In just a few minutes, we create a mask for children with their own hands. The original entertainment for your child - without difficulty

In just a few minutes, we create a mask for children with their own hands. The original entertainment for your child - without difficulty

Children - these restless lumps of life. Very often they do not know how to occupy themselves and begin to harm, to excite parents and in every possible way to throw out their emotions. It is very important at such moments to keep the peace and to find for your child an original occupation, or even better an exciting game that at least a little could calm him down. And then we have a great offer for you to make an original mask and invite the child to play with it. Just do not be frightened at once and object that it is very long and requires additional materials, and sometimes training. Everything can be done much easier. After all, everyone likes to play with the shadows. Especially children, to make of the world various unusual animals similar to animals. So, why not take advantage of the idea of ​​this ancient fun and do not create a mask silhouette for children. Moreover, you can do this not only completely free of charge, with your own hands, but also as quickly and easily as possible. After all, the manufacturing process is as simple as possible and does not require additional skills and training. So let's make the mask a silhouette for children with our own hands and give your child an entertaining entertainment. In a few minutes we create a mask for children. Original entertainment for your child - without difficulty. Photo №1 As already mentioned above, the manufacturing process is extremely simple.

All you need is:

  • Scissors
  • Mask preparation. You can draw it with ordinary watercolor paints, or you can print it on A4 sheet
  • Cardboard. Here you can use either a cardboard from the usual box of a stagnant house, or for convenience a tight black cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Pen or pencil
  • Stick for attaching a mask

First, print or draw a blank on a piece of paper and cut it out. On a piece of cardboard, outline the cut out stencil andalso cut it out. If you used black cardboard, then the mask body is already ready for you. If you took the usual box, then glue our black stencil to the carton blank. Further, with the help of glue or adhesive tape, securely attach our mask to the stick. Importantly, it should be as smooth as possible, so that the child is not injured and does not drive a splinter. You can experiment with various variants of masks, similar to ordinary animals or even people. That's all a simple silhouette mask for children ready! Thus, in just a few minutes youcreated an elementary mask silhouette for children with their own hands. Such original images you can make an infinite set for the whole family or all of your kid's friends and arrange an original game. So do not be afraid to experiment, create new and new images for your child. After all, for a baby there is nothing better than a unique game with the possibility of becoming an original character. Master the magic masks silhouettes for children with your own hands and let your child surprise everyone around this circus of shadows.