Autumn crafts using the quilling technique (20 photos)

Autumn crafts using the quilling technique (20 photos)


    Quilling Fall - DIY ideas

    Quilling, orpaperwork In order to learn quilling, you do not need special knowledge and skills. It is enough to try to make simple crafts several times and soon it will be possible to make real masterpieces from paper. Using the quilling technique, you can make a large number of various interesting crafts. Such crafts look very beautiful, original and elegant. Autumn quilling is the manufacture of various crafts in the form of bouquets of flowers from autumn flowers, beautiful autumn leaves, mushrooms, landscapes, etc. Such fakes will fill the decor of the room with cosiness and warmth.

    Quilling autumn bouquet

    Undoubtedly, the greatest pleasure will bringmaking various colors using quilling technique. An autumn bouquet using paper rolling technique can cheer you up in rainy, cold weather. To make the autumn bouquet you will need: • special paper for quilling technique; • scissors; • glue; • pencil; • floristic wire. Necessary tools for making an autumn bouquet using quilling techniqueNecessary tools for making autumna bouquet using quilling technique First of all, it is necessary to make several blanks for future autumn flowers. To do this, draw a circle about 15-16 cm in diameter on the working side of the quilling paper. Then, starting at the outer edge of the circle, cut out the spiral. If, at the same time, the cut lines of the spiral are made a little uneven, the flowers will have a more realistic look. The craft will look more interesting if you use paper of different colors and ornaments for work. Ready-made blanks for autumn bouquet using quilling techniqueReady-made blanks for the autumn bouquet in the techniquequilling Now that the blanks are ready, you can start making buds. To do this, tightly twist the spiral into a bud. If you put a tightly wound spiral on the table, the bud will “blossom” before your eyes. In order for the resulting flower to retain its shape, it is necessary to lightly lubricate the central part of the spiral and fix the entire bud on it. Ready-made flower bud using quilling techniqueReady flower bud using quilling technique Forleaflet you need green paper, on which you need to draw a leaflet, cut it out, fold it with an accordion and also fix the base with glue. Quilling leaf for an autumn flowerQuilling leaf for an autumn flowerBend one end of the floristic wire, 10-12 sec long, and glue the bud to it, glue a few petals a little lower on the wire. Using the same technology, make several flowers and combine them into a bouquet. Quilling flowerQuilling flower Quilling autumn bouquetQuilling autumn bouquet

    Quilling Autumn Leaves

    Beautiful autumn leaves made using techniquetorsion papers will fill the interior of the room with autumn colors and will look unusual if they are hung from window eaves. To make autumn leaves using the quilling technique you will need: • tweezers for quilling (if this is not the case, an ordinary bifurcated toothpick will do); • measuring ruler; • PVA glue; • brush; • paper for quilling (preferably double-sided) • pins; • living leaves; • plain sheet of paper; • cardboard. Paper must be cut into thin strips. The thickness of the stripes may vary, it all depends on your personal preferences. Insert the edge of the resulting strip of paper into the crevice of the tweezers and slowly tightly wind the entire tape over it, grease the end of the tape with glue, but do not glue it. Insert tweezers with wound paper into the quilling ruler and release the tweezers. The paper should unwind a bit. Press the paper to the end with glue with tweezers. Leave the workpiece to dry in a ruler. Thus, it is necessary to make a lot of blanks of red, orange and yellow.

    Maple leaf quilling

    Sketch for creating maple leaf in the techniquetorsion paper can be found on the Internet, drawn by hand, or use a real maple leaf. The last option is the most interesting. The finished template with pins must be fixed on cardboard. To make the axis of the sheet, you need a strip of quilling paper folded in half. Coat one side with glue and attach to the template. Leaf veins are likewise made. Now you can proceed directly to the assembly of crafts. Give each mug blank the shape of a droplet, semicircle, or oval. Having glued the first figure to the axis or vein of the sheet, you can guess what shape the next part should be. Glue on the figures is applied only at the junction with the axis of the sheet, veins or other figures. In order to make the finished sheet more durable, a thin strip of paper can be glued to it around the entire perimeter. Quilling Maple LeafQuilling Maple Leaf

    Rowan leaf quilling

    For the manufacture of rowan leavesmake orange blanks in two sizes. Give the first blank a drop shape and glue it to the main vein of the sheet. All other blanks should also be shaped like drops and glued alternately along the main leaf vein. At the top and bottom of the rowan leaf, place smaller figures, and in the center of the figures are slightly larger. For greater stability, as well as in the maple leaf, you need to glue the contour from a strip of paper. Rowan leaves using quilling techniqueRowan leaves using quilling technique We also recommend viewing:

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