Birds from beads. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Birds from beads. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A bead from a bead can become an excellent ornament of an interior, a toy or a talisman. To create it you need a suitable scheme, a thin wire, beads of different colors and, of course, your imagination.

Green fever bird with own hands

To make a green fever for a bird is best intechnology of parallel weaving. The essence of this method is simple - string the bead onto a wire, and those beads that will be below, string first on one end of the wire, and then pass through the other. By the same principle, add the remaining rows. Before you can weave a green fever for a bird, it's better to draw a diagram. Design only the trunk, all the other parts need to be made using a different technology. To begin to create a green fever the bird is better with a beak from beads of black color. It should be a thin strip. Next, add other rows. You can use beads of salad, emerald, marsh color. All shades are either combined in one row, or each row consists of one of them. The next task is to add a tail and wings. The easiest way is to make parts of the wings and tail in the form of strips, which need to be fastened together and tied to the trunk. Given that the heat of the bird is green, you should use similar shades of beads and combine them with other suitable colors, for example, with bronze, golden, orange, red, black, brown or yellow. To make the green fever the most effective, string the contrasting beads on the tips of parts. Remember that for both wings there must be one circuit. Examples of birdless birds

Bird of happiness from beads

You can make a bird of happiness with the help oftechnique of parallel weaving, but so that it was used in the process of making wings and tail. To begin, it is necessary to draw a diagram so that it represents both the trunk and the tail. The tail must be widened downwards. Colors are better to look for bright, for example, orange, blue, blue, emerald, etc. After the trunk withtail, you must weave in the parallel technique of the wings and tie them to the base. It is desirable that each winglet consisted of three parts. To make the tail of a bird from beads more interesting, you can bind to it threads from beads and wire. Examples of birdless birds

Stork of beads

When making this voluminous bird, you canapply several techniques at once. Make the legs easily - thread on a thick wire red seed beads and reel to the bottom three small wires with several beads. Examples of birdless birdsWhen creating a trunk and head isuse other equipment. String on the wire white beads, turn into a ring and create a second row, tie the wire to the previous after stringing each bead. It's better to start from the tail, then expand the rings in the trunk area, and then narrow and lift them up to get a neck and head. Eyes can be glued, and the beak created separately and primotat.Vrylyshki created in the technique of parallel weaving. For their basis, white beads are needed, and for the tips - black. Next, we tie them to the trunk.