How to tie a snowman with knitting needles, master class, photo, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to tie a snowman with knitting needles, master class, photo, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Among the New Year's characters, the snowman is the mostcheerful and good-natured. It is the easiest to perform. A snowman is easy to do by taking 2-3 white balls out of any material. Knitted snowman - soft and warm, he does not look like his snow prototype.

Simple in form snowmen

To link a snowman is simple: torso in the form of a cone with a spherical head or a cylinder that is pulled by a scarf around the neck. You can connect it with knitting needles. A knitted snowman can be dressed in a blouse, decorated with embroidery, beads, appliqués in the form of snowflakes made of felt. There are many master classes on the Internet for making such Christmas decorations, schemes and descriptions. If we talk about the methods of knitting, then the relief braids look beautiful in the middle of the surface. Schemes and master classes that describe knitting with their knitting needles can be easily found on specialized sites. You can link the whole figure or the details separately, and then sew them.

Master Class

For the master class, the model is simple,the only detail is knitted from the bottom up: the trunk, the head, the cap. In the neck area, we subtract the number of loops. Our snowman with knitting needles will be made of white thread with braids in front, and his hat will be striped, for it we need at least 2 shades of yarn. If you tie a snowman on stocking knitting needles, thenlater it will not have to be sewn. Without a seam, the connected character will be more attractive. But this is not an obligatory condition for knitting. We select 3 spokes on 16 loops, and on the front, where we decided to tie braids - 18 loops.

  • We knit the facial smoothness everywhere, except for the snowman. We will knit a cloth on the front knitting needle according to the scheme. There are 2 types of braids and 2 directions of crossing.
  • The central spit consists of two braids of 4 loopseach, the crossing takes place in every fourth row. Lateral narrow braids - from 2 loops each, cross each other in the second row. They are separated from each other by purl loops.
  • You can choose any other knitting pattern by looking at the Internet pictures or master classes.
  • Having row 31 rows, we make the first decrease of loops on the front knitting needle: for each edge of the knitting needle there are 2 purl loops, we sew 2 together in 1.
  • In 32 rows on the remaining three spokes, we sew the last loops 2 to 1. Thus, the number of loops is reduced by another 6.
  • From the 33 rows we knit with the spokes around the circle with the smoothness on all the spokes.
  • Plotting 10 rows with a smooth surface, we begin to laythe slope of the future cap back. To do this, you need to continue to knit your face, and do not enlarge the back of your head. Therefore, we knot the face of the face completely, and the next knitting needle is not fully finished: we leave the last 2 loops not tied.
  • Turn the knitting by the wrong side and tie the row in the opposite direction to the opposite knitting needle, on which again we leave 2 unbonded loops and turn the knitting around with the face.
  • We continue to knit so, with each number reducing the number of knitting loops on the side spokes until they remain 2.
  • After that, take a contrasting thread and knit the cap in a circle, alternating the front and back loops, making strips of different widths.
  • After about 20 rows we begin to knit the neck of the cap. To make the knit itself shrink, go to the rubber band 2x2. It is necessary to tie 20 rows of rubber bands and close the product.
  • Assembling a Snowman master class snowman with knitting needles

  • Cut the circle for the bottom of any dense fabric. This circle is pinned to the snowman with sewing pins and we put it on the typewriter.
  • We turn out the resulting bag, stuff it with a holofayber. The connected snowman already looks pretty.
  • Now you need to make him face: eyes of beads, threads, buttons and nose-carrots, on this subject, too, there are master classes in a network of varying complexity. In our master class, we describe a new original way of creating a nose-carrot from an ordinary lace.
  • We take kapron cord, it stretches well, unlike cotton. Cut off one end of it with a stock so that you can make a knot for fixing it.
  • With the help of a needle, we stuff a little of the holofaiber into our carrots.
  • We take a loose fabric, fit linen or canvas for embroidery. We pass the free end of the lace through the needle-widened hole between the threads and make a knot-fastening.
  • Then we pass the nose from inside the head of a knitted snowman.
  • Now it was the turn of the eyes. Help realistic eyes on the wire loops, which are easy to attach.
  • Inside the head, we bend the eye loops through the tissue through which the nose is already passed. This shred of tissue is necessary, otherwise the eyes will fall through loose knitwear with knitting needles.
  • Snowman toy is ready! snegovik-spicami-mk-016

    Ideas and useful tips

    You can tie a snowman a scarf, make skis orsee on the Internet a master class on how to knit his knobs with mittens. Inside a snowman, you can put candy and a gift. If a knitted snowman is intended for a small child, the person of a snowman should be sewn with threads. There are master classes of knitting snowman models with stuffed hands and feet , the process is more complicated, but it will be a full-fledged toy. Those who can not knit, but a knitted snowman really wants, can make it from socks. Video: how to tie a snowman's eyes, buttons, pens: