How to tie a doll, photos, instructions / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to tie a doll, photos, instructions / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

To buy a doll for a child is absolutely not difficult. Today's manufacturers offer a truly huge range of toys for every taste, age and wallet. And the intensive Internet trade has further expanded the choice, making it almost endless. However, no single toy will be dear to your child as it was made by his own hands precisely for him. After all, it will be invested not only your zeal, but also the warmth that the child feels intuitively. knitted dollAny mom can make a bound doll- prepare the necessary material and get the minimum theoretical knowledge. Materials necessary to bind the doll such a doll: darning needle, filler, yarn of different colors, spokes - 3 mm or 2.5. Typically, the density of the mating is as follows: 26 loops of 36 rows. Often, in order to bind the product, the face and the back surface are used. If you are not sure of your abilities, it's best to start tying the navel. Those who are already confidently cope with knitting needles, can choose options more complicated.

We knit a doll

The most accessible way for the needlewomanmake an author's doll - tie it from the yarn with knitting needles. Toys made of thread are soft and warm, which is so valuable for the child and attracts his interest. The proposed master class will tell you how to tie a doll using the minimum experience in working with knitting needles. We do not give strict dimensions and precise schemes, but we explain the principle of creating toys from yarn. Thanks to this approach, you, having mastered this master class, will be able to make a knitted doll for your taste and any kind. To implement the project, you will need:

  • yarn flesh-colored or white,
  • knitting needles,
  • knitting needles for socks,
  • filler,
  • needle,
  • sewing thread.

Additionally, you will need scissors, puppetryeyes, embroidery threads or paints for the face of a doll. When choosing a yarn with spokes, it is important to match them. To properly select materials and tools, fold the thread four times and slightly twist the bundle. Its thickness should be approximately equal to the thickness of the spokes. Basis - the body with the head kykla-spicami-005Work begins with the tying of the trunk, forthen we take an even number of loops with pairs of knitting needles. Their number will determine how "well-fed" the toy will be. For example, take 40 loops. They will be the beginning of the canvas, connected by the facial smoothness. This pattern is easy to make - each 1-st row - facial loops, each 2nd - purl. To form accurate, even edges, do not forget to remove the first loop without tying it, the latter always do the wrong. The height of the trunk depends on the number of tied rows - for Our example will need to make 30. The resulting rectangle is sewn by the sides, the bottom edge is sewn as a sack, the upper one is pulled together in a circle. We fill the trunk with filler. a doll with knitting needles The head should be wider than the trunk, sowe type 50 loops and knit with a facial surface with an extension. To do this three times in each facial row, every 3 loops add on the loop. After that, we sew 10 rows of smooth cloth and begin narrowing in the reverse order - three times each 3rd loop we sew with the 4th together. The formed part is stitched along the sides and we tighten the upper and lower holes. We sew the head to the upper part of the trunk. Making limbs a doll with knitting needles You can make hands and feet with knitting needlessocks, then they will not have a seam. Calculation of the number of loops is simple - half of the number of trunk, it turns out, 20 loops per foot. Hands can be made equal in thickness or slightly smaller. Knit in a circle with the front loops. The length is determined in accordance with the growth of the doll and the harmony of its proportions. For those who know the knitting skill of socks, a more complex variant of the legs for a doll may be of interest-with the manufacture of the heel, foot and fingers. Hearing for a doll a doll with knitting needlesThe easiest way to make hair -use threads of suitable color. They are fixed with a thin crochet hook or needle, placing on the head of the toy or from the vertex in a spiral, or in rows, starting with a direct parting. Finished hair is trimmed to the desired level to make a hairstyle. a doll with knitting needlesAs the hair you can use choppedstrips of artificial fur or a wig. Artificial hair is fixed with a thread, sewing in the same order as the thread. Now you just have to sew or glue your eyes and draw a face.

How to tie a yarn from a doll

getImageTo make a dolls spokes, you need to take moreSoft yarn and slightly larger knitting needles. The trunk and the head can be connected by the same number of loops and rows, and the legs and handles should be shorter and thicker to maintain the proper proportions. When stuffing parts we make them not too dense. The face and silhouette of the body is formed by the method of tightening - for this it is enough to study any master class by this technique. So you can make another knitted toy with your own hands. Using our tips, you will be able to tie your own hands with absolutely unique toys. To do this, just add a fantasy and a little patience.

Lessons on modeling the body and face of the doll