Aquarium in the interior: how to choose and where to install (25 photos)

Aquarium in the interior: how to choose and where to install (25 photos)

Using an aquarium as an elementinterior design - an original and extraordinary solution. The corner of the underwater world in the living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen will fill the home atmosphere with the energy of the water element, will become a favorite object for contemplation and a source of positive emotions. Modern technologies for manufacturing containers andAqua-design allows you to create a variety of installations that are not only decorative, but also quite safe to operate. In particular, the walls of aquariums are made of impact-resistant glass, which is extremely difficult to damage. Special boxes are designed for embedding containers in the wall, which are located directly in the thickness of walls and partitions.

Types of aquariums

  • Freshwater As the name implies, they are filled with fresh water, the corresponding plants and fish. These corners of the underwater world are akin to natural rivers and lakes, pleasing to the eye with saturated green algae. The decor in them are driftwood, large stones.
  • Marine. These aquariums help us look into the depths of the sea. They are filled with salt water and inhabited by bright tropical fish, living corals and algae, which in the natural environment adorn the ocean and sea reefs.
  • In appearance, the containers are:

    • rectangular or square;
    • spherical;
    • cylindrical;
    • panoramic and others.

    From shockproof glasses and metal framesYou can create an aquarium of almost any configuration for a variety of interior projects. The volume of water in them can vary from one to several hundred liters. A separate category of products is made up ofcalled dry aquariums. They are containers of tempered glass, inside of which sea or freshwater landscapes are created using soil, corals, dried starfish, boulders and other decorative elements. Unlike conventional aquariums, dry tanks are not filled with water. The illusion of the aquatic environment is created using color LED backlighting. Due to their decorativeness and low maintenance requirements, such models are becoming an increasingly popular design element in residential buildings, offices and public institutions.

    Where to place an interior aquarium?

    By the installation method, the following models are distinguished:

  • Table and floor. These containers can be installed on countertops of furniture or on special cabinets. If you want to diversify the decor of the room, they can easily be moved to a new place.
  • Stationary These models are integrated into the walls or partitions, can be built into furniture. Most often, they are made to order and for specific sizes.
  • Outboard. To install such containers, cables or brackets are used that support them in suspension on walls or under the ceiling.
  • Island. Models of the island type are most often cylindrical and are located in the center of the room so that a free overview of the underwater world opens from anywhere in the room.
  • For smaller spaces, the bestcompact built-in aquariums are suitable. They will not take up much space and will help get rid of the feeling of confined space, visually pushing the walls of the room. If you want to highlight the functional areas in the studio apartment, you can use large aquariums on the pedestals. Such models will help to separate the living room from the kitchen without the construction of bulky and unaesthetic partitions. Aquarium can also become a decorative elementfurniture. In particular, a popular solution is the manufacture of coffee and coffee tables based on aquariums: containers with an underwater landscape are covered with a transparent shock-resistant tabletop. Enjoying aromatic coffee, you can relax at the same time, watching the fun bustle of colorful fish. No matter how you decide to use the aquarium in your interior, you need to take care of maintaining its life support and maintenance. To avoid annoying mistakes, entrust the installation of an interior aquarium to professionals. For the material provided, we express gratitude to the site. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!