Banana baking with your own hands and without eggs - recipes and photos without eggs and milk

Banana baking with your own hands and without eggs - recipes and photos without eggs and milk

Different dishes can be prepared with the help ofdifferent ingredients. Sometimes, you can abandon the main ingredients and make delicious, incredibly successful desserts. In this article we will discuss two popular cooking recipes, with which you can make cookies to your home table. As the main ingredient, we use a banana - an exquisite fruit, with which you can make a very delicious cookie with your own hands. Consider the first version of the cookie, which uses a banana and an oat additive:

Cookies "Oatmeal-banana"

Cookies without eggs with a banana. Photo №1

  • Banana
  • Oatmeal (1 glass)

To begin with, you need to mash the bananas withspoons. Then, it is necessary to fall asleep oatmeal in a container and then, if desired, add cranberries. With the help of hands, stir our mixture. Next, using wet hands, separate the balls and spread them on a special paper for baking. Next, move them to the baking tray to prepare our dish. 180 degrees of heating the oven should be enough to bake our cookies. For baking, enough time in the amount of 15 minutes. Now, our cookies are completely ready!

Honey and banana cookies

Cookies without eggs with a banana. Photo # 2 Next, we use services not only banana, but also honey. This cookie will have a more sugary and pleasant taste. The ingredients vary slightly:

  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • One Glass of Sugar
  • One teaspoon of soda
  • 2.5 glasses of flour
  • 1 banana

Using a fork, we need to stretch the banana,to obtain the desired consistency of the ingredient. Further, it is necessary to add a little copper and sugar to it. After that, put it all on the bath from the water, so that the sugar dissolves in the ingredients. After that, add the soda to our composition and stir until white. The volume of the product will also increase, then you can shoot our composition from the fire. Cookies without eggs with a banana. Picture №3 After, it is necessary to mix in it flour and after,roll out the dough with a thickness of 0.5 centimeters. After, cut out the biscuit molds. Spread it all on the baking sheet and after, sprinkle with water. The billet is produced within 15 minutes at a baking temperature of 180 degrees. Our cookies will have a crust and will become very crispy!