Baby knitting needles: knitting on video lessons, with a description

Baby knitting needles: knitting on video lessons, with a description


With the birth of a baby, women often startTo be engaged in needlework to create children's cozy little things with their own hands. Knitted socks often seem very difficult for beginning knitters because of the presence of a heel in them. There are a lot of ways to untying it, but it is easier for those who comprehend this wisdom from basics from the classical direct variant formed by the rotation of its central part. Consistently carrying out all the steps described in this article, children's knitting needles can be knitted even by a craftsman with zero experience.

Video: The first lesson on knitting socks

How to get started

Before you start knitting, measure:

  • Girth of the leg (in the place where the elastic band of socks begins);
  • Height from the ankle to the top of the socks (at the desired size);
  • Distance from the ankle to the base of the heel;
  • Distance from the heel to the top of the little finger.

Next, you need to link the control samples to eachThe chosen scheme: elastic bands (1x1 or 2x2), the main pattern (most often it is hosiery knitting, but children's socks are done in small patterns, such as "rice"); On the samples calculate the desired number of loops. It is possible to do otherwise - to repeat the step-by-step video master-class to fix the sequence of work, and the amount to be adjusted in the future, based on the result obtained - to gain more or less. For knitting, you will also need a set of 5 spokes and a baby yarn. Baby socks after the set are made in such a sequence of knitting:

  • Rubber bands;
  • Shanks;
  • Heels;
  • Lifting;
  • feet;
  • Toe.

So, we distribute on four spokes typedLoops. Sometimes, if they get very little (30 or less), children's socks can be tied up and on three spokes (the fourth working). How to do it - see the master class. There is also a way of knitting
, But children's socks are not recommended for knitting because of the presence of a seam that will crush.
Determine the height of the elastic band If the socksAre planned with lapels, then we knit a rubber band of double length, if not - then one. Knitting it according to the 1x1 scheme turns out to be denser than 2x2, it needs to be taken into account. This elastic pattern can knit children's socks to the ankle, if this place is not planned for decoration. And you can only tie the upper part, and the rest of the site tied with facial.
Ties on the lower leg
If children's socks are conceived with aThe base of the foot with a cord for a more snug fit (which is quite possible for beginners), the rubber band necessarily ends above the ankle. Performed 2-4 rows of hosiery knitting, then make holes for the lace or ribbon. Do them, alternating several facial (3-4, depending on the total number of loops on the spokes) with the tying of 2 faces. Vm. And the subsequent crochet. For example: 3 persons., 2 vm. Persons., Nakid, repeat. After that, another 2-4 rows of hosiery are done.
Sequence of heel formation ForWe split the knitting in half and from two adjacent spokes we move one - we knit the common canvas. It should be equal to the distance from the ankle to the base of the foot. Advice for beginners: usually this value is equal to the width of four fingers of the palm, folded together (naturally, the palm of the owner of socks, in this case we measure the child's palm).
Now we divide all the loops into three (if we getThe remainder, it is usually added to the middle). It is convenient to mark the places of division with colored thread or special staples. We knit in shorter rows: only the central section. The last loop of the right third is wired. Persons. With the first loop of the middle. Also we sew the last loop of the middle and the first - the left third. We unfold the work, not reaching the end of the series. We knit the central part with the back, the last loop of the center and the first left part (from the face it was right) - cm. Purl. Tags can help you. Again unfold knitting. We act in this way, while in the work there will be only the central third.
Video: Knitting the Heel

Simple techniques of lifting the foot Continue to knitOur children's socks, choosing new eyelets from the edges formed by the removal of the base of the heel. Usually the number of them is more than the original. When registering the ascent, we do these discounts (one on each side of the foot) until we come to the original number. Continue to knit a foot with stocking knitting until its length reaches the base of the little finger.
Thing for a socks
The basic method of reducing is toTo fasten in each row the last loop from one spoke. Persons. With the first loop of the next knitting needle. The remaining pair of loops are tied together, we cut off the thread and fill it with the crochet.
As can be seen from the description, children
Even without experience, it's easy to connect. After mastering the basic techniques, you can try other ways of forming a heel of children's socks or knitting the toe (on two spokes, for example).

Video: Knitting for Beginners