How to make a rose in a quilling technique? Flower with the help of the master class with their own hands

How to make a rose in a quilling technique? Flower with the help of the master class with their own hands

Flower rose technique quilling. Photo №1 With the help of quilling you can do incredible andbeautiful compositions, with which it is convenient to design postcards and create new presents. That is why, the ability to make flowers from quilling is a useful quality, which is always useful when building your own idea. Rosette flower in quilling technique is an excellent solution for creating a pleasant composition. In this master class, we will tell you about two ways to create a rose flower and show how simple it is.

The first method

Flower rose technique quilling. Photo # 2 As materials and tools we will need:

  • Color paper (quilling)
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Stencil ruler

First of all, we will process the material. For beginners, the first method is suggested, since its implementation is much simpler. It is necessary to cut a circle of suitable paper. It is desirable to have a stencil ruler tool with a circle, or use a compass. But at the same time, you can cut your object by eye. Next, you need to draw a spiral and cut the paper through it. Now, with the help of a spiral we make it a twist from the extreme part of the circle to the center. The tip of the helix is ​​glued in order to work with deformation. The flower must be treated with a sticky substance on the reverse side, so that it does not untwist. After that, let's dry the material and our flower is ready!

second method

  • Quilling paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • skillful hands

Flower rose technique quilling. Picture №3 Next, continue our manipulations with the secondoption, which will be more difficult. To do this, we need to take a strip of paper at a width of 15 millimeters. Next, you need to twist the tip of the strip and after, make a fold at an angle of 90 degrees. After that, we are working on rolling the roll. After, again unfold the material by 90 degrees, following the rest of the paper strip. When we have completed the twisting to the end of the last fold, do the following. For this, you also need to grab the corner of the previous fold. After that, repeat the previous action and do so until the end of the band. Flower rose technique quilling. Photo №4 Flower bud can be strengthened. For this, it is necessary to glue the tip of the strip. Upon completion of all these actions, a small stamen is formed on the ledge of the future flower. It will need to be cut with scissors. Thus, the rose will not be blossomed. That the rose has turned out in more opened kind, it is enough simply not to grease a flower with glue and to untwist. A spiral will appear, on which folds are clearly visible. Next, we repeat the machinations with twisting, but do not make it too tight. The second time will be much easier. Then, just fix it with glue. To make a dense rose, you need to twist once, and if you want a loose one, repeat these steps. We work on gluing the spiral and get our flower. Such flowers can be made several, from them you can decorate a successful bouquet, or decorate it as an element of decor. Flower rose technique quilling. Photo №5

Flowers from fringe

Also, our roses can be supplemented with flowers fromfringe. To do this, you need to take a roll and wrap it in a fringe, right up to the end of the strip. then, it is necessary to glue the end of the strip. After the flower dries, the petals need to be straightened. There will be small fringe flowers, which you can dilute the overall composition or decorate cards. Now, you will be very easy to decorate any gift composition, postcards or just pictures. Using these simple techniques of quilling forms, with the help of improvised tools, it is very simple to realize your own ideas and make the necessary manipulations.