How to make a drawing with a pattern of beading?

How to make a drawing with a pattern of beading?

For those who want to learn how to embroider beads beautiful drawings, it is worthwhile to study the necessary aspects and lessons that will later help in obtaining the necessary knowledge. How to make a drawing with a pattern of beading by yourself ?. Photo №1 To get started, a cloth with printed patternsit is recommended to draw on wooden frames, with the help of special buttons or binders. You can also use the hoop in rectangular shapes. If the hoop will be too large, then the canvas can be "increased" using sweeping along the edges of the additional strip in the form of fabric.

How to draw with beads?

Above all, it is comfortable to embroider drawings at the table. To do this, you need to lay the light-format type of cloth in the workplace. If the beads will fall off the needle, will not not be knocking on the table. Therefore, you do not need to climb under the table in search of your own crop of beads. It is important to have a bright light that will compensate for laborious work with beads in an uncomfortable ratio with pleasant light emission. Also, the beads need to be poured in small amounts on the fabric, and then, use them to work in a saucer, a plastic sheepskin. Can also come up with the usual matchbox. In this case, the matchbox is convenient, as it is very easy to close it, if you decide to postpone the work. For embroidery, you should use a nylon thread, or a cotton thread in medium thickness. Sewing is necessary in one thread. For embroidery, where light fabric is used, the threads of beige, white or light gray coloring are ideal, and for dark fabric or embroidery with beads with one color, it is necessary to select threads in tone. Coloring for colored threads can be unstable, so, it is worth checking it before starting the work itself. How to make a drawing with a pattern of beading by yourself ?. Photo # 2 In gold beads, it is best to use grayor silver thread. Also, so that the thread can not get confused in the process of work, it should be waxed, but do not overuse this process, because mosk can dirty your fabric. A very long string twists and turns. In the tightening of the thread on the tissues, it is necessary to avoid coarse nodules. Also, beginning to use the seam, it is necessary to make a knot on the threads, with which you will sew the fabric inside out to the front side, and then - fix the thread with a small reverse stitch, so that the knot does not jump to the front side.

The procedure for work with beads

For beads are often used thin, andalso long needles. Suitable needles are type numbers 12 or 10. Also, often the kits can be equipped with a needle number 11, which is a universal and medium variant with this choice. If the thread embedding process is very difficult, it is necessary to take a needle with a sufficiently long slot, where a more comfortable eye is used in the middle. How to make a drawing with a pattern of beading by yourself ?. Picture №3 In the end, you will be able to learn how to work with the swimelements of creativity, to create a very unique and beautiful paintings with beads, using only the skills of their own hands. If you want to master completely new and unique opportunities, this approach will be able to open new solutions and facilitate your task.