are all made in the neoclassical style.

Design of a large two-story apartment in the neoclassical style

Large apartments and houses with an interior in styleNeoclassical look luxurious and respectable. The following techniques were used in the design of a two-story apartment when decorating in the neoclassical style:

  • The embodiment of classical architectural traditions: stucco, columns, arches, pilasters, wall niches, made with the help of modern technologies and materials.
  • A calm color palette represented by all shades of wood and muted beige, pastel and white tones.
  • The predominance of furniture and finishes made of natural wood and stone, textiles made from natural fabrics.
  • The presence of forged furniture and its elements.
  • Decoration with bronze, gilded and copper details.
  • Traditional classical drawings and floral ornaments present in the form of carvings on furniture, stucco moldings, patterns on textile elements.
  • Chandeliers, lamps, sconces, candle holders with elements of the classical style.
  • Vase-specific decorative elements typical of neoclassicism, wall paintings in luxurious frames, wall and floor mirrors in massive frames, watches, figurines.
  • Also, all modern equipment and technologies harmoniously fit into the neoclassical style.
  • The kitchen is decorated with marble, wood, stone. The interior is emphasized by porcelain dishes with paintings and floral motifs.

Neoclassicism is a style for successful people,worshiping convenience and comfort along with tradition. It emphasizes the refined taste and respectability of its owners. Neoclassic is maximally adapted to modern conditions, materials and technologies, due to which its attributes are perfectly combined in any space and room. Elvira Goleva for Decorwind.ru Do you like the article? Share on social networks!