Apple tree from beads: weaving wood with juicy fruits (video)

Apple tree from beads: weaving wood with juicy fruits (video)


Trees created with beadwork,Admire the look, decorate any interior. Especially the delight of the composition, created by own hands. You can make some pretty interesting trees that will become a wonderful decoration for any interior. The representative of such handmade work will be a delicate blossoming apple tree from beads. A simple master class will allow even beginners to create unique decor elements.

Master-class on apple beadwork

A beautiful tree with a lush crown, ripeIn bulk apples or with blossoming flowers looks just amazing. Making such a tree is fairly easy with simple video lessons or the step-by-step work described below. For beginners, the proposed beadwork will not be difficult. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions.
Main stage of weaving

  • It is necessary to cut several pieces of wire immediately. Each such segment is equal to twenty-five centimeters;

  • For one chosen piece we put on five beads. Twirl the beads in a loop the size of five to seven centimeters from the end of the wire, figure 1;
  • At a distance of one centimeter from the resultingLoop one more. It is necessary to do three or four similar bends. When the leaf loops are ready, at the same distance make a bend with one bead. The last loops, there will be an odd number of them, are fixed at a distance from the end of the wire by five to seven centimeters;
  • The next step is the wire, on the central loop made, the tails are bent and connected with each other;
  • The branch of a blossoming apple tree is ready. For a lush tree it is necessary to weave about a hundred such branches;
  • If all twigs are individually woven, then they must be twisted with each other for ten or twelve pieces. Thus, a blossoming apple-tree from beads will be lush and bulky.
  • In this way, beadwork of trees, you needUse a stiffer small rod, which will become the basis for all twigs twisted. If there is no such a ready-made metal rod, then you can make it from a simple pencil or any wooden stick.
    The bundles of twigs are wound on a stem or rod. To ensure that the trunk looks neater than it wraps a special corrugated paper or ribbon for floristry.

    Weaving according to this scheme will create a blossoming apple tree if you use different pink shades and white beads to create an apple-tree color in addition to the green beads.
    To create a tree with fruits, this scheme of weaving is also suitable:

    • Two or three beads are gathered on the wire and bead-apple, retreating from the edge for five to six centimeters. The remaining long tail comes back through the bead;
    • The wire is tightened, and continuing to form turns around the axis, we get the first inflorescence with the apple;
    • At the long end, another ten or eleven beads are collected. Clamped in a loop closer to the bead - an apple;
    • All the time beadwork takes place on the long part of the wire. This process of creating an inflorescence with an apple is repeated. Weaving alternates with leaves;
    • Separately make twigs with leaves, separately with apples. Then they are all twisted into small bundles, and their correspondingly to the main rod.

    Such a scheme of weaving provides that the treeWill be at the end of the whole work "planted" in a special pot. It can be a specially created pot with decorative stones or the core of the tree will be poured into plaster, another decorative material for various crafts.

    Apple tree from beads will look great inAny decorative pot, as in a photo that is easy to create with the help of your imagination and a simple master class. For beginners to master this technique of beading is not difficult. The main thing is to show desire and a little bit of creative thinking.

    Video: We learn to weave apple beads