Bead Lily: Master Class

Bead Lily: Master Class

Lily from beads Flowers from beads look very unusual. And they are widely used in modern handicrafts: this includes various brooches (as in our case), hairpins, and imitations of potted plants, such as. But the most popular in this kind of needlework is, of course, the queen of flowers -. Today we offer you a small master class on how to weave a lily from beads, in step-by-step photos and a detailed description. Unlike colors that are not intended for use as an accessory and are woven on a wire, our lily made of beads is made using the technique of brick weaving, is not afraid of deformation and can be used as an element of a necklace, for decorating a bracelet or as a hairpin.

To weave lilies from beads, we needed:

beads of three colors of the same size - two shadesgreen and white; yellow beads larger in size for stamens; strong fishing line for weaving suitable for the size of beads (many use dental or polyester filament instead of fishing line); beading needle; scissors. Lily beads

The scheme of weaving petal lily from beads

Those who own weaving in brick technology will need a scheme for simply weaving a petal. These petals need 6. Bead Lily: scheme

Bead Lily: master class with step by step photos

Thread the needle into the needle, throw one green bead on it darker and tighten the bundle. Bead Lessons: Lily How to weave a lily from beads On the needle, take another bead, insert the needle into the first bead and repeat through the second one. Master class: weaving (lily) On the needle we collect two more beads and insert the needle under the fishing line, between the first and second beads. How to weave a bead lily White Lily Bead Then we withdraw the needle up through the last bead gathered on the needle. Bead Lilies: Step-by-Step Schemes We take one more bead of the same green color darker and hook the needle between the same first and second beads with a needle. Print the needle in the last bead. How to make a lily from beads Strung on a needle 2 beads: light and dark green. And we introduce the needle between the first and second beads of the previous row, then withdrawing the needle into dark green. We continue to string the “bricks” according to the scheme, forming a lily petal of beads. So, the third row: MK Lily Bead Fourth: Beaded Flowers: Lily Fifth row: Beaded Lilies for Beginners Sixth row: Lily bead weaving Ready lily petal: Lilies beads: master class with step by step photos To form a lily flower, you need to weave six such petals. To begin with, we fasten them three in a circle, then we put both circles on each other. Beaded Lilies: Step by Step We do stamens: To do this, we need to collect several beads of a light green color on the needle, then one large yellow and one more light green one. Then we insert the needle into the yellow one and draw it through all the light green ones. Similarly, we do the rest of the stamens. Lily from beads: a master class with photos Actually and everything, the lily from beads is ready. Now you can apply it as you like: sew to a hair tie or make a brooch, but for this you will need special fittings - this is the basis. Accessories for fastening brooches Sew on the mesh lily, you can add moreseveral petals of green color, woven in the same brick technique; add pebbles and beads. The finished product will be just the size of a matchbox, but will subdue everyone with tenderness and grace. Lily bead ready! We hope our workshop was useful for novice needlewomen. Lily from beads: photo Bead Lily: Master Class Photo, idea and implementation - Noir, text - Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: