Flowerbed from the chair with his own hands for the garden and cottages

Flowerbed from the chair with his own hands for the garden and cottages

What is usually done with old chairs thatmorally obsolete, out of order or simply no longer fit in the updated interior of the house? Most often they throw out or leave just in case a dust in the shed or in the basement. Do not rush to get rid of worn furniture! We suggest that you turn the old chair into an original element of the landscape design of the garden, the backyard, as well as the interior of the veranda, terrace or even the room. An unusual flower bed made of a chair is made very simply and quickly!

A chair from a chair - three ways to do it

Stand for flowers from the chair First and mostThe obvious way is to turn the chair into a flower pot stand. This option is suitable if the chair is in good condition, with the whole seat. If desired, you can preliminarily at least slightly restore the chair, polish, paint or open with varnish. But this is not necessary, the more interesting option is to leave the chair in its antique state, further emphasize the traces of time or grow old. Old chair as a stand for plants is good to use in the interior of the house, on the balcony or veranda. As flower pots can serve not only standard ceramic pots, but also bowls, basins, buckets, plastic pots of unusual shapes. stand for flowers from a chair flower stands from old chairs stand for plants from a chair bed of a chair stand for plants from an old chair wall stands for flowers from chairs A flower bed from a chair with a drilled hole The secondway more labor-intensive, but it allows you to turn the old chair into a small flower garden. If the seat of the chair is broken or not at all, then you can pick up the diameter of the flower pot slightly larger than the base of the chair without sitting. Thus, the container with plants will be inserted instead of sitting. It is also possible to cut the hole of the desired diameter directly in the seat. This method makes it possible to change pots with plants in the flowerbed, to bring them for the winter in a warm room. Instead of standard pots, you can use old kitchen utensils, pots, buckets and the like. flower bed of an old chair flower beds for a garden of old chairs purple flower bed from a chair flowerbed of a chair with a seat in a seat garden bed of a chair bed of a chair bed of armchair A chair from a chair with a basket for ampel plantsThe third way how to make a bed of an old chair involves completely removing the seat, and in its place, insert a special wire basket for ampel plants. You can buy such a basket in flower shops and large construction and garden supermarkets. Alternatively, you can use a metal mesh. In any case, you will still need sphagnum moss or coconut fiber - to lining the bottom of the basket. Then fill in the soil and plant the selected flowers. flower bed from a chair with a basket for ampel plants flower bed from a chair with a basket for ampel plants flowerbed of a chair for a garden flowerbed of Viennese stool

bed of a chairWhat plants to plant in a flower bed from a chair

Any! No restrictions. You can plant indoor decorative plants, spicy herbs, garden and flower flowers, succulents. Of course, for each plant species, suitable soil, make-up, irrigation and temperature should be used, but this does not affect the stool itself as the basis of the flower arrangement. Very interesting are the vine plants, which completely cover the legs and back of the chair. bed of armchair with own hands bed of stool with succulents