Bags with embroidery: a selection of schemes with a cross

Bags with embroidery: a selection of schemes with a cross


The needlewomen who are engaged in embroideryCross, their creativity was transferred from the canvas to the surrounding interior items, home textiles and accessories. As a result, cross-stitch embroidery has long ceased to be just a curious hobby, but has grown into an integral part of the life of most craftsmen. In this article we will tell you how to sew cross-stitch bags of different styles.

We embroider handbags with a cross

Ethnic ornament Such a bright accessory forWalks will not be unnoticed by others. To do this work, you need to prepare the necessary materials. To facilitate the embroidery process, use a pencil or a vanishing marker on the canvas to mark out the cells. Pick up the color range of thread floss, which are demonstrated in the key of the scheme and start the workflow. Most of the ethnic ornament is made with "cross" stitches. To give the picture expressiveness and completeness, it is necessary to sew the whole contour of the image with the "back needle" seam.

If you want to place a canvas with embroidery already onReady bag, then sew it to the front side of the accessory. To create a bag with your own hands, you need to find all the necessary parts from dense matter that will match the size of the canvas, and also calculate the scale of the lining. In the end, it remains for you to assemble the product into one whole.
Folklore style This option should beRectangular shape, which is sewn from a single fabric with a single seam. On the front side there will be a drawing with the original fringe along the edges. You need to determine the center of the embroidery, which will coincide with the center of the product. Work is carried out according to the scheme, which is presented in the article. Thread floss used in embroidery in two pieces.

We embroider wild flowers This type of embroideryPerfect for a summer accessory. Field flowers in the form of chamomiles, cornflowers and bells are cross-stitched to the full height of the bag. The bright color scheme of the thread of the mulina is demonstrated in the key of the scheme. Perform work is necessary in two additions in the technique of cross.

Schemes for embroidering bags with a cross