Bells from beads: two variants of weaving (photo and video)

Bells from beads: two variants of weaving (photo and video)


Sometimes I want to do something unusual,For example, some decorative decoration for a gift or an interior, an uncomplicated toy. Under all these criteria, bells from beads are perfect. Performing them is not difficult. Our master class will help you in this. Usually they weave bells for Christmas to decorate the wreath and home, as well as to decorate the festive surprises.

Bells made of beads in Ndebele technique

There is not one scheme of weaving and the technique of making bells, there are actually a lot of them, we will consider the most beloved needlewomen.
This master class in Ndebele technique will teach youWeave very interesting bells, you can choose any size. This is the easiest and fastest way of weaving products, great when you have very little time for crafting, but want something to surprise and please.
For weaving you need:

  • beads;
  • Fishing line;
  • Special needle.

The principle of weaving such a bell is considered using the example of 6 pairs (12 beads).
String 6 beads and close the ring, to each attach two, we get 12 beads or 6 pairs.

Then we weave 6 ruffles, and one small bead is inserted between the pairs.

Further over each pair weave one bead, passing by unpaired beads from the previous rows.

That's the whole master class, a bell made from beads New Year's ready.

By this principle, bells are made of the largest sizes.
For example, in 8 beads: for a stem, make a ring of 4 beads, to each attach two and get 8 beads or 4 pairs. Then we repeat everything in the first example.
For a bell in 10 beads, 5 beads are taken as a basis, 10 rows are woven and over the last weave one by one, letting the unpaired from the previous rows.
For the bell of 16 beads in the base 4 beads. To them weave 2 and get 4 pairs or 8 pieces. We twist so 13 ryadochkov, to the last again weaving one by one, skipping unpaired.

Video: Plait the bell from beads

As you can see, the master class is quite simple. The following technique of weaving will require more patience and perseverance.

Christmas Bell Bead

We will be able to make our bells of beads in the technique of parallel weaving. We begin with the selection of the material:

  • beads;
  • The wire is thin;
  • Ribbon for decoration.

And then the master class itself.
The wire is about 30 cm long. Length, on which 11 beads of any color are strung. Then it is required to divide them so that at one end there are 5 beads, and in the other 6. We take the one where 6 and we conduct the wire through 5 beads from the other end. We pull - two rows must come out. For the third we need 4 beads, which we take on the tip of the wire and also we pass through the beads, we tighten everything. The next series (3-4, depending on how much you want to make the same series) weave along the example of the third.

Then we go again to decrease: a row with 3 beads, with 2 and with 1-st. Everything is tightened, the ends twist together - then just admire our beautiful petal, which turned out.

With the following we perform the same actions, only theirShould immediately fly to the available. Here, a wire of 30 cm is needed, between the 1 st and 2 nd rows of the previous lobe. Then 6 beads are threaded on the upper tip of the wire, and 5 beads are sewn on the lower end of the petal. The wire that is on top is passed through 5 beads from the lower end and everything is pulled together. It is necessary to make sure that the ends are the same in length. As a result, we get two rows of the next petal.

Before the third it is necessary to weave to the firstDelay from the second. The end of the wire closest to the first petal is taken and is passed between the 2nd and 3rd rows of the first. Then on the middle four beads are threaded, through them the other end of the wire is passed and everything is pulled together. Do not forget to wire the wire to the petal before each next row.

Similarly, we weave the other rows, repeatingNumber of beads as in the first petal. When we have finished weaving the second petal, we miss its tips with the first, and everyone following with each other. The fifth must be weaved immediately with the fourth and with the first.

In the end, we form our wonderful bellFrom beads New Year's. It remains to him only to make a tongue. To do this, take a wire in 15 cm in length, strung down 10 beads, one after the beads and then another one.
The last planted bead adheres toHand, the tip of the wire (on which this bead is located) is passed back through the bead and 10 beads. The ends of the wire are aligned and tightened.

You can decorate bells with a ribbon (bow) and beaded branches.

Here the scheme of weaving is more complicated, but when you master it, you will very quickly create unusually beautiful, bright Christmas bells from beads.
Created with love a souvenir will surely bringLuck to the owner. For beginner needlewomen, the master class will help to develop imagination, fantasy, to master beadwork faster, to bring up accuracy, assiduity. It's good to experiment with color.

Video: The Lesson of Weaving the New Year's Bell