Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween!

Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween!

The Halloween holiday has already become very popular inour country and undoubtedly, is gaining momentum, thanks to which develops a whole culture based on various mystical riddles and interesting characters. Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween !. Photo №1 People love to celebrate this holiday, usingtheir costumes, various additions to them. Some even gather in the company to spend this holiday as mysteriously as possible and worse. Others attend special celebrations and parties, the mandatory dress code of which is a beautiful suit. There are a large number of character decisions, thanks to which you can stand out for the holiday of Halloween and accordingly, get the maximum pleasure from admiring your own costume. The main thing is to approach the work as responsibly as possible. In this article, we will try to talk about the celebration of Halloween, to offer interesting costume ideas and ways of creating them yourself. In addition, we will show you how you can save by using basic things as the main material for your costume.

Mummy for Halloween

Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween !. Photo # 2 The creation of a mummy costume is considered very simple,but quite an unusual decision. This may take a lot of time, as well as a relatively small amount. You just need to find a large amount of a wide bandage and an improvised person who with this bandage will ... wrap you around! In order for the costume to convey a full atmosphere of all the nightmare of your existence, you need to add to the costume colors. Of course, we are talking about red, saturated colors, like blood. In addition, it is necessary to make various decorations on the legs in the form of cuts wrapped up with the same bandage.


Too simple enough, but nevertheless -A popular option among fans of Halloween. Poltergeist in this case will look very colorful and interesting. You only need to use the services of an old blanket and scissors. In order to properly process the suit, you need to pick up a sufficient amount of fabric and make cuts in it on the right pest. Then, you can process the fabric with different patterns. In addition, you can also paint the fabric, especially for the face area, to make as much of an intimidating appearance.

Baba Yaga

Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween !. Picture №3 Lovers of traditions and old fairy tales will be indelighted with such a costume. A favorite character from our childhood with you can also be realized as a beautiful costume for the Halloween holiday. But, for this we need different clothes from my grandmother. Of course, it is worth using as much as possible old things, but at the same time - colorful and rich. You can choose a variety of options. If the grandmother does not mind, you can also process these things with conventional scissors to add spice to the costume. Also, you need not forget about your appearance. Makeup in black and of course, a big nose, just like a woman's yaga.


Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween !. Photo №4 Very popular and fairly simple indecoration costume. You can do it using an old jacket or shirt, which is not particularly filled with flowers. It is desirable that the suit does not fit tightly to your body. Therefore, shirts and jackets fit in several sizes more. Clothing should be as rural as possible. You can also trim certain zones of clothing and make patches to add character to your character. And of course, we must not forget about the hat made of straw.


Beautiful and scary: TOP-5 costumes for Halloween !. Photo №5 To make a similar costume is a little more complicated. Nevertheless, it is quite possible. Your character should look half-alive. Of course, here a special role is played by acting talent. However, the appearance is also of particular importance. It is necessary to use dark green tones, due to which you will get the desired skin color. It is necessary to add a variety of scars, especially a large scar in the forehead. Also, do not forget about the seams, preferably all over the body. In order to make your head seem to be attached, you can use the services of a decorated thread and cork from champagne, as a patch. It will look really and very interesting.


You will be able to pick up completely different ideascostume, which can be used. This collection offers only five of the most interesting and unique costume ideas that you can use. These are incredible ideas that every holiday of Halloween have a special popularity and importance.