Awnings and terrace sheds: views and how they are arranged

Awnings and terrace sheds: views and how they are arranged

Summer sun awnings or simplycanopies - an indispensable thing for a private house or cottage: they can be placed on the terrace, veranda, over the porch or entrance, as well as over the gazebo without a roof or even a swimming pool. The choice of such canopies is very large - fromsizes and designs to their management systems. In this article, you will find some helpful tips on what you need to know about terraces and balconies awnings before you buy them. The content of the article:

Types of marquis for terraces and balconies

Not sure which types of sheds are best foryour terrace? There are many sheds specifically designed to protect the sun from the terraces and verandas, but before choosing a model that best suits your home's design, you should pay attention to some factors to get the perfect awning. First you need to take into accountclimatic conditions of your place of residence. For example, the intensity of sunlight, wind strength and possible precipitation. After all, for the south of Spain and the north of Europe, awnings with very large differences will be required. As soon as you think about the nuances of weather conditions,You will be ready to choose between different types of sheds. Let's look at some of the most common models that can be found on the market. Vertical awnings

  • Vertical mounted systems allow you to close the plastic windows of the house.
  • In addition, such systems can be used both in winter and in summer.

They are particularly relevant for windows that overlook the sunny side of the house (for an apartment, too, fit). Awnings for windows These types of sheds are ideal for places where there is often a strong wind.

  • Their tension system does not allow the wind to oscillate them, and they remain stable in any weather.
  • The angle of inclination can be adjusted by receiving either a strictly vertical awning or located at an angle.

With good weather, they curl, leaving the window open. Awnings "shoulders" This is one of the mostcommon types of canopies that exist. Such a canopy is obtained as a result of a combination of vertical systems with horizontal ones to cover both the top and the side. The angle of connection between them can be from 90 ° to 150 °.

  • Ideal for installation both on the terrace and on the balconies of buildings.
  • Both parts of the canopy (both horizontal and vertical) can be adjusted, leaving only one of them if desired.

Thus, you can adjust the shed, depending on weather conditions, for example, leave only the upper part of the awning, if the day is sunny and windless.

Sliding awnings

Expandable awnings are similar to the previous model, but there is a difference in the supports.

  • They can be fixed both on the wall and in the ceiling.
  • You adjust the width of the tent, depending on the size of your terrace.

Awnings for terraces create an optimal climate andthe atmosphere, making the weather outside more comfortable for you. Under the tent you are on the street, nature is around you, but at the same time you are protected and in comfort. That is, using tents, the task of controlling temperature and light is performed. The fine line between nature and interior creates a unique atmosphere. In summer, you can transfer flowers under an awning, because if you leave them standing on the windowsill behind the glass under direct sunlight, the “sauna” effect is created and they can wither. How to choose

  • The color of the shed for the veranda should be fairly light so that it can fully perform its function, and not aggravate the situation.
  • Different types of supports allow flexible and easy installation, even in complex structures.

The cost of an awning affects its strength and reliability, resistance to bad weather conditions and a folding control system. Benefits The main advantage of pulltents is that they can be completely removed when not in use. This allows you to enjoy the natural sunlight when it is not too bright, as well as admire the sunrises and sunsets. Terraces for terraces can be installed at a height of your choice, and their size can be anything. There may be stationary wooden sheds, but they are made for a long period of time, and, in fact, are part of the house. Sliding canopies and awnings are becoming increasinglya popular home purchase due to their simplified designs, ease of use and ability to fold when not in use. Additional functionality Some retractable awnings have security systems that automatically remove the awning if the wind speed is too high (!!!), and the awning remains open. Of course, this function is present in quite expensive models, but its presence is really convenient for regions with changeable weather conditions. Compared to other sunscreensitems such as umbrellas, a canopy is a better option due to its design and usability. Moreover, most manufacturers offer guarantees to strengthen their reputation in the eyes of customers, so that you can be confident in the quality of the purchased products.

Device: how does a canopy work

  • Most often, the sliding awning consists of a durable and stable aluminum construction and stretched fabric (ideally with a level of protection against moisture).
  • When you open the tent, you adjust its size, pushing the fabric to a certain length.
  • During the operation of the tent there is a possibilitymanual and automatic control. When you manually adjust the tent, this is done using a universal joint, which you control through the handle provided by the design.
  • All that is required is to scroll a little andawning will be fully open and ready to use. If, however, to use an awning with automatic control, it is pushed and unwound due to the built-in mechanism.
  • You just need to connect the tent to the mains, and then it will earn a small engine. And some models are controlled by the remote, andThe newest models can be controlled remotely using your phone, or rather the program installed on it, which is certainly very convenient, because it makes it possible to adjust the awning without moving from its place. And in the end I would like to wish you a pleasant rest in the fresh air, and plenty of sunny days!