Beautiful and original ideas for the design of children's toys made of felt. We make wonderful gifts for the holidays for our beloved children

Beautiful and original ideas for the design of children's toys made of felt. We make wonderful gifts for the holidays for our beloved children

Every little child is always very stronglikes a variety of performances and fun games. When the kid imagines that he is some fairy-tale hero or a magical character, he not only has fun, but also gradually learns, opens the world around him. Various handicrafts, for example finger toys, are an excellent means for expanding the child's imagination, fine motor skills of the fingers, undoubtedly, creative thinking, and ultimately - the development of the speech of a small child. Playing such finger puppets you can arrange funny amateur performances, beating already existing stories and fairy tales, or on the go making up funny stories and adventures of finger heroes. In such a casual style of communication with the child, it is easy to teach him numbers, letters to some words and even poems. You can simply observe and listen to the stories that your baby will share, and from this you will be able to learn much about your favorite child. In general, there are a lot of applications for such toys, so it is recommended that any parent should have them at home. And now let's move on to the pattern of the felt toy itself. To make them is very simple, so that any mom can easily cope with this task. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №1 Let's try to make a finger toy in the form of a jellyfish. To create this beautiful product we will come in handy:

  • Felt acrylic, the thickness of which is 3 millimeters. Preferably purple, white and bright green;
  • Simple threads of a moulin. Choose bright green, crimson, lilac, black and white colors;
  • Crimson yarn color;
  • Serebrand silver thread;
  • Conventional scissors;
  • Scissors with special shaped blades;
  • standard glue-torque;
  • The most common needle.

Let's turn to the pattern of our jellyfish. To do this, we need a few details of the dome, a detail of the bow, and details of the eyes of the jellyfish. Gently cut out the two pieces of the dome from the purple felt with the sharp scissors. The lower part of the details is cut with scissors with a figured blade. Next, make 2 details for the eyes of jellyfish of white felt, and at the end one bright green bow. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo # 2 To make our jellyfish "real" tentacles,it is necessary to cut eight identical pieces of yarn. Their length is ten centimeters. It is advisable to use the bunched yarn, however, you can choose even the remainders of the thread for knitting. This is not so important. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Picture №3 We attach a bow to one of the parts of the domejellyfish. Simply drip some glue on the bow and cling to the desired part. It is best to place a bow at least three millimeters from the edge of the dome, so that when sewing you do not have unnecessary trouble. After you need to sew a bow with a lilac thread, folded in half. Walk along the perimeter of the bow knot, making the seam "forward the needle". The seam should be at a distance of a half millimeter from the edge of our bow. Using the same lilac-colored thread, we make a few more stitches that will create an imitation of the folds of the bow. A little lower from the bow is glued to the dome of the jellyfish white eyes of felt. At a distance of one and a half millimeters from the edge of the details, we sew the eyes of the white thread with a floss, folding it twice with the same suture "forward needle". a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №4 At the bottom of each detail the eye of the jellyfish is embroidered with blackthread mulina "French knots", folding the thread four times. To create the mouth of a jellyfish, use a raspberry mulino, also folding it four times. The seam is used "forward the needle". After that, to the bottom edge of the underside of each of the dome details, it is necessary to glue the pieces of our yarn. Four pieces on each side. To reliably fix the tentacles and beautiful decorations of our finger toy, we need to draw a zigzag line on the underside of the jellyfish dome parts, using the "forward needle" seam. Choose in this case a bright green mulina, folding the thread twice. The ready halves of the dome of our toy are a good time to connect. To do this, our felt parts must be swept with a hand-stitched seam. This time, we use a silver lurek thread, which is half-folded. When working, do not forget to leave a place in the bottom edge of the part, so that you can then easily put your finger there. After all the works you can safely try on a toy on your finger and on the child's finger, yet he will have to play with it. Well, our jellyfish has turned out to be very bright, colorful and colorful. I'm sure your child will be very happy to play with her. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №5 Now let's try to sew more famous oneschildren's characters. We make Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. They will have two layers, and on the reverse side we will place Velcro. To begin with, you need to sew a velcro, and then start to design the front of the toy. Then by the smallest string we sew on the typewriter all the other details. We make Vinni:

  • We securely attach the Velcro to the back side.
  • We place the ears, the left foot, which is not completely visible, and the legs.
  • On the front part we sew a glazik, a right paw and gently embroider our teddy bear's mouth.
  • We connect both parts together, and then we sew the nose.
  • a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №6 Let's move on to his friend Piglet:

  • First you need to sew to the back of our Velcro.
  • To the frontal part we fix the eyes, nose, and also gently embroider our toy mouth.
  • We connect the two parts together and sew the legs for Piglet.
  • We sew shorts, which must be stitched in advance.
  • Over the shorts we attach the paw of our mumps.
  • a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №7 That's all. We made a couple of other great toys that your child will also like. Well and one more product from felt. This is a very cute and beautiful hedgehog who simply loves to walk through the forest and collect various mushrooms and berries. To fix their finds, the hedgehog uses lacing. The beauty of this toy is that it is designed for a child of one year. And the maximum age is very difficult to determine, because the toy will taste to all, even some adults. The use of the toy is to teach the child to use ties and laces, because now it has become more popular shoes for small children with Velcro, clothing and sweaters with zippers. Of course, this makes the life of the child and parents much easier, but the motor skills develop poorly. Subsequently, the child will find it difficult to start writing, and some even speak. As far back as the twentieth century, Maria Montessori conducted various studies on the dependence of fine movements of hands on speech development. And the results only confirmed the scientist's guesses. So you also now know how important it is to develop motor skills and small children. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo №8 Of course, it's possible that in five years yourthe child will be fine to talk, but to lace your shoelaces on sneakers can not. This is also very bad. It is very important for all caring parents to give such seemingly small things more time. Then the child will grow up with all the necessary skills, and his life will be a little easier. And the time will be more for things much more interesting. So, let's go to the pattern of our toy from felt. It can be found in special shops, but for mothers who love needlework, it is very easy to make such a toy, and the work itself will bring only satisfaction. To begin with, translate your pattern into felt, its thickness should be one millimeter and be stiff. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Photo Number 9 In the photo you can understand what details to sew to. The dashed lines indicate the connection points. In the end result you will receive a beautiful and bright toy that will help develop your child. a photo-circuit for sewing toys. Picture №10 To create a good felt toyvery little financial cost. The most important thing is to show your creativity and make a bright and high-quality gift to your child, playing with which he will not only enjoy but also develop.