Beautiful interiors of a studio apartment: 40 photos

Beautiful interiors of a studio apartment: 40 photos

Studios are now quite popular.a phenomenon when choosing and buying a home, but how to create a beautiful interior of such a studio apartment ?. The plus or minus of such apartments is one area for all possible areas. Therefore, the question of proper planning and combination of space is quite important in this option. Interior apartment - studioBeautiful interior of an apartment - studio. So, how is it possible to arrange furniture as comfortably as possible, what color scheme to choose? We will now try to reveal all these questions. Content

Design and interior of a studio apartment

Basically, such options are suitable for young people or couples, or for single people. Of course, sometimes families settle there, but to be honest, this is a rather inconvenient option. Interior design optionDesign option in the interior of the studio apartment Considering the main directions in the design of the apartment - the studio will include:

  • Uniquely bright colors for walls, furniture and various finishes. This will visually make the area larger and will be much more comfortable to be in such a room.
  • Furniture is best taken mobile and functional. The most popular in this area will be the option of furniture transformer.
  • For zoning a room, mirrored surfaces or partitions are best.

Categorically unacceptable points will be:

  • The dominance of dark shades over light. This will visually reduce the space and make it more compact.
  • Do not use massive furniture, as it takes up a lot of space. It is better to take something less overall, but functional.
  • It is not recommended to use heavy or massive curtains on windows.
  • And the most important point of all will be the absencesmall things or trash that would clog your apartment. This also applies to the glut of decor. In a word, the more you lean towards the minimalist style, the more comfortable and cozy it will be in your territory.

Apartment - a do-it-yourself studio and its design

It’s not necessary to resort to helpspecialists, because the complete arrangement and design of the apartment can be done with your own hands. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules and recommendations, as well as have a desire and mood. One of the first points in the work will be the zoning of the room into separate parts (kitchen, bedroom, living room). Here the most important key to the secret will be, on the one hand, the correct zoning and decoration of these parts, on the other hand, it will be necessary to achieve maximum harmony of the whole picture.

Important rules in the interior of a studio apartment

  • High-tech, minimalism and Scandinavian styles are considered the most popular and most optimal styles in the interior design of such apartments.
  • Hi-tech interiorBeautiful high-tech interior

  • Shades that are recommended for use -it is milky, light beige, sand and all combinations of colors close to them. You can also use a white tone, which is decorated with several bright accents and accessories.
  • If you prefer contrasting color combinations, black and white, white and brown, gray and white are suitable for you. They can beautifully beat the main thing so that the dark color does not dominate.
  • Apartment decoration in black and whiteThe design of the studio apartment in black and white

  • Do not buy large massive chandeliers. They take up space in the room and basically scatter light. It is best to make spot lighting in the interior of the studio apartment, which could turn on and illuminate certain areas. A great addition to it will be the backlight (solid or color optional). You need to place spotlights around the perimeter, you can even mount several pieces in furniture. Remember that properly selected lighting can visually expand the size of the room.
  • Do not use floor lamps, you should also refusefloor vases, figurines and other similar decorative elements. These are the privileges of large apartments by area, although if your quadrature allows, an exception can be made.
  • Speaking of furniture, namely the cabinet, it is recommended to make it a sliding wardrobe of high and narrow dimensions. It’s great if the doors are mirrored, which will also expand the space.
  • Sliding wardrobe and sofa transformerSliding wardrobe and sofa transformer in the design of a studio apartment

  • If you plan to buy a countertop or coffee table - take the glass option.
  • For zoning the room, use not only different color shades of the floor and walls, but also the right furniture (bar, rack, cabinet).
  • Layout and zoning in a studio apartment

    Now we turn to the most interesting task, namely, “how to divide the studio apartment into zones?”. Zoning of the apartment. Option number 1Zoning studio apartment. Option number 1 Zoning of the apartment. Option number 2Zoning studio apartment. Option number 2 It is logical that the main rooms will be the kitchen, living room and bedroom. But you need to combine space and furniture so that the work area, recreation area and children's corner (if you have a child) still come out, so dealing with zoning can be difficult. As you can see, the task is not an easy one, but we will try withhandle it. Living room and bedroom in the studio apartment These two areas in the studio apartment can be combined into one, and it will look as follows. The bed in the "bedroom" is replaced by a comfortable sofa, which is laid out. It turns out that we already have a berth and a “living room” is also present. Combination of living room and bedroomCombination of living room and bedroom in a beautifulstudio apartment Of course, not everyone will want to use this option, because the bedroom still needs to be a separate area. In fact, you need to take into account only the quadrature of your apartment, and if it allows you to put a bed and a small sofa for guests - this will be the best option. Then we simply separate the sleeping area from the guest using a small partition, shelving or transparent canopy. With such options, the workplace can be placed using the windowsill. Or (if the quadrature studio allows), put a small table in the corner. Sometimes they even make such a combination that the sleeping place is made under the ceiling, and the working area is placed below. This option is possible only in cases where the height of your ceiling is at least three meters. If you have a child, he also needs to make a separate sleeping place. Here, a transformer furniture can come to the rescue, when the bed easily turns into a wardrobe - also a good solution for the design of a studio apartment. Kitchen and dining area in a studio apartment A kitchen must occupy less space than a living room, while being as comfortable and cozy as possible. Here, probably, it is worth giving preference to built-in household appliances, than we will accordingly get rid of the problem of space congestion. Therefore, we can replace the stove with four comforts with two, and separately purchase a small oven. For a studio apartment, the kitchen is better placed along the far wall, and the dining table is separated by a rack or the back of a sofa. Kitchen and dining areaKitchen and dining area and studio apartment designSome things to hang on the wall, for example, this will apply to the microwave. It can be mounted using brackets. To household appliances was less, you need to replace it with a more progressive. For example, you should not buy a double boiler separately, but take a good slow cooker, which has a lot more interesting and useful functions. The same applies to a juicer, blender, etc. Get a high-quality combine that will already contain the necessary options and operating modes. Remember that since studio apartments do not haveseparate rooms, everything that you will cook in the kitchen will smell like an entire apartment. Think of a powerful range hood that will eliminate this inconvenience. When choosing materials for walls and floors, consider the practicality and method of removing dirt. Therefore, for the floor, it is better to take high-quality expensive linoleum or tile, and for the walls - washable wallpaper or any other option that is easy to care for in cooking conditions and the possibility of grease. By the way, in this case, ceramic tiles will simply be out of competition. The dining area in the studio apartment may be located behind the bar, which would separate the kitchen and living room. Ideally, of course, purchase a small table that could fold. An additional working area can be made from the windowsill. Then it is best if it is made of the same material as the countertop.

    Ideas for a beautiful interior studio apartment

    Here are a few ideas so you can be inspired to decorate your studio apartment.

  • Use cold shades. If you make the living area in cold and bright colors - visually it will become larger. In addition to this idea will be fur capes and several homemade wooden shelves.
  • Cold shades in the interiorCold shades in the interior of a studio apartment

  • Brick. Decorating with a brick and a small brown sofa will make your interior uniquely cozy and interesting.
  • Brick decorationBrick decoration in the design of a studio apartment

  • Grayscale. An apartment executed in this color does not overload the atmosphere of the room, and in its own way will be quite colorful.
  • GrayscaleStudio apartment in gray tones

  • Glass. Not only expands the room, but you can still successfully beat, for example, by making a conditional separation between zones using transparent or colored glass.
  • GlassGlass surfaces for the interior of a studio apartment

  • Minimalism. This style is perfect for small studio apartments. This is a kind of classic that minimizes all things and furniture using only basic items (sofa, table, carpet).
  • Minimalism in the interiorMinimalism in the interior of a studio apartment

  • Curtains instead of walls. Now a fairly popular option, which many use to separate one room from another.
  • The use of curtains in the zoning of the roomUsing curtains in the zoning of the room in the studio

  • Colored accents. These are all favorite things that will play a design idea in the general interior. The main emphasis is on pillows, bedspreads and curtains.
  • Color accentsColor accents in the design of a studio apartment

    Beautiful interiors of a studio apartment - photo

    And finally, for inspiration, let's see a few more photos of the beautiful interiors of the studio apartment, to draw from them several ideas for the design of your own home. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!