How to tie an original crochet hook according to the instructions with photos and charts

How to tie an original crochet hook according to the instructions with photos and charts

Knit crochet stitch Seldom what kind of mistress is notuses a stove in the kitchen. As a rule, it is relevant during the preparation of some goodies in the oven or frying cupboard. There are many ways to tie hooks. We also want to offer some interesting options. Bright unusual crochet hooks. Photo №1 Pothook called "Crazy Chicken". It will not only provide practical assistance in your kitchen, but thanks to its originality it will become one of the decor elements. The size of this tack is about 21x16 centimeters, so if you hang it on one of the kitchen walls, it will not take up much space. A set of tools and materials for this handicraft will be as follows:

  • hook knitting №2,5;
  • buttons (black, 1 cm in diameter);
  • yarn, 50 g of brown (used in model A), yellow, white and red colors (cotton 100%, density 125 m / 50 g).

Bright unusual crochet hooks. Photo # 2 We knit the model A. Take the brown yarn and dial 12 air loops (in), one vp is passed. The first row is tied with columns without a crochet (sb). In the second row, we perform 4 vp, turn 1in. Then knit in accordance with the scheme. With the usual addition, we sew from the first or last eyelet to 2 sb. In the case of adding more than one eyelet at the beginning of the row, the same number of ciphers is matched. In the case of the addition of several loops in the end of the row, new crochets are knit from the vertical part of the last loop. When decreasing, we knit the first two or two outer stitches together. From the 25th row, we turn to the use of white yarn on the collar. A part of the unused string we follow. To change the color, the previous loop is added with a new shade: the thread of the previous color is passed forward and tied with a new thread. In the 45th row, a red yarn is introduced to create a scall according to the scheme. Already from the 59th row we finish the right side of the ridge, with the help of half-columns without a crochet we pass to the left part and finish it. Starting from this site, we tie the contour of the ridge with half-columns without a cloak. To make a loop, dial 10 in, join the ring in one half-shell without a crochet, turn over and tie the loop off. The collar is tied with white polustolbikami without a cape, and the trunk on the sides and head - brown polustolbikami without a cloak, thus forming wings. We knit a paw. To do this, first make the right finger, dialing 11 bp, then skipping one vp, and from the next loop we knit 1 sb, 6 sticks with a cape (d1n) and sb. The middle finger is knitted like this: turn the work, turn 1 in, and 3 rolls of the previous row go through three half-columns without a crochet. Next, dial 8 in, turn, 1 in pass, and then connect 1 sbn, 6 s1n from the second to the 8th Vp and 3 sb from the 3 half-columns without the cusch of the previous row. The left finger is knitted similarly to the middle finger. Pig is fully tied up with 4 sb. We make 2 equal paws and sew. We knit the beak. Pre-dial from the yarn of yellow color 8 in. We skip the 1st step, and from the next loop we knit 1 sb, 1 half-shell with a crochet, 2 s1n, 1 half-pile with two nakidami and 1 s1n. Three times we return to the beginning of the set of loops and we close 1 half-column without a cape. The whole beak is tied with one round of sb. We knit the earrings. Take the yarn of red color and knit 2 earrings. We dial 12 in. From the eighth to the first from the hook we sew 2 half-columns with two cloaks, 4 cents, 1 half-pile and a cape and 1 sb. Earring and beak sewn to the head, then sew 2 buttons of black color. Model B is knitted exactly as well, only yarn of other shades is used (see below). Bright unusual crochet hooks. Picture №3 Another way to crochet such aThe product is a practical bright green tack. Green onions, apple, tender snowdrops - all this together with a similar tack will give freshness and brightness to any kitchen. Even beginner needlewomen can easily crochet such a practical kitchen accessory. For this we need (2 products):

  • 100% cotton yarn;
  • "A" model: 100 grams of white yarn and 50 grams of light green yarn;
  • "B" and "C" model: 50 grams of yarn of all three designated colors.
  • hook size 4.

Bright unusual crochet hooks. Photo №4 Progress of work: The product is made with two threads, tying sb. All the rows are lifted with a single air loop. Changing the color that completes the loop of the previous shade is done with the subsequent color. The thread that we do not use anymore, we lead behind ourselves and hide it in knitting itself. "A" model (small squares): taking a string of green, create thirty-five air loops + one lifting loop and knit the first-fifth rows: five green loops, five white loops-a repeating part, five green loops; sixth-tenth rows: five white loops, five light-green loops-repeat, five white loops. We repeat the first-tenth series, we make thirty-five rows. We tie the garment with a green thread around one circle of sb, making three corners of the common base in the corners. At the end of the ring, connect fourteen air loops, close one half-loop without a crochet in the next loop; create a circle of green yarn "rachim" pattern, tying sb. "B" model (large squares): create fifteen air loops from yarn of green and white. Then we make a tune. Through nineteen rows we change color; We make fifteen loops of white yarn and the same number of light green. After thirty-eight rows complete. We tie a product of green yarn, we tie the loop itself. "C" model (strip): green yarn we knit thirty-five air loops + one lifting loop; we create six rows of all three colors, after thirty-six rows we finish. Tie a product of green yarns in one circle of sb, making in the ears three sbn from one base. At the end of the circle, we make fourteen air loops; we conclude with one half-shell without a crochet, tied over the next loop. One circle is knitted with a "rachim" pattern of green yarn. At the end we tie a loop of the sb. Bright unusual crochet hooks. Photo №5 The tack is ready!