How to choose yarn and knitting needles? Useful tips for knitting for beginners

How to choose yarn and knitting needles? Useful tips for knitting for beginners

It's time to struggle with an obsessive stereotype thatknitting is the lot of retired people. Knitting with knitting needles for modern women is a way to combine business with pleasure: spend time with your favorite hobby and at the same time replenish your wardrobe with a stylish gizmo. In order to start knitting, you will need knitting needles and yarn. From the quality and characteristics of the yarn will depend on the final appearance of the product, durability and comfort in wearing. Yarn and knitting needles. Photo №1 Beginners ask themselves: "How do you know the thickness of the yarn, if it is packed?". You can see it on the label. It is denoted as "thread number". In fact, the number of the thread is the length per gram of mass. The more yarn meters per 100 grams, the thinner the yarn. Before weaving, beginners usually train on technically simple products or children's clothes. We advise you to choose yarn from Merino wool for your weaving. Products made from it are soft and delicate. Such a thread does not irritate the skin, and therefore perfectly suits as a material for children's things. Choosing several skeins of thread for one product,be careful. Yarns of the same color from different batches may differ slightly in shade. During the purchase, the difference is not noticed, but in the finished product it will catch your eye.

We choose knitting needles

The diameter and size of the spokes differ from each other. It comes to extremes: some spokes can resemble slightly elongated needles, and some - almost skewers for shish kebab. To pick up ideal on the occasion of knitting need two factors:

  • The thickness of the selected yarn;
  • Own style of weaving.

To a greater extent, of course, yarn. The thickness of the knitting needle must be twice the thickness of the thread. Check it is not difficult: Take two threads from your skein, fold them together and slightly scroll to fasten. Ideally, the thickness of the resulting double filament should match the thickness of the spoke. ATTENTION! If you have chosen a mohair or a bunched yarn for knitting, the number of yarns stacked together will need to be increased. To determine the thickness of the needle for knitting with a mohair thread, you need to fold it 4-5 times, booked - 3-4. We return to the style of knitting. Here everything is simple: if you knit tightly, choose the knitting needles on the floor of the room less than necessary, and if it is weak - on the floor of the room more. Such a hobby, like knitting, is limitedonly by skill and imagination. On our site you will find many ideas and lessons to improve your knitting skill, please yourself and your loved ones with original new clothes.