Children's slippers with a description and photo MK

Children's slippers with a description and photo MK


Comfortable knitted slippers are needed not onlyAdults, but also children. Therefore, in our training master classes we want to tell you how quickly and very simply you can make children's slippers with your own hands.
Thanks to an accurate description of knitting techniques forThe manufacture of sneakers, even a novice needlewoman will be able to please their children with wonderful and original new things. Kids, no doubt, will love the slippers,
Loving mother!

We knit children's home shoes

Most parents are convinced that slippersThey need children when they start walking. But, we are sure of the opposite! After all, a small baby, most recently born, needs his legs to be warm. One of the socks for keeping heat is sometimes not enough.

This training master class was developed speciallyfor newbies. In it step by step the process of knitting with knitting needles of usual children's slippers is described. While studying the description of the technical nuances of knitting, you will see some abbreviations:

  • R. - ryadochek;
  • Etc. - a loop;
  • Persons., LP - facial;
  • Zn., IP - purl.

To link your own hands with children's shoes with flowers you will need:

  • Spokes - 4 mm;
  • 1 hank of red cotton yarn;
  • 2 buttons;
  • A piece of white felt.

The density of knitting of children's slippers is: 10Х10 cm = 40 р.Х22 п. Teaching master class with detailed description. Knitting slippers should begin with the creation of the soles. To form it with knitting need to dial 14 n. Next, the work will continue tent-knit. Additions are made at the beginning, and also at the end of rows No. 1, 3, 5, 7. Decreases are made at the end and beginning of rows No. 9, 11, 13, 15.

At the next stage of the step-by-step master class onKnitting children's slippers you will learn how to tie the top of the product. For this you need to be in 16 p. For the heel to score 5 points. At the beginning of 17, 19, 21, 23 r. For the toe it is necessary to add 19 persons. Next, knitting continues along the rows:

  • No. 24: 10 cl. Closes, we bind the PI;
  • № 25: LP;
  • No. 26: LP - 2 pieces, and then out. To the end of the ryadochka;
  • № 27-30: we repeat the scheme of knitting р. № 25, 26 - 2 times;
  • № 31: LP;
  • № 32: we collect 10 pieces. And we sew 23 persons;
  • № 33, 35, 37, 39: first we reduce 19 items.

Knitting needles 39 r. Close the eyelets. The second child sneaker knit by the same scheme as the first! On the heel we make a seam. The top part of the knitted product is pinned to the sole. We sew and fix the ends of the threads. On the felt of white color we draw flowers. Carefully cut them out and sew them to the front of the children's slippers together with the buttons.
Wonderful sneakers for a newborn girl are ready! Exactly the same model can be associated with the boy. To do this, you just need to take yarn and felt of a different color.

Knit photo MK

We knit slippers on knitting needles

Some beginner needlewomen beginKnit because they want to create clothes, shoes and accessories for their kids with their own hands. Tied by gentle mother's hands, things often become for babies the most loved.
In this small master-class with a phasedThe description we will tell you how to make your own hands baby slippers for foot size 12 -13 cm knitting technology is elementary, so it can easily be handled even by a beginner knitter.

In the course of the work, the same abbreviations will be used as in the previous description. In addition, several new abbreviations are added:

  • nakida - n .;
  • "*" - the repetition of all actions from the first * to the second *.

The model is very simple and if desired, you can link it in 3-4 hours. To create children's slippers you will need:

  • Stocking and circular knitting needles No. 2.5;
  • Plastic needles;
  • Markers;
  • scissors;
  • 100 g of yarn "Alize Sekerim".

Master class with detailed description. During knitting with knitting needles, the first loop will always be removed without knitting. The last item in each p. Will be connected individuals. That in children's slippers, connected with their own hands, there were no holes for the nakid to do with a crossed loop. Work begins with spokes with a fishing line. On them it is necessary to type 23 pt. Then it is necessary to allocate 13 mark for a marker. After that it is possible to be taken for knitting soles on rjadochkam:

  • No. 1: 3 persons., Nakid, 8 persons., Nakid, persons., 8 persons., Nakid, facial - 3 pcs .;
  • № 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18: consist of the facial;
  • №3: * persons. - 3 pieces, n., 9 persons., N. * - 2 times, 3 LP;
  • № 5: 3 persons., N., 10 persons., Н., 5 persons., Н., 10 persons., Н., Front - 3 pieces;
  • №7: front - 3 pcs., Н., 11 persons., Н., 7 persons., Н., 11 persons., Н., 3 persons;
  • No. 9 also consists of alternation of persons. And nakidov: 3 items, n., 12 p., N., 9 p., N., 12 p., N., 3 p .;
  • №11: ЛП - 3, н., ЛП - 13, н., ЛП - 11, н., ЛП-13, н., 3 ЛП;
  • №13: ЛП -3, н., ЛП - 14, н., ЛП - 13, н., ЛП - 14, н., ЛП -3.

At this stage of the master class with a detailed description on the spokes should be exactly 51 p. Now proceed to study the description of knitting sock and heel. For their formation we need 2 schemes:

  • №1: * ИП - 2, ЛП -3 * - 5 times, are known. - 2 pcs.;
  • №2: * LP - 2, FE - 3 * - 5 times, persons. - 2 pcs.

We continue to work on the rows, as shown in the photo.

31. We knit according to the following scheme: LP - 18, * 2 rel. Together, 3 persons. Together * - 5 times, 2 IPs together, 18 persons. Now, according to the description, all previously connected loops need to be moved to the stocking knitting needles. Next, we knit sneakers with our own hands along the rows:

  • No. 32: IP - 18, 11 close out of out., IP - 18;
  • No. 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51: LP;
  • No. 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50: PI.

In the 52 r. Close the loops. The work is finished with the spokes. Now we need to take the needles and sew the bound sole and heel, and also sew holes in the toe. The remaining threads should be hidden.
Charming children's
Your own hands are ready! They will become your baby's favorite shoes!

We knit sneakers with our own hands: video master classes

Beginning needlewomen sometimes do not workTo create products based only on the description of the technique of knitting. Sometimes it is easier for beginner craftsmen to watch video lessons and on an illustrative example see how children's sneakers knit. In this video, the video is told in detail about how to make self-made sneakers of the footprint on the 29th foot size. For knitting you will need woolen yarns of white and dark gray color, as well as knitting needles No. 4.
After watching the next video, you will learn how toMake baby slippers for a child 2-3 years. For work you will need knitting needles 3,5, woolen or half wool yarn - 100 - 150 g, and also a little yarn for finishing.
Both of these video master classes, no doubt,Will suit the aspiring craftsmen, since in them the process of knitting is described in great detail. Step-by-step step-by-step instructions will help needlewomen, who first took their knitting needles, to create beautiful children's slippers.