Autumn colors in the interior, patterns and prints of autumn for home decor (68 photos)

Autumn colors in the interior, patterns and prints of autumn for home decor (68 photos)

Autumn is the brightest and most beautiful time, at this timenature seemed to play in all the colors of the rainbow. So you want, looking at the yellow-red fallen leaves, ripened fruits and red mountain ash to transfer at least a piece of all this beauty to your home. But this is possible, because the fall season gives not only inspiration, but also offers a large selection of improvised material that can revive even the most boring interior. Autumn colors in the interiorAutumn colors in the interior

Autumn colors in the interior

Autumn colors in the interior - examplesAutumn colors in the interior - examples For autumnbright but somewhat muted calm tones are characteristic. The variety of colors of this period is characterized by harmony and peace. Khaki, flax, muted yellow-red tones of fallen leaves can be attributed to the autumn palette, here the color of poplar bark, moss, willow, as well as yellow-brown, gray-brown or greenish-brown shades of nature, are suitable. Rough and heterogeneous to the touch texture, like not one other, characterizes the autumn period. The combination of colors in autumn interiorsThe combination of colors in autumn interiors Conservative muted tones canused in any interior, they blend well with both the classics and the styles of Provence, Art Nouveau, Victorian or modern. Despite the fact that the shades of the September-November period are quite old-fashioned, the interior in these colors always looks presentable, original and unique. Natural colors find themselves in combination with almost any home decoration. How to combine colors to create an autumn interiorHow to combine colors to create an autumn interior

Autumn texture

Natural matte palette in the interior,materials such as linen, cotton, wood, tweed and ceramics are undoubtedly suitable for the corresponding autumn. Metal, plastic, and synthetics do not fit well with this company. Such a design is not friendly with varnish, and laminated and glossy surfaces can outshine the muted autumn tones with their brilliance, which, in turn, are lost against their background. Living room in autumn colorsLiving room in autumn colors Bright autumn living room interior - photoBright autumn living room interior - photothe type of interior requires monochrome and textured paintwork. Venetian stucco and liquid wallpaper will succinctly emphasize this style, matte ceramics under a tree or a stone will not be out of place here. Autumn kitchen interior photoAutumn kitchen interior photo Autumn interior in dark colorsAutumn interior in dark colors. Doors, parquet,Furniture and decorative finishes are best chosen from natural wood. It can be products from oak, walnut, merbau. Wicker or bamboo items will emphasize the decor. Autumn interior allows the use of monochrome metals. Here matte aluminum gray and beige shimmer and brass of muted shades will be appropriate. Autumn interior of the living roomAutumn interior of the living room Autumn bedroom interiorAutumn bedroom interior

Patterns and prints of autumn in the interior

They will add coziness and warmth to the pictures with autumn scenery,Ekibans with dry plants, cones and acorns. And unusual, original forms of sconces, lamps, floor lamps, candles and aroma lamps will dilute the interior and add romance to it. Spikelets in the autumn home decorSpikelets in the autumn home decor Everyday plain walls in the apartmentdecorate with all kinds of vintage elements, decorative stickers and special stencils. Having artistic abilities, it would be nice to paint a wall by painting trees with golden fallen leaves on it. Pattern of autumn leaves on the wall in the bedroomPattern of autumn leaves on the wall in the bedroom Wall painting in autumn patternsWall painting with autumn patterns Garlands, wreaths,compositions of fallen leaves, ears of wheat, mushrooms, acorns, cones and mountain ash will help to avoid cardinal changes in the design of the room and will naturally make the autumn highlight in the interior of the room. Autumn home decor made of leaves and gifts of natureAutumn home decor made of leaves and gifts of nature

Autumn accessories in the interior

Diversify gray everyday life and add to the familiarthe atmosphere of the autumn mood, various decorative elements created from improvised means that Mother Nature generously provided. So, autumn bouquets will add cosiness. They can be composed both from already fallen autumn leaves, and from branches with still unfallen foliage. Floristry from late flowers and plants will look good: chrysanthemums, physalis, asters, autumn immortelle, marigolds, rudbeckia and many others. Dry tall cereals, dried flowers or thistles will enliven the room and stand in a vase for a long time. Autumn interiorAutumn interior Autumn fruits in a transparent beautiful container easilyfit into any design and add the appropriate touch to the style of the room. Here you can use chestnuts, acorns, cones both in combination with autumn leaves, and without them. Such vases can be placed throughout the apartment, they will be appropriate to look both on the kitchen table and on the bedside table in the bedroom. Home decor: decorative lanterns and autumn leavesHome decor: decorative lanterns and autumn leaves Straw dolls and pumpkin crafts can also become an unusual and interesting decor. And on Halloween, you can show real creativity, imagination and make a whole bunch of interesting things with the whole family. Experiment, let your imagination run wild and then the autumn kaleidoscope of nature will stay with you forever. And here are some more ideas for autumn interiors: Do you like the article? Share on social networks!