Cardboard bed: construction options

Cardboard bed: construction options

Cardboard furniture in mass productionis rare, but in vain! Although the performance characteristics of the cardboard in aggregate are inferior to wood, metal or plastic, but cardboard can be no less durable and reliable material for the production of standard furniture, designed for large regular loads. Now nobody is surprised by cardboard shelves, but what about a full-fledged double bed made of cardboard?

Advantages of cardboard

Do not underestimate the cardboard. The main characteristics of the corrugated cardboard used for packaging are low weight, comparative cheapness, excellent physical parameters, but the main thing is the possibility to use paper from recycled paper in the production of cardboard, which positively affects the protection of the environment and ecology. In addition, the failed cardboard can be sent for processing indefinitely, thus closing the cycle. Corrugated board, as a rule, consists of three layers - two flat top and bottom, and also one undulating layer in the middle. This structure makes the cardboard particularly strong and rigid, having the property of resistance to impact loads, flat and face compression, penetration of moisture. There are different types and types of cardboard, depending on the number of layers, the profile of the undulating layer, which makes the cardboard a universal material for both packaging and furniture production. bed from the cardboard of the Australian studio Karton Group

Bed of cardboard

It is impossible to deny the importance of a bed, because thisa piece of furniture is inextricably linked with a healthy sleep that is vital for a person. Try to sleep on a dense mesh frame or creaking at every movement of the bed. Along with the standard models of beds and folding sofas, there are many alternative options. The cardboard bed has the same performance characteristics as its wooden counterparts, but it has excellent advantages - mobility, ease, the ability to disassemble it to the size of a small box, environmental safety, the possibility of 100% recycling, and low cost. Although the latter statement is not always true, as some designer variants of cardboard beds will cost twice as much as buying a bed in Another important advantage of a cardboard bed is the opportunity to make it yourself. Alas, the most interesting models are sold, which means that there are no generally available schemes and models of assembly. But some designs are understandable and are available for playback on their own. Typically, beds from cardboard are collected without the help of glue thanks to slits and notches, as a designer or puzzle. Bed of cardboard "accordion". The Itbed Studio It Design bed is made of corrugated cardboard 4 mm thick, folded "accordion". Such a bed made of cardboard can easily be folded into a pack and placed in a box, which makes it an ideal solution for people who often move from place to place, students renting apartments, guests sometimes staying overnight in your apartment or in the country. Mobility, ease, the ability to quickly fold to a compact state - the main advantages of a bed with this design. With this, this recumbent place is quite reliable. There is no need to worry that under the weight of the folds the bases will disintegrate, and the sleeper will be on the floor - the beginning and end of the bed are well fixed, and the plastic brackets hold each bend of the "accordion", not allowing them to unfold. By the way, in "accordion" you can store books and magazines for reading before going to bed. Such a bed made of cardboard can be used even daily for a night's sleep. In this case, a healthy and comfortable sleep will determine a good orthopedic mattress and pillow. You can buy a mattress in Kiev online at with delivery. And for the periodic use of a folding cardboard bed, it is convenient to lay a thin futon mattress, which also does not take up much space in the folded form. The dimensions of the standard model are 90 cm by 160 cm. But unlike the complex schemes of assembling cardboard beds of other manufacturers, the design of the Itbed cardboard bed is simple and understandable, you can easily do it by yourself any size. Itbed bed with futonItbed bed with orthopedic mattressItbed bed for childrencardboard bed Itbed Another variant of the design "accordion" was proposedGerman studio Room in a box. Designers of the studio specialize in creating folding cardboard furniture, which is reflected in the title - Room in a box. The bed is a complicated version of the "accordion", where folding folds are not horizontal, as in the previous version of Itbed, but vertically. In this case, there is no need to fix bends. Cardboard bed Room in a box is almost universal in terms of dimensions. The height of the standard model is 40 cm, and the maximum dimensions in the unfolded form are 200 cm long by 140 cm wide. But the user can easily change the width to 90, 100 or 120 cm. Accordingly, you can change the length of the bed. A high-density corrugated board is used for the bed, so the bed is very durable and can support up to 1000 kg. True, the weight of the product itself reaches 40 kg! Producers declare that their bed is not only an alternative to standard wooden models, but can also serve as a mobile clamshell for trips to nature and outings to the nearest city park. bed in cardboard Room in the Boxcardboard bed Room in the Boxfolding cardboard bed Romm in the boxfolding bed in cardboard Room in the Box Folding bed - designercompanies with the talking name Karton have developed a cardboard bed that can support a weight of more than 2 tons! This strength is achieved through a clever design and many details. Despite dozens of cardboard parts, the bed can easily be folded, using an understandable (according to the producers) instruction or video. This bed of cardboard really looks impressive and reliable, there is not even a thought that it will fall apart. There are boxes for storing things and linen, but most importantly - you can independently change the size of the bed, from single to king size in just a couple of minutes! More precisely, the manufacturers have provided for 5 options for the width of the bed - from 120 to 180 cm at a length of 203 cm. This model is not positioned as a mobile, although of course, the availability of such a bed makes it easier to move from apartment to apartment. bed from cardboard from Karton Groupa strong cardboard bed from Karton Groupcheck for the strength of the cardboard bed Karton Group An excellent video demonstrates a comparison of howquickly ordinary users can assemble a standard wooden bed with lamellas and cardboard, using only the instruction. European design studio SlowSlow Design specializes in the creation of premium cardboard furniture. Thanks to the modern innovative plotter Kongsberg XP Esko, company specialists can make to order any individual furniture projects from cardboard in a short time. The creation of a strong, comfortable and aesthetic cardboard bed took more than four months. Already in the process of assembly and testing, designers rethought and corrected the design, removing unnecessary details. The result was a classic bed with a headboard, without additional storage space for laundry. Stability of the frame is attached to a closely interlaced network of strips of corrugated cardboard 7 mm thick. The mesh frame can be covered with a sheet of cardboard or plywood on top, but the manufacturers claim that it is possible to lay the mattress without a backing. Thus, the effect of standard slats is achieved. By tradition, there are no exact dimensions and schemes, but it is clearly seen from the photograph how the frame is assembled and held. bed from cardboard slowslowdesignbed of cardboard with your own handscardboard bed from SS Designcardboard bed from SS Design Cardboard bed - transformer Bed ofcardboard can serve not only for its intended purpose. This version of the transformer provides for the use of a double bed in the unfolded form. But if you want, you can lift one half and turn a double bed into a single bed, hidden by a rack. Another feature of the bed - the transformer is that it does not understand, all the details are glued and glued with adhesive tape. cardboard bed - shelvingfolding beddouble bed with cardboard