Balls of threads - a weightless miracle with your own hands (video)

Balls of threads - a weightless miracle with your own hands (video)


Available materials can be madeAmazing things, incredibly beautiful and very original. Each of you can, for example, build unique balls of thread with their own hands of various sizes and colors that will decorate any room. Today, such simple and fashionable crafts are created with pleasure by children and adults of many countries of the world.
Balls of threads with their own hands transform the usualRoom in a cheerful and festive, and all that is required for their creation - a little patience, creativity, a drop of imagination and a few public tools.

Materials for manufacturing

  • Balloons of the right size (large or small, long or curly, etc.);
  • Any thread (thin cotton or woolen thicker, of different colors or monophonic);
  • A long needle if you need to pass it through the jar with glue, and take into account the size of the eyelet so that the selected thread can pass through it;
  • Or prepare any capacity where you can pour glue to soak the threads in it;
  • Glue PVA, preferably large enough to be enough for the whole craft;
  • Rubber gloves, if you do not want to get your hands dirty;
  • Sunflower oil or petroleum jelly;
  • scissors;
  • Any elements for the decoration of the finished bowl: beads, beads, ribbons, etc.

For pompoms (the same balls of thread), only made in another way - it will be required:

  • Any thread;
  • Crusts from under matches;
  • scissors.

Before manufacturing a string of balls, it is worth remembering several auxiliary rules.
First let's look at the simplest hand-crafted item - buboOr pompons of thread on the cap or for making other crafts (carpets and rugs, little animals, pillows, blankets, wall panels, bedspreads on chairs and benches, etc.).

How to make bubo from threads

We warn you! After one, made by own hands, the pompon can not stop! Just like to make a brush of threads in one copy. And to make bubo from threads is very simple:

  • On the matchbox bind the thread and wind (or on the fingers);
  • We remove the wound filaments from a box or fingers, we tie the future bubo tightly in the center with a thread;
  • We cut the resulting loops from both ends and loosen (if necessary, cut the bubo to uniform roundness).
  • Such a simple hand-crafted item as a bubo very pleases children and cats, especially if you attach a rope to it. Pompons will please all members of the family.

    Video: how to make a fluffy pompom with your own hands

    Tips before creating balls of thread

    On the balls of thread material can be taken in any color, but will fit any interior classic white or silver.
    Before winding the thread, do not forget to lubricate the balloon with a good layer of any cream or oil, so that it does not stick to the thread.
    Clay better buy more - it will leave a lot. One standard bottle goes to two small balls.
    Air balls should be bought with a margin, during the manufacture of the craft they sometimes burst.
    It is better to pre-lay the table or the floor with oilcloth or newspapers, so as not to glaze everything around and do not wipe it off afterwards.

    The process of making balls of thread

    No secret or difficulties in the manufacture of such balls is not required - everything is very, very simple:

  • The air balloon is inflated, then the surface is smeared with a layer of oil or Vaseline.
  • We take a bottle with glue, pierce it from below with a needleWith threaded thread, so that the needle comes out from above, the lid should be unscrewed. The thread is thus impregnated with glue. Under the bottle with glue it is better to put a container, so that the glue falls there, and not on the table. The second way: pour the glue into the container and we drown in it a thread for impregnation
  • When the thread is impregnated, we tie it to the inflatedA ball and wind on it with such a pattern as you want or what you get. The thread does not need to be tightened much, the tension should be the same as when winding it on a tangle.
  • When finished winding, tie the tipThread, trying to make it invisible, and we hang the balloon to dry for a day. Caution! Do not dry the balls from the glue near the batteries or other heating appliances, it will burst. Make sure that the threads dry completely is not difficult - they become hard.
  • After the thread has dried from the glue, pierce the ball and gently take it out.
  • A ready-made hand-made can be decorated at your own discretion with anything: beads, bows, beads, etc.

  • In the video attached to the article, you can see the simplicity of making balls of yarn and glue with your own hands and gradually make this simple and beautiful interior decoration.
    From small balls you can make interestingToys: caterpillars, a snake or a snowman, from large - chandeliers, from oblong - heart, letters and all that your imagination wants. Let's consider some artifacts that can be made from thread balls.

    Chandelier of threads, balls and glue

    Not only is the chandelier of threads very simple inManufacture, but also economical and yet stylish. This chandelier will look great in any modern interior and, moreover, it is safe (not heavy, made of natural non-toxic materials, has no sharp elements).
    For the chandelier, the same materials as forBalls of threads, we will add only a bowl, a disk of foam plastic, which we glue to the ceiling. If the last lamp does not leave a cartridge with a bulb, we buy them.

    For a chandelier, use large balloons andEven inflatable balls. But it depends on the size of the chandelier. A ball or ball is inflated, marking a place for the hole for fixing the bulb (you can attach a bowl and circle).
    Further, the same processes occur as in the manufacture of a ball of threads and glue, and at the end the frozen ball can be covered with matt acrylic lacquer.
    It is convenient to wind at first horizontally, then vertically, and then in any order. The main thing to exclude gaps and holes.
    The future chandelier also dries for about a day, thenThe balloon is blown off, taken out and proceeds to fix the chandelier - that is, it is well sprayed with a special glue in the spray. It will not be superfluous to glue paper butterflies or other figures onto a thread lamp.
    Wait another day is not necessary, the construction will dry up while preparing for installation.
    The old chandelier is removed, the ceiling is attachedPolystyrene disc, a new chandelier, a bowl, a plafond and a paw are assembled. After that, the chandelier is placed in the right place and everyone admires an unusual and spectacular spectacle. There are also a lot of video master classes about this craft.

    Video: master class on making a chandelier of thread

    Heart of thread and balls

    Such a heart made of its own made by own handsDecorate any holiday: the anniversary of the wedding, the birth of the baby and the return of the mother with the baby home, lovers' day, birthday, etc. The handicraft does not require special skills and waste a large amount of money. It will take only patience and a few easily accessible tools:

    • Threads, preferably those that are for knitting;
    • Balloons;
    • Adhesive PVA or any other reliable adhesive;
    • scissors.

    The manufacturing process is the same as describedAbove: the balls are inflated, coated with petroleum jelly or oil, they are wrapped in glue impregnated with glue, the balls are allowed to dry for 24 hours. When the threads have hardened, the balloons are pierced and taken out. Obtained thread hearts decorate beads, paetkami or other ornaments at your discretion.

    That's all, the heart is ready!
    Do not remind, probably, that the heart is betterTo construct from threads of scarlet or pink color. However, it is possible and from white threads, the main thing is that the workpiece was made neatly and firmly fixed on the wall. And the effect of such a decor will surpass all your expectations, be sure!
    Create, decorate balls of thread, make interesting shapes from them - in short, do not limit your imagination, shoot the entire production process on the video, share your other advice.
    And let it be always cozy, beautiful and joyful in your house!

    Video: learn how to make balls of thread and glue