Basket: how to weave - 6 workshops easy

Basket: how to weave - 6 workshops easy

Baskets are very comfortable in the household. They can be used to fold yarn, children's toys, cosmetics, underwear, and many other things. They help to clean up the house and put in one place things that are constantly scattered somewhere and disappear at the right time. Here you will find step-by-step master classes in weaving baskets of felt, rope and plastic with your own hands. Pick an option to your taste! The content of the article:

Felt or felt basket

Such baskets in the decor shop will be quite expensive, and you can make them yourself cheaply, simply and quickly! Necessary materials:

  • For the manufacture of a basket measuring 14 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm, you will need 19 felt strips 2 cm wide and 50-57 cm long
  • Stationery clips
  • Needle and thread (you can also glue, or a stapler)

Step by Step Instruction: Step 1: Weave the bottom of the basket Lay on a flat surface 7 strips of felt in the joint with each other. The junction of the strips can be fixed with office clips, so it will be more convenient to work. You will need 6 clips on each side: Take the 8th strip of felt and pass it through the first seven, exactly in the middle. Under the first strip, go below, through the second above, and so on, this is what should happen: Take the next strip and put it next toprevious. Only now go to the first strip from above, and under the second strip from below, and so on. You can use clips for fixing strips as needed. At the end of this stage you should make an interlacing of 7 lanes (the first central, and three on both sides of it): The bottom of the basket is ready! Step 2: Weave the walls of the basket Now it's time to move to weaving the walls of the basket. For this we need the remaining 5 lanes. They must be connected in a ring, ends at the joint, without overlapping. You can do this with a needle and thread, glue or a stapler.

  • Take the first ring and start to insert it into the wall of the basket:
  • Continue on to the next wall:
  • Similarly intertwine all four walls of the basket:
  • After that, take the second ring and weave it in the same way:

Then the following and all other rings: Step 3: Making the edges of the basket After you have completed the formation of the walls, it's time to make a neat upper edge of the basket. If there are too long tails, they should be cut off, leaving about 3 cm. Take the clips and fix them withthe ends of the strips, tucking them under the strips of walls through one from the inside and outside. Here, for convenience, first refueled all those that go to the outside. Look at the photo, how to fill the ends: Now fill the second half of the strips that go to the other side (for convenience, the basket can be turned to the other side): For strength, you can use hot glue, wrapping the edges of the strips. Here is our result: Step 4: Basket Decor RECOMMENDATION: This is not a mandatory part, but with a decor the basket will look even more beautiful. Here you need lace and patch for this. Thread the cord along the top edge of the basket. Start from the center of one side. After that, measure how much rope should be left on the handles, and tie its remaining ends into a knot. Now it's time to fasten the patch;do it by sewing it by hand, or fastening it with rivets. Here they took a sublimated sticker and transferred it to white felt with the help of a hot iron. After that, the felt was cut out along the contour of the pattern, and a stripe was obtained. If you were able to immediately find a suitable patch, the task is simplified. Attach the patch to the basket. The cart is ready to use!

Basket of rope with colored thread

Materials for needlework in this basket will belook just great. You will not need to look for a place in the closet to hide them, because such a basket with yarn looks like an element of apartment decor. Convenient and beautiful! Necessary materials:

  • Rope (diameter 0.5 cm or more)
  • Yarn for knitting (any colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Needle

Step by Step Instruction: Step 1: Making the Center Take the colored yarn, tie it to the end of the rope and wrap it about 2-3 cm. This will be the center of the bottom of our basket. Step 2: Weave the bottom of the basket

  • Wrap the end of the rope with its wrapped end, glue the curl and wind it again with yarn.
  • Using glue, continue to wind the rope around the center of the bottom.
  • In the course of work, wrap with colored yarn 2 adjacent ropes, creating additional fixation.
  • Basket of rope how to make Step 3: Weave the walls of the basket When you have made a flat round bottom of the desired diameter, continue the same, alternating glue and yarn to create the walls of the basket. Make a basket handle by pulling the rope from the last row of walls in the basket. Secure them with glue. Step 4: Extra Decor For extra decor in several places, wrap the rope tightly with yarn of different colors. This is the beauty that results from:

    Basket of rope using a form

    Another basket option based on weavingthick rope. Only in this case, to simplify the work, a form in the form of a metal bucket was used (any other round or oval-shaped bucket of your choice can be used). Thus, the walls of the basket will be smooth, and the process will be much faster. Necessary materials:

    • Rope (diameter 0.5 cm or more)
    • Glue gun
    • Scissors
    • Bucket

    Step 1: Making the bottom of the basket Fold the rope in a circle or oval in the center of the bottom of the bucket (depending on its shape) and secure with glue. Continue to wind the rope circles, fixing them with glue, until the entire bottom is wrapped. Step 2: Making the walls of the basket After wrapping the bottom, make another additional turn of the rope and gradually move it so that it wraps around the walls of the bucket. Continue to wind the rope circles around the walls. Note: Note that we use glue to hold the rope circles together, not the rope with the bucket! Step 3: Remove the form Remove the bucket from the rope weave. Secure the end of the rope. Step 4: Making basket handles In this example, the handles are made of leather strips, but you can think of handles made from rope, tape or cord. Cut two identical strips of leather and attach them to the basket with rivets.

    Basket of plastic and thread

    This version of the basket is even cheaper, because notyou need to buy no felt or thick rope. Any knitting thread will do. The result looks like you tied a bag, and put it on the basket, but in fact to create it do not need to have any knitting skills. Also, this basket can be used as a pot for household plants. Necessary materials:

    • Large plastic bottle (6 liters) or plastic bucket
    • Wool yarn of different colors and thickness
    • Sharp scissors or knife

    Step by Step Instruction: Step 1: Preparing a Plastic Mold

  • Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut off the top of the bottle or bucket so that there are even walls all the way up.
  • Thoroughly wash and dry the form. Then make vertical cuts around the entire circumference of the bottle or bucket, not reaching a few centimeters from the bottom.
  • It is better to initially mark the lines with a thin marker, and cut them so that they are smooth.
  • Choose the width of the strips themselves, as long as they are all the same, and it is better that there are an odd number of them.
  • Step 2: We wind the walls. Tie a thread around one of the strips, leaving the knot on the inside, and start wrapping the strips around in a staggered manner (top, bottom, etc.). TIP: Use threads of different colors and thicknesses to create a bright pattern. Continue to wind until you reach the top of the walls, and fix the last rows with glue. If you are going to make an inner case (as in the first photo), then you can not reach the very top. In the same way can be done and. Any cardboard box without a lid will fit (if the lid is connected to the box, cut it). ATTENTION: Here weaving begins from the bottom, so cut the strips to the bottom of the box. Weaving is done exactly the same way in a staggered manner, as was done in the previous version with plastic.

    Thick rope basket

    This basket will serve you for many years, because itmade strong and reliable. Of course, to create it, you need crochet skills, if you have them, then it will be easy for you to take advantage of this idea. So this is a wonderful option for more professional needlewomen. It turns out a wonderful rectangular basket with rounded edges! Necessary materials:

    • Rope (a rope 38 meters long and 6 mm in diameter was taken here to make a basket 22 cm x 42 cm x 17 cm in size)
    • Cream colored yarn
    • A crochet hook with a diameter of 5.00 mm (use a metal hook if possible, as the work is quite stiff) or more if your rope is thicker

    Basket of plastic tubes

    Such small baskets are suitable for serving bread or cookies.

    • You will need a lot of tubes, and each of them must be made flat before work.
    • To do this, place the straw on the table and slide along it along a ruler or something similar.
    • After that, fold the tubes according to the scheme in the photo:

    Plastic basket

    The method of weaving such a basket is exactly the same asin the case of felt, so you can follow the instructions from the first master class in this article. Only here, instead of strips of felt, take strips of plastic, which we obtain by cutting plastic bottles with even walls. This basket looks simpler thanwith the others, but it can also be used miraculously, especially if you live in a private house. TIP: You can put the basket on the street, and it will not deteriorate due to weather conditions, and various small garden accessories can be stored in it.