Black furniture in the interior (35 photos)

Black furniture in the interior (35 photos)

High-tech kitchens are significantmore than just rooms equipped with appliances for cooking and serving food. It is also a meeting place for household members at a cozy kitchen table in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Therefore, the choice of color for the kitchen is sometimes difficult. Black furniture in the kitchen looks gorgeousBlack furniture in the kitchen looks gorgeouspast times when there was an unwritten taboo on the black color in the interior. He was considered among the people too gloomy, and superstitious people even swore that black furniture was completely out of place. Black kitchens are not only beautiful, but also practicalBlack kitchens are not only beautiful, but also practical. Butyears have passed. Now, when the furniture market has many offers from China, producing stylish lacquered furniture in black shades, gradually the tastes of people have changed to the opposite mark. Now everything that has been rejected is elevated to the style icon. And so it happened with black. There is an opinion of psychologists: gloomy shades of colors should not be carried away by persons with an unstable psyche. Let the newfangled finds of black furniture in glossy magazines not confuse readers who are avid for the sensation. It is important to understand that black is not always appropriate for the kitchen. After all, the kitchens in our conditions are not always large. And the black color will “eat” them even more. This is the first point. And the second - if all the same the owners decide to make a kitchen interspersed with black, it is better that the second competitor enters into an invisible conversation with this rich color - the same saturated shade, but of a different color. It doesn’t matter what, because black is inherently in harmony with any color. By the way, an excellent monochrome combination is obtained if the walls in the kitchen are gray and the furniture is black. And the floor is white. Or vice versa. Content

    Black colors for furniture - a new look at the problem from the point of view of social contacts

    Black shade is not a rare guest in the design of small rooms. This shade manages to always remain relevant. Even in small rooms, black furniture looks originalEven in small rooms black furnitureIt looks original. For clarification, black interiors have become especially popular in the age of high technology. This is explained by the fact that, finally, pink glasses fell from people's eyes, and they realized that “life in a pink light” is a utopia. So what kind of world really is? Good or evil? Who will win the struggle for power, black magic or white power? After all, the black color is far from as unambiguous as apologists from modern designs are trying to imagine. No wonder this color is considered quite sacred. But still, why not experiment with mood, with habits, with your own destiny, which consists of such seemingly meaningless trifles.

    Black table in the living room

    Black table in the living roomBlack table in the living room Here is a black table inliving room. And the girl wants to sit down for him in the morning to have a cup of coffee. She sits at a black table in a black peignoir, with a cup of black-peered coffee in her hands. Straight oil painting. And, of course, she takes a selfie, because the sight of a girl in a black peignoir, and even at a black table, is of interest. Do you understand what the designers who offer black furniture in the interior tend to? This is just a way to assert oneself and one's self. And now, after a few seconds, clouds of compliments are pouring onto the girl’s smartphone. So the bridegroom is not long to find. And so it turns out that the choice of furniture even influences fate. Well, and the mood is even more so. It is noticed that bright blondes against the background of black furniture look just superstars and beauty queens. So ... this is another reason to buy black furniture in the house.

    Brutality of black furniture

    The black color to which the antagonist is added isexpressive connection created in order to distinguish the boundaries of the interests of households as best as possible. This contrasting living area will serve not only, as experts say, to do the cooking, but such a black-highlighted segment in the kitchen will be the place for romantic dinners. Well, in an extreme case, for friendly noisy gatherings, such a kitchen will be a great place. Even if she looks somewhat brutal, it means that in the kitchen a man will be considered the main commander. This is his space. To create a respectable image of the living room withblack furnishings need a consultation with the artist. There are also such students of art universities who could not understand why their paintings were rejected on exams? But because the students did not observe the rule of golden balance, and simply ruined their canvases, carried away by too sharp and aggressive colors. A competent combination of nuances, spotlights and additions will help to emphasize all the advantages of the home, and hide its shortcomings.

    Contrast or monochrome design with black furniture

    The presentability and aristocracy of monochromy in the living room or bedroom are justified, because this is the classic style of aristocrats. The environment surrounding such an aristocrat shouldemphasize by all available means what kind of sophisticated person lives here. And in particular, black accessories on black furniture will do a good deed, and create just a fabulous picture of paradise in a separate apartment. Monochrome drives.

    Neutral combinations with black furniture

    Chic bedroom in two colorsChic bedroom in two colors. Calm andbalanced people will never put many black objects in a room. If black furniture located in the guest room has a key emphasis, then the lining of the internal walls needs to be materialized in a neutral aura, which will emphasize the ideas of the masters about soulfulness, warmth, romanticism, in the end. This technique in the design of the masters is called "elegant nuance combinations", which is actually quite in demand for this method of decoration. And yet, for such a house with black furniture to the placethere will be small multi-colored objects that create an optimistic mood, and allow you to stay in a harmonious atmosphere. This style implies a wide variety of floor vases, spotlights, various figurines, and, of course, when developing a design you can not do without fireplaces at all. Thus, the overall color composition will not be “dragged” towards black, and the space will not be heavier. Noble velvet will impart aristocratic glamor to the decor. Spectacular stained-glass windows, like an eye-catching detail of a thoughtful design, colorful screens and partitions, as an integral part of the interior, black furniture, translucent curtain fabrics, lamps, flowers, and much more - all this is part of one whole that needs to be put together, how they add up puzzles in a mosaic. Speaking of this magnificent styling,a small explanation should be made: designer furniture items of black color, as part of the interior, are endowed with recognizable details such as eclecticism, variety and courage of design. One of the most popular decorations in the living room or bedroom using fashionable and practical black furnishings are modern woodcuts. Tastefully selected and skillfully hung on the walls of woodcuts, watercolors, photos and other additions (possibly black and white) will help to completely transform the family hearth, show it with your own individual style.

    Tips experienced

    A successful combination of black furniture in the interiorA successful combination of black furniture in the interiorExperienced psychologists and artists are advised not to get carried away with bright or black pieces of furniture. Sooner or later, all bright emotions weaken. So the desire to own contrasting black furniture is also weakened. Although black furniture is beautiful, sooner or later it will implicitly reinforce the negative thoughts that periodically appear in every person. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!