Autumn basket: some ideas for crafts from natural materials

Autumn basket: some ideas for crafts from natural materials


    Do-it-yourself autumn basket

    When else to make beautiful, bright fakes, likenot fall! At this time of the year there is so much “material” for creativity that your eyes run up. Nature generously presents us with its gifts: colorful leaves falling from trees, a crop ripened in the garden and flowers blooming there. Until all this is hidden under long snows, you need to act. We can only choose what is needed for future crafts. Here you can combine business with pleasure: get into the forest or to the summer cottage, breathe fresh air and collect everything you need for an interesting job. We decorate the house with baskets and vases with gifts of natureWe decorate the house with baskets and vases with gifts of nature. A basket is a necessary item in the household, and if it is made from gifts of nature it is also pleasing to the eye.

    How to make a beautiful autumn basket easy and simple

    The easiest way to make an autumn basket is to make it from ordinary cones, which are very numerous in the autumn forest. And so, let's get started: Autumn basket of conesAutumn basket of cones

    • assembled cones in the forest (preferably large size) we connect with each other with a wire until then, until you get a circle of cones;
    • if we want to add something to the basket in the future, we can make it deeper due to the second of the same circle (if you wish, you can make a third);
    • do the handle to the basket just like the base, only bringing the "garland" of cones to a semicircle;
    • You can attach the handle to the basket itself using liquid nails.

    More ideas for.

    Basket filled with autumn gifts

    Beautiful basket with gifts of autumnA beautiful basket with the gifts of autumn The next way to make an autumn basket is to take as a basis a finished wicker basket and beautifully fill it with various autumn gifts of nature. What is needed for this: Basket with Autumn GiftsBasket with Autumn Gifts

    • we take an ordinary basket (with which we go mushrooms) and put a floral sponge inside (it can be bought at any flower shop);
    • we put all the autumn flowers there and all that requires care and watering.

    If we want a fake - make the basket durable, then it is better to use dry materials: acorns, cones, fallen leaves, twigs, tree bark. Tip: if the initial appearance of the basket leaves much to be desired, then it can also be reanimated due to natural materials. Take acorns or small cones and glue them on the front of the basket. Flat autumn basket for door decorationFlat autumn basket to decorate the door. So, we decorate the basket:

    • if the basket is too deep, put the cloth on its bottom;
    • we lay leaves of different colors (oak leaves will look especially harmoniously) and we spread acorns on them;
    • in the middle you can fit a small pumpkin, next to apples and bunches of mountain ash.

    Autumn basket of acornsAutumn basket of acorns All these components have bright autumn colors and will delight and remind you of this beautiful time for a long time!

    Basket - Pumpkin

    Autumn crafts: pumpkin candlestickAutumn crafts: pumpkin candlesticks If the harvest was a success, then for the autumn fake you can use a fruit like pumpkin. And here we have two options: Making an Autumn Pumpkin BasketMaking an Autumn Pumpkin Basket

  • The handle and base of the craft will be solid. Cut the pumpkin under the basket, taking out all the insides. On the handle, you can leave the tail of the pumpkin.
  • We completely remove only the top hat (2-3 mm) and decorate this place with red, yellow leaves, a Christmas tree branch and rowan clusters.
  • More ideas for autumn and for giving.

    Autumn basket with maple leaves

    This option is longer in time, but the result is excellent. DIY basket of autumn leavesDIY basket of autumn leaves

    • take a small plastic bucket;
    • wrap it with a strong rope - twine, pre-coat the future basket with PVA glue;
    • we twist the branches, which are well bent and do not break, interlace with each other and glue on the sides of the bucket - the handle is ready;
    • any flowers for decoration can be drawn in gouache yourself, you can stick;
    • we fill the finished basket with maple leaves and between them you can put the rosehip branches - it looks very nice.

    DIY vegetable basket

    As you know, the entire crop is harvested from the gardenfall. And in order to please yourself for a while, you can make a basket with autumn gifts - fruits. This craft will not last long, but for a holiday, or some family event (for decoration, of course) it will do. We can again take a home basket, decorate the front side with leaves (by putting them on glue), and put inside: pumpkin, decorative cauliflower, decorative little pepper. All this can be put on the dried birch bark. Only the main thing is not to forget to remove all this, since vegetables are not stored for a long time in a warm room. Vegetable basket - an idea for autumn craftsVegetable basket - an idea for autumn crafts As you can see, there are a lot of ways for decor, the main thingprovide a clear picture of the result already obtained. And nature will help - supply all the necessary materials for creativity. And here is the MK video on how to make a basket with the gifts of autumn with your own hands: We also recommend that you watch:

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