Autumn wreath do it yourself - the simplest decoration is able to radically transform the appearance and interior

Autumn wreath do it yourself - the simplest decoration is able to radically transform the appearance and interior

Autumn-summer is left behind, the heat leaves,come gray everyday life. And even in your own home it becomes less comfortable, the autumn melancholy flies. And I want to prolong the carelessness of warm days. For this there is a simple solution. A small decorative autumn wreath will perfectly decorate your house and bring a piece of summer mood to it. For manufacturing we will need:

  • The basis. For her, you can use a traditional woven wreath from a vine, or you can buy a special wreath
  • Corrugated paper coffee filters (the more, the better)
  • Latex or acrylic paints. Colors are selected depending on your imagination and the desired result. The main thing is that they are organically combined
  • Adhesive tape with paper base (width 2.5 cm)
  • Decorative or real, but slightly dried berries and leaves. You can collect them during the next walk in the nearest park or forest
  • Glue gun (well, glue of course)

Autumn wreath with their own hands - a simple decoration that can radically transform the appearance and interior. Photo №1 To begin with, we will paint the coffee filters,of them we will make autumn flowers in the future. For the decorative wreath, the example uses burgundy, yellow, pink and brown colors. It is desirable to muffle each color before using it with a bit of brown. You can, of course, use clean tones, but then the paper will not look quite natural. Paint stir with water in deep pialas, we place there folded filters. You can do several at a time (up to a maximum of 20). We are waiting for the paint to absorb into the paper. After pressing the filters and smoothing it is dried on paper towels. After letting them dry a little, we move them to the rope, so the process will go much faster. If it seems to you that the color turns out to be too saturated, just rinse the wet filters with running water or wipe with a damp foam sponge. For an organic autumn wreath, we need a lot of paper flowers. Make them simple enough, using some tricks. 1. We take three colored filters and coalesce together and bend them in half, and then again in half. As a result, we should have a circle sector. Cut the jagged edges first outside, and then on the inside. 2. As a result, we will have three large circles shaped like bagels and three whole smaller circles. Cut large circles from one side. 3. Twist one of the small circles in the shape of an eight and attach to an adhesive tape, before retreating from the edge a few centimeters. The same we repeat with the two remaining ones - this is the middle of our flower. 4. The next step is to take one of the big circles and unfold it into the ribbon. Collecting the received tape "accordion", we gradually glue it to the same adhesive tape along the edge. Also we arrive with large circles that have remained. These are the petals of our flower. 5. When finished the workpiece, twist it (like a roll) from the first "petals-eight". Thus, it turns out a flower with a stuffed middle. Now make a smaller flower. To do this: 1. We cut one coffee filter in a spiral. 2. We expand the spiral into the tape and, as in the previous case, we glue it together in the plies along the edge of our tape 3. We turn the resulting blank, as in the case described above, thus forming a small flower. When all the flowers are ready (to create onea wreath of them will need about 40 pieces), it is necessary to cut off the sloppy rear part to make the flowers in the base more flat. This is necessary for the convenience of gluing. Further, with the help of expanded silicone glue, we fix everything obtained on the chosen substrate. We finish all the decoration of the wreath with collected natural material: leaves, acorns, berries. Do not forget to dry everything before fixing. Got a decorative autumn wreath - perfectly decorate your house for many months. He will give him a feeling of summer freshness and make your family and friends admire your skill. And its bright colors will defeat any bad weather.