Baby hats knitting needles for girls in photos and videos MK

Baby hats knitting needles for girls in photos and videos MK


A real master class with photos and videos will helpAll wishing, experienced and novice needlewomen, learn how to knit children's hats with knitting needles. Children's hats are needed for any of the seasons. Most of all we need winter children's hats, but models for autumn and spring are also important. At the same time, the summer children's model of the cap, associated with an openwork pattern using the spokes, also enjoys popularity among girls. These lessons of needlework will take care of all the seasons. But still, when a cold winter comes, babies need to be warmed up, putting on their head knitted baby hats. You can associate any model you like by using the appropriate tools for the needlework. You will also need the appropriate diagrams, symbols and description with video or step-by-step photos. In the knitting of winter children's hats for girls it is extremely important to make not only a warm, but also a stylish effect model that could please a small fashionista.

Stylish winter hat with ear flaps for girls

Beginning the lessons of knitting children's hats forGirls, let's talk about one of the warm models. It is a comfortable and warm hat with ears. Children's hats with knitting needles of this model are made of two types of yarn, one of which is ordinary mixed of acrylic and wool, and the second is a textured and voluminous thread.

Textured twisted yarn is used forCrocheting the ears and the frontal zone of the children's hat. We will also need needles number six, and accordingly an additional special knitting needle to perform the knitting pattern "Spit". Now pay attention to the pattern scheme, where both front and back rows are represented (hereinafter abbreviated P).

In addition to the scheme, you will see here also a conditionalDesignations and description for the pattern. For a teenage girl, you can type a loop in the amount of the standard size, that is twenty-six pieces. Next, we knit ten rapports according to the scheme, as a result of which we have on the spokes the length of the canvas of forty centimeters.

This section of the work is central to thisModel hats for girls. The photo shows the entire central part of the hat for girls. It is necessary to start from it for knitting of lateral details, because such children's hats have ears on each side.

We will take fourteen loops (P) on the additional spoke. After that, we'll knit the first P according to the following scheme.

After that we will continue to work, performing fourRapport. In the fifth rapport, we add one P along the edges on both sides. In the sixth rapport, the first and second lines of P go in accordance with the scheme, and the next four lines of rapport are followed by decrements of two pieces on P. As a result of all the actions, you should get this kind of pattern with patterns. Then you need to start sewing the cap with a hook. We sew stitches without a crochet, making the capture of the last loops.

That's the way children look

Next, in the course of the work, the strapping of theGirls. For convenience, it is better to trim first with ordinary smooth yarn, and only then with a three-dimensional twisted thread. Having reached the zone of the forehead, columns without a crochet are performed, after which the obtained P are placed on the working spoke.

The frontal fur part of the cap is knitted on knitting needles number eight. Note that for this work is more suitable that edge that you typed, because it is better stretched.

Here is such a beautiful, stylish and warm winter hat turned out for us. These winter
They are very popular among middle-aged girls.

Hat cap for spring and autumn

The second master class will teach you how to knitA magnificent children's hat for a spring and autumn. Such knitted baby hats with knitting needles are best for cool but not very cold weather. The main advantage of the model is that it is easily and quickly put on the child's head, without having a lot of ties and fasteners. In addition, to tie a helmet will not cause much trouble or hassle. Needlework will require two hundred yards of yarn, as well as circular knitting needles number four. A helmet is tied in a direction from the bottom upwards. First, a set (P) is made in the number of one hundred and sixteen pieces. First P knit, alternately for the first time. And persons. Loops in such a sequence. Twenty-eight Pins., Six Persons., Eighteen., Six Persons., Twenty-Eight., Six Persons. Finishing P, we perform eighteen Pins. And six units of faces., Then close the circle. The shoulder zone is performed on this closed circle, and the raglan line is determined by a pattern of crossed braids, three by three in size.

From the second P, the quantityLoops. First we make the first crossing of P in the braids, and then we repeat the decrease of the loops, before and after crossing the braids. We will do knitting eleven centimeters, then we will connect the elastic band one by one five centimeters. Then follow four P from the back loops (PI), and in the fifth we start to close P in the center of the cloth. We close first ten P, then at the end we execute two P together, but only three times. Now add ten P, reaching the number seventy-eight. Now we continue the addition of Π via Ρ to one unit, but only three times. At this stage, we type additional loops, and close the circle, closing it. At the moment on the spokes are a hundred P, if everything is done right. In the middle of the canvas we will tie a rhombus of twelve P. Having drilled eleven centimeters from the cut, we knit two P together in those places where there is a PI, then where there are faces. P. We subtract them until there are only sixteen P. At the end, we tighten everything with thread, fixing them. The resulting cutout will be carefully tied with ordinary crochets, without a crochet.

Video: Demi-season hat with knitting needles

Openwork summer hat for a girl

Such light and openwork baby caps with knitting needlesServe more to decorate little women of fashion than for any other purpose. To link the model, you need to master the implementation of the simplest techniques, among which individuals. And purl. Hinges, and also nakid. It looks extremely effective, stylish, and will please any kid. This beautiful summer hat will require much assiduity, as well as the presence of spokes number three and a half and a hunk of simple cotton threads. Excellent looking in this perspective and thread with a color gradient, or you can try to knit alternately two different shades of yarn to get a similar photo appearance of the cap.
Drawing the diagram you need for knitting a summer cap will be shown below.
Consider this scheme necessary forDirection from right to left. Repeating the pattern along the vertical is eight R. It contains only the facial odd R. The empty square denotes the loop, the black square is the front loop, and the circle is the mantle. A downward-directed black arrow symbolizes three loops knit together. To do this, remove the two П on the right working knitting needle, without tying it, behind the front shackle. Then the third one under the account P knit the facial, and draw it through the two previous loops. For excellent mastering of the material, you are offered a video lesson on knitting this model hats for children. All is forfeit. Odd P must be performed only. P. It is advisable to execute a pattern pattern so as not to be mistaken with the set, and for it it will be necessary to collect thirty-five loops. Then we knit by the scheme, performing four rapports of the pattern horizontally.

Knit the sample until you decide what you wantEnough to determine the size of the cap, then wash and iron it. Type hinges for the cap, correlating their number with the control sample and measuring the circumference of the girl's head. This master class advises you to type 91 loops, and you can also perform such a set if your calculations approximately coincide with this number. The rapport of the pattern fits into this quantity 11 times, and we knit it. Vertically, the pattern is knit seven times, that is, fifty-six complete P. Next, we start to reduce the number of units a little, slightly rounding the shape of the cap. After rounding, lightly tighten all the loops with a thread, and sew them. Now the master class can be considered completed. We have learned to knit all kinds of children's hats for different seasons.
Video: We knit a cap with azhur

Beautiful caps in the photo master-class