Crochet application - bird

Crochet application - bird

Crocheted appliqué Crocheted appliqué isA simple and fun way to decorate everyday. A monochrome baby blouse can be decorated and crocheted appliqué will help. We have already considered such an application for decoration as. Very simple to use and incredibly cute - these tiny elements will give any thing a unique and inimitable look. Only two rows of crochet and your application is ready. You can make a whole family of birds in just an hour. If you find or embroider a picture of a tree, then the birds can be seated on the twigs. ? You do not need special training and skills to carry out this application, all you need is your desire and the necessary tools, as well as suitable yarn. To perform applications it is not necessary to have a whole tangle, rather small residues. Crochet application for puppet theater If you have a small child, it is very simple and easy to take your baby by making a small puppet theater with the help of applications. Quickly perform several applications and attach them to the chopsticks, for example from ice cream. Such a theater does not take much space. It is very easy to take with you on a trip and entertain the child, and also yourself on the road. ? And I will try to add new master classes on crocheting applications of other suitable animals and objects! Bird size will depend on the yarn and hook used! Getting started! 1. We will need: - yarn of two colors: yellow for the beak and any other for the body. I have a yarn of Iris; - hook in size; - scissors; - needle with a wide eye. 2. 3. Three 4. 5. Two lift air loops 6. 11 to the center of the circle 7. Close the row with the help of the upper air lift loop 8. Make a cape 9. Skip one loop and thread the hook into the next. 10. Knit a column with one nakida 11. We knit 7 more columns with one crochet in the same loop. 12. We skip one loop and execute the connecting bar to the next. 13. Next, we begin to knit with single crochets in the loops of the previous row. And in each loop we knit two columns without single crochet 14. We knit up to the location of the tail, my tail is located through 10 columns (2 columns in each of the next 5 loops) and 1 column in the next loop 15. Three air loops 16. We put the hook on the second air loop from the hook 17. Column without nakida 18. A single crochet into the loop from which we have 3 air loops 19. We continue to knit with single crochets to the head. 20. Connecting column in the first loop the top of the column with one crochet 21. 22. Initial loop on yellow yarn 23. We put on the hook in the place where the beak will be located (the 7th column with one double crochet) 24. We pass the loop through the body towards ourselves 25. Air loop 26. Two columns with one double crochet into the next loop. 27. Air loop 28. Connecting pole in the loop following the one from which the lift loop rises. Air loop 29. Finish knitting and hide the thread. 30. That turned out to be a crocheted appliqué - bird 31. Sew beads in place of the peephole or make knots of black thread. Bird is ready! ? So, spending just a few minutes onbirdie, we get a unique decoration for clothes or make a theater doll! ? Thank you for your attention, do not miss the new crochet workshops! You can save your favorite workshop using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below. For blog owners announcement MK added to the blogs available for copying! Distribution of knitting lessons for beginners: Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • Svegalimova: Pretty little bird!
  • : Thank you, Svetlana!
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  • Savanna: Everything has long been invented and small birds too oodles4noodles
  • : If you look closely - this is the otherlittle birds! ? I have a MK for beginners that anyone can handle. If there are similar ideas, it does not mean that everything has been invented! Booties are also invented oooooooochen for a long time, but nevertheless every year new schemes and ideas appear! ?
  • : Of course! Knitting itself was invented many centuries ago and much can be invented! For example, booties. They knit for a long time, but the models are all invented and invented. That bird, the link to which you added, is a little different from what you are looking at.
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  • Lesjakurt: thank you very much ... .. very cute bird
  • Valentina: Thank you very much knitted little bird and most of the toast threads turned out well. I really want to get a master class on how to crochet little leaves in Irish lace. Thanks again.
  • : Good afternoon, Valentine! A course on knitting a bouquet is expected very soon. It will be considered leaflets. It will not be the subject of Irish lace, but the use of this scheme in the Irish is possible.
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  • Y_apostol: Thank you, it came out very cool. I would also like such small animals, not very long, but it comes out so beautifully)))
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