Autumn embroidery with ribbons in the master class (photo and video)

Autumn embroidery with ribbons in the master class (photo and video)


Embroidery with ribbons is of itself, artCreation of various patterns with the help of satin and silk ribbons. This type of needlework can be used to decorate a large number of home furnishings, decorating panels and textiles, including clothing. Especially popular is the flower embroidery, since the tapes have the ability to twist and curl into different shapes. Also interesting is the embroidery in the form of abstract figures and patterns.
To make a beautiful embroidery with an autumn motif,You do not have to be an artisan with a high level of preparation. It is enough to choose the scheme of the picture and familiarize with its detailed description. Having gained experience, you can independently improvise with the plot and build the process of work.

Autumn embroidery ribbons

An example will be given in this master classEmbroidery of an autumn bouquet of mountain ash. Print an autumn pattern on the thermal transfer paper using the printer. When it is dry, separate it from the fabric. Choose suitable colors of satin ribbons and threads of mulina, which will convey all the shades of autumn. Pull the image onto the wooden frame and you can start embroidering.
The first stage of work on embroidery of autumn will begin with berries of mountain ash. They are performed by a French knot and a straight stitch, as shown in the figure.

Select the ribbon of the appropriate shade and insert itIn the needle. It is necessary to bring it to the front. Make a French knot with two or three turns. Close it with a simple stitch. You got the first berry. Embroider in this way other berries of mountain ash and start to form bunches. The photo shows the first result of an embroidered autumn composition. Using acrylic paint and watercolor warm shade, you can tint the ashberry and add a little color to the jug.

Threads of a mountain ash and its foliage must be sewn with threads of a mulina.
The leaves of the mountain ash are embroidered with a ribbon stitch. Pull the tape not only through the main part, but also through it. By sliding the puncture to the edge of the ribbon, you will be able to achieve beautiful effects while embroidering foliage and petals. Do not be afraid to experiment in different directions stretching satin ribbons. The diagram shows the method of puncturing the tape. And also a photo of the work done.

The foliage of the birch is made applique. Take the ribbon, which has a width of 25 mm and cut out from it the leaves of a suitable size and shape. Handle the edges with fire so that they do not crumble.
Autumn leaves can be tinted with simple watercolor paints.
Gently sew birch leaves to the picture.
With a tape seam embroider the missing foliage.
You can give the volume of the pitcher using the methodHitching. It will take a small cut of fabric, which will exceed the scale of the pitcher, but not much. This material is applied to the wrong side and is covered with a suture. The photo shows a view from the inside.
Using monofilament, sew a pitcher around the perimeter on the front side. The seam is made in the technique of "back needle". Due to its properties, monofilament is not at all noticeable on the embroidery using tapes.
From the wrong side, use a pair of scissors to make a small incision on the lining. In it it is necessary to fill in the sintepon and immediately sew it up.

It remains to tint the autumn bouquet with paints to give brightness, and we can assume that the master class on embroidery is over.

Work examples

Video: Idea for embroidery with autumn motive