How to tie a beautiful crocheted dress: master-class with step-by-step instruction, photos and diagrams

How to tie a beautiful crocheted dress: master-class with step-by-step instruction, photos and diagrams

Master class on crochet beautifulCocktail dresses For beginner needlewomen to tie a crocheted dress will be a very difficult task. However, there are models of knitted sleeveless dresses, the creation of which does not require special efforts and knowledge. In our master class, you are invited to tie a crochet such a simple but beautiful dress. White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №1 So, we begin crocheting the originalsleeveless dress using step by step instructions and diagrams. Briefly about the essence of creating such a dress crochet: we need to tie two pieces of knitted material, which should have the same rectangular shape. Next we sew them on the sides, leaving a place to create an armhole. We attach the ribbon-coquette to the round, slightly attaching the dorsal part and the shelf, and then we make straps. We process the edge of the dress. The dress is finished. Now we offer step-by-step instructions. We will need:

  • brand "Coco", 400 grams,
  • hook number 1, 75.

White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo # 2 1. Count the number of required loops. For the proposed pattern, it is necessary that the number of loops be a multiple of seven + two edge loops. 2. We make thirty-five (a number that is a multiple of seven), then two edge loops, followed by three air lifting loops and three air loops of the 1st row. In total, forty-three air loops are obtained. 1 stile without a crochet we sew in the tenth loop. So, we created a sample with a width of twelve centimeters. 3. Create a shelf (knitting back passes in a similar way). Creating this dress, we were oriented to a ninety-centimeter hip volume. Given the free allowance in this case, you need to knit a product, the width of which will be one hundred centimeters, that is, the parts of the back and the shelf will be equal in width to fifty centimeters. If in our sample thirty-five air loops were equal in width to twelve centimeters, then it turns out that 2.92 air loops are inserted into one centimeter. Therefore, for the shelf we will need one hundred forty-six air loops (fifty-centimeter multiplied by 2, 92). But do not forget that we need a number of loops, a multiple of seven, for the shelf we recruit one hundred forty-seven air loops. In parallel we knit two edge loops, then three air loops and three air loops of the 1st row. In total, one hundred fifty-five air loops need to be connected. 1 stile without a crochet we sew in the tenth loop. Orienting to the scheme, we make the fabric of the length you need, but we stop knitting after the nearest 3rd row of five air loops. During washing, even if it is very gentle, the finished product can become longer and shrink in width. To avoid the negative consequences of this, you should make the canvas a few centimeters less than it requires. 4. We make 2 pieces of cloth of rectangular shape. This will be the shelf of the product and its back. We connect the needle and thread on the sides, using a matt suture on the front side below, to the armhole. 5. Proceed to knitting the coquette - neck straps. White cocktail dress crocheted. Picture №3 White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №4 We do circular knitting on the outside. We fix the thread in the upper right corner of the back of the product. We send a series of RLS: create three columns without a crochet in each arch consisting of five air loops, and in an arch of two air loops we make one column without a crochet. As a result, the canvas will be attached. Finish tying the back of our product, you need to collect fifty loops (for the strap) and attach it to the shelf with a column without a crochet. Next we tie the shelf according to the principle similar to the backrest. Then, after completing this, we knit fifty air loops and attach ourselves behind the back walls to the back of the dress. Note: As soon as you attach the straps, it is necessary to sample the dress. Pay attention to the length of our straps. If it turns out that you need a smaller length, you can tie it up again, making not fifty air loops, but the necessary quantity for you. Then we continue to knit vkrugovuyu through the far walls. On our product the width of his coquette was about five centimeters. 6. We tie the edges of the dress. The edge of the neck of the product and its bottom are processed by the steppe. At the same time, first tie these parts of the dress with 2 - 3 stitches without a napkin through the back walls, and only then make a series of the step of the crook, which is done from the left side to the right. To do this, we attach the thread, make an air loop, put the hook on the right side through 1 loop. Create, then, a column without a crochet. Repeating the above figure, we make a series. White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №5 White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №6 7. Remove the thread. After you wash the product, it must be dried. It is better to do this by spreading it on the fabric. The dress, knitted from cotton, may slightly shrink in width and become longer. You need to give it the optimal shape and leave it in this position to dry out, from time to time, turning it over. For this dress you need a lining. It can be sewn from stretch or viscose fabric. White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №7 In the end we get a beautiful dress, knittedcrochet, which is ideal for a party. Include your imagination, define yourself with a pattern and have fun knitting a beautiful cocktail dress. White cocktail dress crocheted. Photo №8