How to tie an openwork bolero with a crochet for a girl 3-4 years old, patterns, patterns, description

How to tie an openwork bolero with a crochet for a girl 3-4 years old, patterns, patterns, description

In this article we will knit delicate bolerocrochet for the girl. This wonderful thing reminds me of a short jacket or a jacket. Happens with sleeves and without. Country of origin bolero - hot and passionate Spain, or rather the province of Andalusia. Surprisingly, initially bolero was the clothes of severe and courageous bullfighters. From these strong men, all the signora of Spain were crazy, so they quickly adopted the beautiful detail of the wardrobe. Now the bolero is exclusively a women's outfit, and its owners say with confidence that this thing is "for all occasions." Women wear it with trousers, skirts, dresses and sarafans, and in any combination bolero makes her mistress elegant and stylish. Of course, every girl also wants to be beautiful and stylish, like her mother, and wear a bolero. It certainly can be bought in the store, but much more elegant and original products create hand-made needlewomen and handymen crocheted. In this article, we will offer patterns of patterns, patterns and photos of boleros, crocheted for girls 3-4 years old. How to tie an openwork bolero with a crochet for a girl 3-4 years old, patterns, patterns, description. Photo №1 We will knit a tender bolero of the color of baked milk on a toddler of 3.5 years old. How to tie an openwork bolero with a crochet for a girl 3-4 years old, patterns, patterns, description. Photo # 2 It will take:

  • 100 g of the color of melted milk (92% acrylic, 8% metallic) 400 m / 100 g;
  • Hook No. 3;
  • A button in a tone.

Before you start creating a boleroit is necessary to make a pattern in full size, taking into account the individual parameters and measurements of the girl to whom the bolero is intended. Next, you need to tie and strip the sample 10 x 10 cm with the basic pattern for the preliminary calculation of the loops. Knit bolero will be from the bottom-up one sheet. We collect the necessary number of pp. The first river. 3 ppp, 3 tbsp. с / н, * 1 в.п., 1 loop to pass, then we knit 4 tbsp. c / H *, continue from * to the end of the series. Finish a number of art. with / n. The second river. The whole range of knit arches of 5 vp, fixing from 1 tbsp. b / n in 1 cp. The first row of the Third River. We knit in the same way as the second arch of 5 cp, we fix them 1 st. b / n in the middle of arches of the second row. But we need to begin with 3 ppp. and finish 1 tbsp. with / n. Fourth р. 3 vpp, we knit arches from 4 vp, we fix them st. b / n in the middle of the arches of the third row. Due to the fact that the third row we started and finished higher, the fourth row will be equal for knitting of the fifth row. The Fifth River. it is similar to the first. In every 4 bp. we knit art. s / n, and above the station. b / n we sew 1 st.p. For the pattern, we repeat knitting of 4 rows. When you are tying the first 4 rows, you need to knit the next 13 rows with the additions in the second scheme, then knit 8 rows without adding or subtracting. Next you need to divide the canvas into 5 parts. On the pattern we have a 19 cm mark for the right and left handholds, 10 cm for the armhole and 20 cm for the back. You figures may be slightly different depending on the individual parameters of the girl. Designations can be made with a thread of contrasting color, a pin or a special plastic marker, which can be bought at the store by needlework. Shelves. We knit with an openwork pattern. Losses of the loops are made along the outer edge in accordance with the pattern and the first diagram, which shows how to smoothly loosen the loops. The height will be approximately 23 rows. We knit the backs straight without additions or additions to the height of the 23rd row. Sleeves. It is necessary to attach a thread to the 4th row of the back, to connect 35 cp. and fastened on the shelf. Now we need to link the 8 rows with a pattern without adding or subtracting these 35 volts. Then you need to knit the cutoff according to the first scheme to the end of the sleeve. Sew shoulder seams and sleeves. Now on the front side we tie all bolero in the following way (see the third scheme): First r. * 2 tbsp. s / n, 1 loop to skip, 1 stp * continue from * to the end. The second river. * 2 tbsp. b / n, pico *. Continue to the end. Now on the fourth scheme we tie a button: First r. In the ring of 3 cp. bind 6 tbsp. b / n. The second river. The number of loops must be doubled. In each we sew 2 tbsp each. b / n. Third r. Double the loops in every second. Fourth р. Double the loops in every third loop. Next we knit by analogy until the diameter of the circle reaches the diameter of the button. Now you need to attach the button to the wrong side of the circle. To connect 1 row without additions, and then we knit the rows with symmetric pin loops. Through the last 6 loops, stretch the thread and tighten it tightly. Sew a button on the fishnet. Arch of the 5 c. on the opposite shelf will serve as a loop. Bolero is ready. It is sure to please the little princess and become one of the favorite things in the wardrobe.