Column with three naquids

Column with three naquids

A column with three naquids A column with three naquidsThis is the next step in knitting. Very often, to perform the petals when knitting flowers, a column with three nakida is used. It is rarely possible to meet as the main element of a knitted product - a column with three naquids. Most often, the columns with three naquids are used to create patterns. When also very often used columns with three naquids. This element of knitting can be found when making the petals of a bud or leaf. The execution of a column with three naquids is not much different from the previously considered columns, but the visual difference is significant.

We use a column with three naquids

In this lesson, we will look at a column with threenakida as a separate element and see what happens when you make a solid canvas using columns with three nakida. The canvas, made by columns with three naquids will be very loose and full of holes. The column with three naquids has a greater height, in comparison with, therefore, it corresponds to 4 or 5 air lift loops. 1. For lifting do four ... 2. ... or five air loops, depending on the density of your knitting 3. We make three nakida on the hook (three times we wind the thread on the hook) 4. Embed the hook into the next free loop. The loop from which the lift loops are lifted is considered occupied. In total, 5 hooks on the hook 5. Grab the working thread 6. Pull the thread through the first two loops on the hook 7. Again, grab the working thread and stretch it through two loops on the hook. 8. Capturing the working thread stretch it through two loops 9. Grab the working thread and stretch through the remaining two loops. The column with three naquids is finished. Look carefully at it. You can link a column with two naquids nearby and you will see the difference. If you learn to distinguish visually columns with nakida, then you can easily do without diagrams and descriptions, just look at the finished thing, for example in the store and tie yourself a similar one? 10. Column with three naquids on the scheme 11. Having executed a small canvas with the help of columns with three naquids, you will see the following: light, airy, loose Thank you for attention! See you at the new classes! Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below!