Embroidery of a ballerina with a cross: master class (photo and diagram)

Embroidery of a ballerina with a cross: master class (photo and diagram)


Dancing in ballet, dancers look incredibleBeautiful, airy and gentle. Their dance simply captures the spirit, and emotions and feelings of admiration overwhelm. Each girl in her youth dreams of becoming a ballerina, whirling and dancing in front of a mirror. But unfortunately not everyone can realize their dream. So why not embody it with embroidery on canvas? With the help of a needle, a pattern and a string of mulina, you can embroider a dancer like you imagined in childhood.
If you are new to embroidering a cross, thenWe recommend that you take in work not complicated schemes or even monochrome ones. And for experienced craftsmen who are accustomed to embroider large pictures, laboriously working on them, you can take those images, where the ballerina is represented in all its beauty. In this article will be held a small master class on embroidering a ballerina in the technique of the cross. And from the gallery of schemes, you can choose for yourself the one that most like it.

We embroider the beautiful ballerina

A thin and airy ballerina, embroidered with a cross,Will perfectly adorn the children's room of the young girl, who so dreams of becoming a famous dancer. To embroider a beautiful creation you will need the following list of materials:

  • Canvas at number 14;
  • needle;
  • A mulina of different colors;
  • the hoop;
  • Disappearing felt-tip pen;
  • Cardboard and pen;
  • White beads of different sizes.

We suggest you to embroider a dancing ballerina whoShe froze in her dance. This scheme is relatively simple, so for beginners, it's an ideal way to practice your skills. Measure out a canvas measuring twenty by thirty centimeters. Then treat the edges of the matter with a wax candle, so that they do not get showered. Now you need to put the markings on the fabric, so that the embroidery process is easier. Fold the fabric in half and then again. Mark the center of the canvas and count from it 10 cells in four directions. Draw the lines with a felt-tip pen, and you will have a canvas divided into sectors. Begin to embroider from the left corner, which is located below. Make the first stitch. Bring a needle to the face of the canvas, and then enter it diagonally into the upper corner of the cell. Do the following stitch the same way.

Do not forget to insert the canvas in the embroidery frame, so youAvoid twisting the very embroidery in fact it is much easier to work with the embroidery frame than without them. Do not forget to check the color of the key, so as not to confuse shades. First of all, cross the lower leg of the ballerina, starting with the dark tones of the mulina. In this case, the dark fibers will not fall on the light fibers, which will be used later. Try to embroider in one color more cells, so as not to interrupt the thread. Then go to the second leg with the pointe, which is at the top. In this scheme, the technique of semi-cross is involved, so be careful not to miss these moments. Semi cross is done only in one direction in the form of one diagonal stitch.

The next stage is the embroidery of a ballerina dress. In it one can find an interlacing of metallized filaments. If you do not find a thread of the right type and color, then replace them with the most similar ones without metal impregnations.

After finishing the dress, go to the embroideryHead and hands. After that, follow the contour stitches in the technique of "back needle". Fasten the thread from the wrong side and pull the needle to the canvas face, then enter it through several squares, corresponding to the pattern. Between stitches the distance should not exceed five cells.
Beads, which should decorate the dress,Sewn at the very end. Wash the cloth with your hands in warm and soapy water. Do not survive the fabric, hang it to dry on a flat surface. In this case, your product is not deformed. Smooth out with a warm iron and insert into the frame if desired.

On the Internet, you can find enoughNumber of schemes with ballerinas and dancers in the technique of the cross. And you can make a triptych from several dancing girls at once. We invite you to consider examples of color and
Ballerinas. Embroidery of a ballerina can be an ideal gift for any celebration.

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